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Why School Shootings Continue

This explains why it is so hard to save even our kids. Systemic failure is the most difficult of all failures. It simply does not end until recognized. Until we redesign our system and return power from the Koch Brothers, the Rothchild’s, the Murdoch’s, Disney, GE, the NRA and so on, to the people, nothing will happen that impedes their interests. America is on a declining fast track with much decline behind us and Americans still refuse to face the single bottom line root cause. Your government has been reduced to a subservient obsequious openly bribed disgrace. They lie to you and do the bidding of those I refer to. The truth is a bitter, bitter pill in light of dead kids. 

Until this systemic cancer is addressed there is little anyone can do that defies the interests of the NRA. Do not be fooled. Learn about this outfit and their heartless pursuits and agenda. They are not protectors of the 2nd amendment. They have grave un-American agenda I will address in a full article soon. For now, because of them, Parkland too, will die on the vine, again, with only off target appeasement left in this horrific wake. We have severe systemic problems that preclude meaningful change occurring. On December 14, 2012 a 20-year-old maniac, Adam Lanza entered Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut and with cold blooded heartless intent slaughtered 20 little kids between six and seven years old. One of numerous incidents. What makes anyone think the outrage and heartbreak at Parkland is any more capable of causing sensible legislation than this? One of the most disturbing
moments of my life was realizing that imbedded campaign finance law was so powerful that even our babies did not inspire us to intelligent, well thought organized process to make things happen.

Our government became a pathetic, obsequious, mess decades ago. We are living the fruit. Does anyone even know that the NRA forced the 535 to stop the CDC from collecting data regarding gun violence? Passed in 1997, forced by NRA self -proclaimed point man Ark. Republican Rep, Jay Dickey, the so-called “Dickey Amendment” effectively bars the national Center for Diseases Control and Prevention (CDC) from studying firearm violence – an epidemic the American Medical Association has since dubbed “a public health crisis.” A similar provision was passed in 2012. My disgust is beyond description. What makes anyone think that kids can diminish the power of an organization whose spokeswoman Dana Loesch is closer to Eva Braun than to them? Watch her on NRATV. Google her. You will be stunned.    

This is what is going on. Everything emanates from a systemically failed federal government. They have lost our respect. They have sold our well-being. An entire land victimized by their selfish infighting and uselessness. Soul buyers such as the NRA and wealth are in control. The fact that Trump won is a very scary, very real call for America to wake up. Trump is not our problem, the system is. Trump is the result. Regarding the NRA. If Obama who was on the side of good sense could not affect the NRA, what makes anyone think that a dispassionate, gun loving, self-exalting narcissist like Trump, with an NRA suck up Republican majority with him, could be swayed to do anything against those soul purchasers that show him favor

Item 1: The people that are responsible for these deaths are the same ones that sold their souls years ago. The House and the Senate. They do not lead or set example. They do not set course for Government appointees and agencies to act with competence. They do not do meaningful things that benefit the people unless their masters are appeased. The NRA is a formidable master. They control self-defense instincts, revolutionary spirit, government decisions, and make it easy for all of our evils to access killing machines. They even fight against basic simple background checks. The people we hoped would lead are slaves to systemic corruptions they refuse to face.     

Item 2: The reasons outlined in Item 1 gave birth to two kinds of Trumpers. One is the disenfranchised that realize they have been sold out. They want nothing to do with the obsequious status quo. These are real patriotic Americans that see clearly the 10’s of millions of jobs that went elsewhere and live the consequence as even the term “American Dream” itself was reduced to the ashbin of rhetoric.

The other is made up of the worst of us. The heartless, the cruel, the racist, the ignorant, and the brutally dispassionate. They number in the 10’s of millions. Along with the displaced there exists a seething force that we fear to even discuss.

There was enough of these two groups to swing an election, albeit with a complacent over confident non-voting opposition. But there is enough of them to present a great danger to the status quo. Just try to impeach or remove Trump without a reason they will accept. They have the spirit of revolutionaries and will never give up their weapons.  Between them and the sold souls the NRA is an untold powerhouse.

Fear of losing NRA voters and money is why those in office do not lead. The NRA is even against checks for mental illness. This results in selfish blind protection of school shooters. Even the virtual slaughter of babies did not move them to overcome their systemic cancer. The moneyed world has proven that the human weakness of greed prevails. They have proven with unmitigated certainty that this weakness permeates the 535 in the House and Senate. They are so greedy they designed a system to force newcomers to comply or be replaced thus the never-ending cycle of American decline and a place for cowards.

