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PREFACE: The President of the United States of America did, in the cruelest fashion, hold children hostage for the specific purpose of blackmailing Democrats to vote his way. To color it any other way is a monstrous avoidance of reality and truth. Ripping the hearts out of kids to influence adults. We have a President without compassion. The only emotion that supports his actions is ego. He matters. People do not. He does not represent our Founders. We are Americans. -Operating like Germany, 1933. It is time his following realized that he is not the change they bargained for. How many lies are you willing accept? How much truth will you hide from? How much pathetic disgrace must your Country endure?

BEWARE: There is a possibility Trump may have some success with North Korean denuclearization. Kim Jong Un has agreed to steps toward this goal. The devil is in the details and the likelier result is that Kim has played on Trump’s Narcissism. No matter how this turns out the glare of this process should not foreshadow that we have an autocratic president that has brought out the worst of who we are. A President who caters to billionaires and whose policies are binding our path to the third word. A President that degrades the very institutions that restrain power and protect the people and their will. A President that uses children to blackmail opposition for his way. A President that listens to Stephen Miller. We should also not forget that prior to Trump, the 544 (The House Senate and the Supreme Court) behaved far worse, causing more harm than he ever will by decimating the Middle Class and the American Dream. Without Trump they ruined the American dream and American futures. They sold us out to big money, sent our work to other lands, obeyed the will of wealth and disregarded the people’s well-being. We need to admit our system does not work. You can’t fix a problem you refuse to recognize.

Democrats take heed. The foregoing demonstrates that the country is tired of the status quo. Democrats are on the cusp of being viewed as the “Party of the System.” That is a loser and the danger is real. The Country has had it with the status quo. If Democrats don’t recognize this and develop a roadmap of impressive unique and patriotic change they will fail. There is only one issue that does all of this. That is to remove the destructive influence of our Campaign Finance system and develop public financing. This will forge a path for the best that humans can be to run the country. An example is the current iconically cowardly Republican Congress afraid to go against Trump, even to save kids, for fear of losing re-election money. Google the influence of money in elections. The damage is endless and far beyond disgusting and prevails because money wants this land to protect them. And the rest, very literally and provenly do not matter. The previous three sentences describe the decimating of America as intended by our Founders. Let’s stop and think about that for a moment.   

Donald Trump is the final product of a purchased government. Deceit and greed became the rule rather than fair hard work moving America forward. Trump’s success is an ominous warning for a people reaching away from all they know. A people reaching away from decades of costly gridlock and systemic failure for anything that provides hope. A people reaching away from a failed collective leadership that literally watched and self-served as 10’s of millions of jobs left the land and sheer greed paved the road for 1% of Americans to amass 90% of the Country’s bounty. A people realizing no one was protecting them. All of this as the silence of the press was nuclear and the words “Free Press” became synonymous with the ideals of a few Media Moguls. Evolve can be such a nasty word. Often slow and cunning with shocking finality. Have we evolved full circle? Trump is a symbol of failed Governing. The question is: “When we wake up to what really has happened, will we stop wealth from buying our leadership, or will we continue to devolve into violent chaos?”

The grumbling you hear is coming from the graves of our Founding Fathers as Trump bashes the institutions that protect us from Dictators. His autocratic, appointed, deathly afraid entourage of rigid followers adhere to his slightest whim. They obsequiously and disgustingly praise him, a behavior he demands. Failure to kiss the ring carries swift and un-American banishment followed by perpetual degradation. There are 44 Cabinet members. I cannot imagine how such low quality exists among so many that are successful. Make sure you have not eaten for a while. Go to “You Tube.” Search “Trump Invites His Employees to Praise Him During Cabinet Meeting.” It is reminiscent of Stalin, Hitler, Hussein and Kim Jong Un. Yet it is an American cabinet meeting. 

Today one percent have the bounty of most of our Middle Class. They have reduced the “American Dream” to historical rhetoric. They have the money that would have provided opportunity and education for the poor. They have the money that should have gone to infrastructure. The warnings against monopolies and huge trusts usurping power by Teddy and Franklin Roosevelt have been ignored. These multi-Billionaires now exist with money bins that shame Scrooge McDuck. Bill Gates alone has 436 billion. The Walton’s 148 Billion. Intentionally or otherwise they got there ignoring the rest of us. Each did not regard the decimation of wages and small businesses and ruined lives they left behind. Each became a mega-giant and ate up small business. Each along with elected leaders watched as Manufacturers moved overseas and then supplied the Mega-Giants with products. This was a circle of destruction that ate our Middle Class, caused endless poor and made a joke out of equality and compassion for our people.   

To those who are not with me yet, clarity should come when you ask yourself: Who do you think is in charge? 545 ingenious billionaires, among the smartest people in the world … or 535 obsequious, low character politicians with low leadership skills that sell our well-being, that demonstrate by deed low quality and low integrity, that can’t get anything done, and are systemically forced to work as wimps? Do the math. Believe me wealth did some time ago.

The rich are mighty now. Control is no longer a goal, it is a maintenance issue. The purchased Government will continue to serve as their cover to appease. Remember, Constitutional intent did not get them where they are. They are the ones that bought Congress to stop opposition as they sent your work overseas. That is the problem when your system allows complete and thorough unchecked greed to thrive by buying the influence of those that should regulate them. First they turn “regulate” into a dirty freedom sucking word so they may be free to take it all. Then they take. Unimpeded and with heartless greed. Devoid of Founding Spirit.         

Though intent was clear our Constitution was written without a description of intent. There was also no adhering direction. In any human environment without clear enforceable rules, greed and evil will always intrude and prevail. The prime purpose of rules within a Constitution is to contain and guide conduct that offends the intent of your land. And in America’s case to provide a wondrous beacon of human justice for all people. When Leaders fail and when such fine ideal is corrupted you have the resulting extraordinary poverty, inequality, and diversion from government for the people that is evident today. You extinguish your leading light. Only a fool or a tyrant would think or support that 400 people owning half of America was a founding intent. 

We should learn to admit that our failed government allowed the people’s will to be bought, and our leaders were complicit and watched America get stripped naked of decent work. The bounty belonging to the people was confiscated by the few by devising an economy that insured this result. They bought the politicians so they would left alone. Greed watched a debt become insane and did nothing as the insanity compounded endangering not just our greatness, but our infrastructure and sustainability as a viable trusted government. Our leaders ceded to wealthy desire and allowed gridlock and favor that has left our country on course with third world plight and injustice.

Money has risen to rule Government. The big difference is with these folks openly in charge we have a clear front row seat. This instead of the obscure back seat of recent generations. We are able to clearly watch change as wealth sees it, as the rest of our ideals are relegated to history. And our path to the low wage unregulated third world is paved with environmental destruction and widespread poverty. The answer: Gut Campaign Finance. Replace with an impartial public system. Restore the best that humans can be. For 35 years I have written about this great American evil. It was the words of Bobby Kennedy that never allowed futility: “Few will have the greatness to bend History itself, but each of us can work to change a small portion of events. And in the total of all those acts will be written the History of a Generation”.

Bill McClellan