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Trump – A Bridge Too Far, A Warning

I get it. Most of us, including myself realized long ago that the two major parties were furnishing us candidates that perpetuated a system that sucked our countries bounty out of society and brought it to the top. The smart and the rich bought the rules by simply understanding that greed was a force that when harnessed was the tool capable of usurping power in our system. They actually caused a vastly Republican belief that regulation for them was a violation of freedom. And that regulation for the people was the road toward socialism and/or communism. This lie paved the road for 1% to absorb half of the nation’s bounty. The patriotism (love for and desire to serve all) of our highest leaders was and is for sale. Hence, for generations, the purchase of decisions has decimated human fairness and the guidance that would have protected human fairness and the intent of the American Experiment

I am going to present some reasoning that the local Republican party may understand. Let us not forget that Democrats have equal guilt in seeding favor for favor poisons that gave us Trump. Trump has become a grave American problem under Republican control. And in D.C. Republicans have joined his decapitation of American Values. That is shocking disgrace. I know many local Republicans and they are full of compassion and decency. Yet many fall lock-step in support of what is happening. Desperate to protect party values they ignore the evils of Trump and design their thoughts to fit his Regimen. He is far too damaging to the American Experiment for this to continue. He has crossed the line. I will explain. It is time for Republicans to seriously rethink their contribution to what is happening.

I get where he came from and why, but he has to go. The suffering of too many was ignored and our leaders provided only perpetuation. Trump was a false hope that became, indeed, in practice a divisive destroyer. He deceived his voters. Trump is tearing us apart. We should be guided by the hopes of our founders and the intent of our constitution rather than policy success that we agree with. The perfect analogy that Republicans are not getting is Pre WWII-Germany. This is not analogizing the holocaust or the grave evils of this era that make analogy repulsive. There is a valuable historic lesson here. Under the Nazi regime, Germany had a thriving economy. Unemployment went from 6 million to 1 million, roads and bridges and schools and infrastructure were built along with an enormous military. All of this was achieved within the framework of depravity and displaced values. With depraved warning signs everywhere, his followers blindly followed him. Merciless dictators such as Franco of Spain, King Idris of Libya (just before Gaddafi), Pinochet of Chile, Zia-Ul-Hag of Pakistan and many others were morally bankrupt and presided over strong economies. What this means is that whatever you think of Trump’s policies, his character and standards parallel historic evils and are far removed from our founding spirit. He has placed the American experiment in grave danger.

Trump is not a solution. He is tumor, metastasized on a system already inflicted with cancerous bribery. You have heard much but let’s take another peek at just a few reasons why this is so. You could easily add a hundred more examples to this list of hate he has for Americans that disagree. He has no idea what, nor does he care about what really makes America Great, as he spends his days degrading others. He is seeking a land where only he matters and all disagreement is punished. What is it going to take for Trump supporters to see he is taking us all into the sewer and shaming our hallowed dead. Reasons make us great. They are care for each other, and morals and values that protect decency and equality. Get rid of quid pro quo and within this framework of values you have America. Why in the name of “Flanders Fields” would the following be ok with an American?:

He took children from their parents without procedure. Many will never se

e their kids again. This is evil in its purest form. He knows and does not care.     

He refuses to accept and address the Russian attacks on our elections.

He clearly fears Vladimir Putin and kowtows to him – Why does this not affect Trump supporters?

His performance at Helsinki supported Putin and Russia over the USA.

He calls people animals and racists, dogs, and fat, and ugly pigs, and disgusting, etc.

He refers to blood from eyes and vaginas when woman offend him.

He really believes that his false superiority allows him to grab vaginas.

He believes it is ok to invite Russian spies into the Oval Office.

He believes it is ok for him to furnish Russians classified information.

He refused to release his taxes to hide his activities from Americans.

He insists law enforcement be loyal to him personally.

He disgustingly demands obsequious behavior from his cabinet.

He maintains a for profit empire while in office.

He said Megyn Kelly had blood coming out of her “wherever.”

He believes Muslims and Mexicans are lessor and that Africa is a shithole.

He compliments murderous dictators and supports autocracy.

He has no mercy on the few even if they are children.

He called Omarosa a crazed dog and a low life because she disagreed.

He calls Maxine Waters Low IQ and Don Lemon the Dumbest on TV.

He revoked John Brennan’s (Former head of CIA) security clearance because he disagreed.

He has fired nearly all of his cabinet for disagreeing.

He punishes anyone that disagrees.

He calls the media the enemy of the people.

