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Beware the Trojan Horse

There were no Democrats inside – The Westcott Incident.                                            

Please vote for Juanita Perez Williams for Mayor, November 7th … No one caught on.  Something very wrong and very disturbing was underway and no one caught on – except Juanita Perez Williams. It is sad that some of our finest did not see. Sad because even some of our best reporters failed to see. Without comprehending the absurd essence of what was really happening, they took Juanita to task, for realizing “What it means to be a Democrat in America”.

There is nothing American about bamboozling the people. Dems for Ben, they called this event held on Westcott Street on September 21st, as though Democrats can be tossed around like valueless fodder.   

We need someone that will fight for the happiness of every single Syracuse citizen and the betterment of every Syracuse neighborhood: Juanita Perez Williams.

Let’s talk a little about what a Democrat is and what you will have in City Hall under Juanita Perez Williams. A Democrat will protect their charge from a false prophet. A Democrat is void of lies that disguise racial neglect. A Democrat believes deep in their hearts that all are equal and deed is designed fully embracing that pursuit without rhetoric or lies. Democrats believe in LGBT rights without any selective deprivation. LGBT Marriage, Serving in the military. All LGBT rights, completely equal and respected. That is a Democrat. Democrats are Juanita’s Mom and Dad who worked hard in the Farmworkers Movement that gave birth to the United Farmworkers Union which became part of the AFL-CIO. Democrats gave you Social Security that literally removed millions of suffering old folks from the streets. It is Democrats that gave you safe working conditions. Democrats gave you Medicare and Medicaid and the poor and old folks stopped dying in agony (–and even today the opposing party wants to decimate this protection). A Democrat is Juanita Perez Williams, a proud member of the Public Employees Federation (PEF Union). A Democrat believes in a Woman’s right to choose, and never in a million years would a Democrat injure medical support for women in need. Democrats gave you the Family and Medical Leave Act of 1993. It is Democrats that gave you a minimum wage and fight constantly for wage fairness. It is Democrats that fight every day for the disadvantaged. It is Democrats that will not allow any human being to squander. Republicans demonstrate they don’t even care if the poor have Medical treatment. These are the reasons why Democrats were across the street at the Westcott event. It would be a travesty to watch a clear opportunist try to fool those in great need and pretend to share their values when in truth, in any event, their beliefs and interests will be discarded.

Juanita’s opponent was brought up as a Republican and is courting Republican votes. You cannot be for and against the principles listed above. Republicans are the party that has been a very sad force opposing everything listed above. They are the party that claims inclusiveness with words and divisiveness and with deceitful deeds.   

What happened on Westcott Street was an effort to attract Democrats by duping them. Be sure the entirety of his effort is to deceitfully use people his philosophy neglects, to win. Democrats don’t stand by and watch those capable of this conduct abuse those you love. You will never see the day Ben Walsh will admit he is in favor of what is listed above. He is so far removed from Democrats that this event on Westcott St. was a usurping scandal in dire need of exposure. It was not an honorable political event. It was a disturbing effort claiming a false alliance with voters whose values he does not share. It was wrong and demanded an appropriate presence of real Democrats to expose this shameful event that intended only to use Democrat with good heart that may not understand and be vulnerable.

Ben Walsh is not a Democrat. Take the issues above and ask him. It will become very clear. It is very likely that his effort here is more a run for Congress than Mayor. He is supported by a Congressman that served with his Republican Dad that failed to vote on the Auto bail-out. It is clear his support is from great wealth. Please remember, inner cities are poor. Republican philosophy addresses them only in word. Let alone a Republican that looks at our city as a Step. Our bounty will go to those that want his support in Washington. Our city is in need. We cannot afford this status quo nonsense. We need someone that will fight for the happiness of every single Syracuse citizen and the betterment of every Syracuse neighborhood: Juanita Perez Williams.

Democrats should unite behind Juanita and simply stand up to vote for someone who knows what it truly means to be a Democrat and fight for those who need it most here in Syracuse.

I recently read articles by two reporters that I hold in high regard. Ken Jackson and Chris Baker. They prompted this article in response. It is my hope, fully understanding, as I have erred similarly, to respectfully make an effort that may help everyone capture what was really going on that day. Our people are at stake. Gentlemen, not only did no wrong take place on Westcott St. but the degrading nature of the Walsh effort to deceive the vulnerable was very wrong. The event demanded a presence of truth. In America’s past, too many grave wrongs endured, from racism of the worst order, to the sublimation of women. These matters were so common that society simply accepted them without even thinking about the gravity of the wrongs. The same principle applies here. We are so used to Political wrongs, that defaming the honor and beliefs of Democrats wasn’t even regarded, even while this defamation was underway and in glaring view. Juanita noticed. Her Dad taught her well. And a true Democratic presence brought all of this to light. It was right and necessary.