The single most important reason why I write this column is to show that unless we design a system of public campaign financing the great intent of America, with justice and equality by and for the people may well perish from the earth. Until a system is designed that addresses the ability of wealth to buy our power, the wellness of
Americans will never be paramount. It was not just the maniacs that killed these kids, it is the money that buys common sense and justice that killed them. The money that killed them prevents the legislation and expertise and courage to find the deranged before such human beauty is wiped out. The money that killed them is the money that prevents a system to identify a nut that had 39 police visits to his home and bragged repeatedly about becoming a school shooter. -Even to the FBI.

A strong Federal agency (which we do not have) would see to it that social media does not harm our land and our kids.

There is something incredibly wrong in Washington. They have no credible pathways to achieve. Yes, most importantly than everything else, yes everything else is the absolute absence of efficient pathways that will design and maintain remedy in a timely fashion. Those little babies in Newtown did not matter enough to even create or cause an efficient system of data integration. Anywhere. Let alone among the alleged elite of our land. The FBI. If they are told of a school shooter as they were, twice, and fail so miserably, as they did, how do you expect ample expertise in every local police agency. No one is on this except kids. And it will fade. The NRA will see to that. Our leaders don’t matter. No one will follow through and insure things are done. There is no responsible agency. Under Trump no agency has responsible leadership. Our best avoids this administration led by a poor thinking autocratic bully bent on destroying careers. He draws, and is drawn to, and is, the worst of us.

A strong Federal agency (which we do not have) would see to it that social media does not harm our land and our kids. They would regulate in keeping with freedom preventing wealth from destroying freedoms. Social media would not be advised, they would be ordered. Facebook stopped child porn, not just because it was the right thing to do, but because they knew they damned well better. Does murder of children not measure up to abusing them? There are less school shooters than pedophiles. Social media can easily take a massive lead in identification and prevention. They can do this. They must be directed. There is no, I repeat no leadership. You must have good people in charge of our land. We do not. The bravery of those on a shooting scene of our babies is not even insured. After every shooting the NRA and the 535 behave in such a way to insure the next round of dead kids. It is the NRA that provides the money and induces the fear from our bottom feeder greedy politicians that would not know the meaning of a white cross if it bled.

Local Politicians most importantly should be held accountable. We don’t do that.  Shumer, Gillibrand, and Katko are not exceptions any more than any other member of the 535 from any State. Just like all of them, they know their souls are sold. Campaign Finance laws, the root of all evil is off limits less the rich be upset. They sublimate this thought as they kowtow to wealth and grovel and beg for their money. And once in power it is not you they serve. This is a system repulsive to great leaders and with rare exception is avoided by our best. Just like all the rest, all local representatives fear to champion the heart of our downfall, as they are not our best, and most do not understand this side of being an American. Prestige and success drives them even if success is being part of this horrible defrauding of American power that buys their souls for the few. 

We also need to learn that feel good law does little good. Even if you could ban certain weapons such as AR15’s it would be at least a decade before it mattered. And that would be negligible. The guns are out there. Many others are also automatics or can be easily converted. These killers will do this or simply carry three or four automatic pistols. A law will not disarm or sway them. You must focus on the potential shooter first for results that will save kids now. This is where inter-agency information sharing and integration and rules regarding acting on information come into play. The FBI needs to overhaul their entire sense for efficiency. That you don’t have a system to stop a school shooter you are told about long before, more than once, and after Newtown, is your greatest disgrace. Re the kids efforts. Slow down. Think. Be highly inspired. But we must not cause an environment among kids where every shy kid is feared as a potential shooter. Prolonged intense youth involvement can easily create an unbearable environment of inexperienced and irresponsible suspicion. Also, focus now on massive Social Media (Facebook, Instagram, Snap Chat and so on) reform re IDing potential shooters. Along with insuring elite brave responder’s among those on or near location that will be called upon to bravely save children. Police training in every department in the land to end on location weaknesses, and delays. But first you need leaders. How is it that the 20 dead kids in Newtown were not “Enough” to inspire us?

In conjunction I am in favor of creating SWAT like responders located within 5 minutes of every school in the country. Men and women that live armed and on alert. When alarmed one or two or more will be near a school. They stop what they are doing and head directly toward the shooter with all thought done in advanced training. Not one second wasted. Within 5 seconds of arrival they are searching school halls. Every thought currently done on the scene, done in advance. Not one second wasted on words or fear. No permissions from scene commanders, no thoughts of dying. Just go and find and stop the shooter and be what an American hero is. -One very willing to risk their life to save kids and one very willing to serve this land and risk their careers before selling their soul.

Bill McClellan