He refers to football players as sons of bitches.

He refers to James Comey as a slime ball.

He calls Senator Durbin “Dicky”, Senator Feinstein “Sneaky”, Senator Flake as “Flakey”, Senator Corker (as Liddle), Congressman Wilson as “Wacky”, Congressman Shiff and Senator Rubio as “Little”, Ted Cruz as “Lyin”, Jeb Bush as “weak and low energy”, Jeff Sessions as “Mr. Magoo” and “weak” and Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders and Jim Acosta as “Crazy”.  Each meant to degrade. There are far too many examples to mention “ALL BECAUSE THEY DISAGREE.”

His mind is occupied with venom and poison and revenge rather than American ideal.

He demeaned John McCain for getting shot down on his 23rd bombing mission over North Vietnam. Trump mocked the disability of this cancer-stricken hero, a disability received while being tortured as a Vietnam POW. McCain ejected at high speed and landed in a lake with several broken bones. As McCain was dragged to land and his broken body was beaten, Trump, born rich and privileged was impatiently waiting for his doctor to confirm bone spurs, that never bothered him since. Our drafted poor painted the jungle floor crimson as Trump lived the life of wealth. Coward is such a nasty word even when it is a perfect fit. He mocked a handicapped reporter repulsively and disgustingly. 1, 2, 3, 4, etc. year old’s are alone without parents, some will never be reunited, because of this heartless decrepit man. He is with fine with this. The list of evil is dark and long. It is not Trump, one fool, that worries me, it is his following. If you are still Trump and not at least on the cusp of realizing he is a grave mistake, you are a victim of and believe in what is destroying the greatness that you are lied to about.

To be clear: The Congress and the Senate and the Supreme Court of the United States of America are guided by a system, where the source for all that is wrong can be traced back to the purchasing of our leaders. Before Trump they were far worse than Trump. The difference in their destruction was subtle. Its massive consequence evolved over decades. Most didn’t notice until their job or house or heath care was taken. Over the years this happened to 10’s of millions and the term American Dream became a past hope taught in history classes. Trumps evil is glaring and in your face. Hopefully he is our lesson. The lesson is: end bribery in leadership or continue on the road where the public are low paid pawns and puppets for wealth.

1% owns half the country. They cried poverty. Trump gave them the biggest tax cut in history as our Country crumbles and our debt is insane. Token measures were taken up front to appease the masses. The wrong is so grave and so clear and so easy to understand. Why is it so accepted among Republicans? How did such wrong invade their hearts and the heart of John Katko who voted for this? And please don’t tell me about this thriving economy that no one feels. You don’t feel it because it is an economic path toward the third world. Sure, lots are working, two jobs and for peanuts, and the party brags and blind followers listen.

The Republican base has been taught via wealth induced propaganda within the party that immigrant dreamers and moms on food stamps are sucking up the American dream. How many resent and call those receiving assistance freeloaders, when in truth it is the privileged few that have sucked the heart out of America? 1% has more than the bottom 50% combined. 5% of the 1% wealth would finance food stamps and welfare. Corporate welfare is larger than needed welfare. Please stop and think about these things before you resent the poor over the takers. It is the likes of Jared Kushner and Paul Manafort and the bankruptcies of Donald Trump and the purchased regulation that bankrupted our economic stability that rob this land blind. It is not an immigrant or a welfare mom waiting in line for a brick of cheese.

Lowlife has nothing to do with wealth and everything to do with quality. Donald Trump is a lowlife. Rich does not cause good children. Cruel heartless leaders often build fair or good economies. We are “AMERICAN.” Human quality matters. America has a cruel dispassionate liar making decisions off the top his head. Inflicting pain on brown people is fine. He has taken their children. They have so little meaning that often records were not kept. Hundreds will never see their family again. Trump belongs in history with Nazi’s, Fascists, Autocrats and Dictators. He has adopted their autocratic ways. Normally we avoid such analogy.

But Trump is divisive and has caused a concern that massive civil unrest with untold outcome could happen in America. The mentioned systems were riddled with racism and dispassion that resulted in hate and mass murder. Trump has opened the door for hate to move forward and the best of America must close that door. E Pluribus Unum (All for one – one for all) binds our values and makes us America. Don’t ever forget, we did have a civil war. And in the Trump era the divisive seeds for unrest have been planted. End campaign finance. Allow the best that humans can be. Allow founding spirit to restore our course once and for all. And please vote Democrat like never before. Trumps misguided supporters must go. That mean John Katco. 

Bill McClellan