We are so used to Politicians and their nonsense that we are very suspect. Our lack of trust is ingrained. Even when the elite are under our nose, we are suspect. It is hard to recognize when someone truly very special is in the arena. When that rare individual, that you seldom see in a lifetime is present. The reporters I refer to know what we do with words. We all know we can pick a side and make it look good. Truth and justice is critical to one that knows the pen. I am offering a rare truth. Rare because real embracing, inclusive leadership is rare. Juanita Perez Williams believes with full and beautiful heart in uplifting the neglected, black, brown, yellow and white. I have seen few champions like this in my lifetime. She has the heart, the awesome energy, and the talent and compassion of our greatest. I urge you to talk to her more, to listen intently and you will marvel at the intelligence and decency of Juanita. You are needed now. And when she wins and the deeds start taking place you will be needed. The City is about to have a leader that inspires because the people believe that deed will follow. For starters kids will live that otherwise will die. Please peruse Juanita’s 100-day plan at: www.JuanitaforMayor.com

Talk to her, and you will marvel at the intelligence & decency of Juanita.

I would like to conclude with a brief story. It is a story of hope. Inspired by the presence of a single woman that has won their hearts: Juanita. –Hope that refuses to die in the hearts of those demeaned by the race of their birth, and have suffered the consequences of the status quo, failing over and over again to meaningfully address their plight and leaving them behind. In this arena, over and over again, I found great beauty. Between 1809 East Fayette St. and 2100 East Fayette there are 14 apartment buildings. During the primary, I arose one day and drove to 2100 East Fayette St. There were small crowds everywhere. Young men, women, Mom’s and Dad’s and kids. They were a bit taken to see a white man moving about as I did. I walked up to the first group and said I am here for your future. I explained, every now and then a leader comes along, that you all know is far too rare, and I am here to let you know that, that leader is here. Her name is Juanita Perez Williams. If you hear me things will change as never before. I moved through the buildings placing palm cards on each door, speaking to people in the halls. One fellow was in a hurry. He said, “what can you tell me that will change my mind? I watched these politicians lie all of my life. They do nothing for us. I said, JFK, Martin Luther King, “Juanita.” He looked at me with dead sincerity, reading me. He said, “I will vote for her.” I finished the buildings East of Westmoreland talking to everyone along the way. One beautiful experience after another. I have story after story after talking to these wonderful people. They could not believe this white man was there. They listened and they questioned and I was dearly humbled by the beauty of watching hope of the neglected take form before my eyes. I went to my car and pulled up to 1809 East Fayette and parked in the rear. I went back to the first building on the block and worked my way to 1809. I went door to door, floor to floor, talking and joking and conveying my message that something special is happening. And to please vote. At the end of the day I dropped off my last palm card and went to my car. As I was leaving I saw a gathering of about 40 people at the last building entrance. They were not there when I went through that building just a little while before. It was about 50 feet before I was passing them and I heard “clap” and then “clap clap” and then clap, clap, clap, and I saw what was happening.  I slowly started to pass by as everyone clapped in unison. I was in awe. I rolled down my passenger window and threw out my arm with a thumbs up and shouted loudly, Juanita, Juanita, Juanita. And 80 thumbs went up and 40 voices hollered back to me Juanita Juanita, Juanita. Hope was sending me a message.

I was alone. With a tear of love for these people who appreciated being respected, and longed for hope to become real, I thought of men I served with so long ago, men that mean just what they say, who I will always miss, and I began to gently whistle the Battle Hymn of the Republic as I drove away.    

I offer to you today, that this was real life and that whenever anyone violates the Democratic Principles that protect the hope of these wonderful people and Juanita Perez Williams hears about it, there will be a presence and their hope will be protected. Hope will be protected by a Lieutenant Commander of the United States Navy of the finest order, that fully understands and will protect the crimson sacrifice of our young. A Lieutenant Commander who fully comprehends and will protect the sacrifice that lay among the poppies in Flanders Fields. That is why Democrats were across the street.

Bill McClellan