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How to Save Humanity

There’s nothing worse than a guy with the answer to save the world and like a mighty oak falling alone deep in the woods, no one hears. I am going to lead with the answer. Until this systemic poison is addressed it is positively impossible, (stress “positively impossible”) to form course that not only can restore the finest values ever devised by a people, but literally save the future. The bottom-line with not one iota of peripheral distraction: The bottom line is the grave human weakness of greed for money and power. The seal that holds these weaknesses in place is money in politics. Until this seal is removed power and greed will decide our course. There is no common good. Depending on what takes us out, it is not rhetoric, but fact, that 7 billion or all of us may well die in an easily ignited nuclear disaster with a similar number of deaths attending climate and/or environmental destruction. Our current system simply does not have the built-in integrity vital to the reform needed to save us. For this to be, money and every other form of bribery must be removed American decision making.

We are at a juncture where heretofore unimaginable massive international societal reconstruction is an absolute imperative or billions, if not all of us, will die. Study facts regarding the high potential for a nuclear exchange in these torrid times. Study facts showing the gravity and truth of climate change. Study environmental destruction, land over-use, deforestation, plastic pollution, hideous pollution of oceans killing sea life and the plankton and coral reefs that provide half of earths oxygen production. Study poles melting and sea levels rising and the consequence and all the very real results of pollution, resource consumption and climate change in this heavily overpopulated world. Study the false complacency that precedes creeping real danger. A movement to remove bribery must be of the highest urgency. The decisions necessary to protect the common good are massive. This cannot be achieved when a system is in place that forces greed and the worst that humans can be at a time when the best that humans can be is required to save us.    

To fix this and re-set course we must understand a few vital truths. Along with all forms of bribery, the complete repeal of all Campaign Finance Law, not just Citizens United is the
answer. There was a wealthy brilliance to Citizens United. It is an insurance policy for wealth to protect and duplicate what was already in place. They provided a false goal so that when Citizens United is removed nothing has changed. Remaining campaign finance law always allowed for the same outcome. Public financing is the answer. The lie of the corrupt is, it is too costly. The truth is, restored integrity will finance public financing many, many, times over. The best that humans can be will be incentivized and will become our leadership. And greatness will be restarted. Money and bribery were the mustard seed that grew into a system with countless gravely damaging variables. From a hideous lobbying system far removed from the common good to a gerrymandered election system far removed from democracy. From nuclear recklessness to anticipated climate devastation. With thousands of public-be-damned greedy corporate regulations bought from our leaders eating away at real freedom and common good. Wrong and evil have been easily purchased from our leaders for decades. Congress has lied to our people. They continue to speak of our founders and our Constitution and our glory as their deeds defame and decimate our pursuit. -What would you call the selling out of your country?

In those warm summer months of 1797 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, men who would live forever in infamy, Washington, Hamilton, Adams, Franklin, Jefferson, Hancock and 28 others signed the document that would launch the finest that humans can be: The United States Constitution. Their one great failure was in not providing language and adhering principles to contain the worst and most common of all human weaknesses – greed and lust for Money and Power. Both of which historically have been absent a containing force, and throughout time have rampantly degraded the pursuit of human fairness.

Our Founding Fathers gave us a noble guide; a Constitution reflecting equality, compassion, fairness, and justice for all people. It was the finest effort in human history intended to pursue a land of fairness, free of tyranny and the impoverishing greed of the few. The Constitutional Convention took place from May 25, to September 17, 1797. They grappled with the course and how one course would affect the other. In the end they developed a pursuit of the finest kind. Mind you, it was the pursuit that was of the finest order, not in the finest times. It was an era of slavery and racist mindset. Blacks were designated as 3/5 of a person. We had a long way to go. Wisdom of the finest kind “in the era,” did prevail, allowing the course to be set for equality and justice to evolve into the finest land ever known to mankind.   

As a gentle breeze blows amidst the summer heat among the White Crosses at Arlington National Cemetery, just across the Potomac River, cowards of the worst order, preside over the land these hallowed dead loved and gave their lives for. With shameful obsequious cowardice of the highest order, daily on display, they sell the finest pursuit known to man to the smart greedy few. The Sons and Daughters that lie under the White Crosses weep as the values and pursuit of the land they died for are flagrantly shamed and sold. Sold by Men and Women who allow and perpetuate a system that buys their souls and very literally sells you out. Men and Women that do not understand the mindset of those that pledged their lives, their fortunes and their sacred honor. They are not worthy of those they send to die and they are not worthy of why they die. Sold iers fight not to die, but to risk their lives for all of us, for family, and for a country engaged in the pursuit of human-values of the finest kind. -The finest of all pursuits.   

Not one of the 435 in the House of Representatives and not one of the 100 in the United States Senate has stood up and made the elimination of bribery in campaign finance, in keeping with developing a system free of monied coercion, their mantra and their mission. They know this to be the answer. Yet, this pursuit has risk. Our leaders work in a system that was re-designed by wealth to incite and exploit their cowardice and they so shamefully comply. Our system was manipulated by wealth, designed so that the strength of greed and power overwhelms values. What baffles me is how Congress caused my friend Mike Thompson to be blown to pieces and rain over the jungle floor in Vietnam, yet not one would risk a career change to undertake the measure that can save not only our land but cause the return of the values that may save mankind.     

Leaders (sic) spend their time raising money to keep their donors in power. Leaders (sic) then act as proxy leaders for their donors. In terms of their own interests and desires, the donor gets what they want as if they were the representative. Congress governs more in keeping with the more often than not meaningless algorithm of media computers. There are no leaders. No common good priorities. -Just a mass of self-interest. No heroes. Issues have no meaningful champions. They tell themselves this is not true. It is true. I am in my 70’s. Infrastructure has crumbled. No one has touched immigration reform in any meaningful way. Banks collapse and wages deplete as greed feeds and people suffer and we race toward the 3rd world. Congress lives and breathes ignoring all that is vital to us and attends all that is vital to the wealthy. This is where Trump came from. He is a middle finger. And likely, the first highly consequential step toward serious revolt … because of Congress.       

It is about values. It is about disgrace. You do not sell the decisions that run 325 million American lives. American values, Climate Change, Nuclear Recklessness, Immigration reform, Lobbying Reform, Campaign Finance Reform, the Quality of Infrastructure, the end of Gerrymandering, Health Care and Retirement Solutions, Approach to Debt, and the Oversight of the Mighty are just a few matters left unattended for decades. All rooted in the value sucking power of bribery. Turn on the news, see how long you have to wait before the many matters that endanger humanity are meaningfully mentioned. Bring a lot of popcorn.      

American Leadership is not what most Americans think. In truth it is a group of sycophants ruled by the wealthy that won the anti-trust and monopoly battles of President’s Wilson and the Roosevelts. They discovered bribery works. The Congress, the Supreme Court and the President, today, are better defined as sycophantic proxies for the course that the Corporate World desires.

Examples are endless. I will leave you with the ultimate of hideous. One industry is being allowed to destroy earth: Oil. If you don’t believe in Climate Change would you at least agree that there is maybe a 20% chance you may wrong. Are you willing to roll the dice on humanity with 1 in 5 odds? Why do we allow a few thousand greedy executives to gamble with our existence? Remedy requires massive change. -Change, not harm. The pursuit of a clean and wholesome planet is not harm. It is the pursuit of protecting human life. It is an awesome opportunity for jobs and greatness and wholesome life for all. Oil, greedy, polluting, uncaring oil, wants you to believe otherwise. Even when death is underway and billions more may die as Bangladesh, and New York City, and Miami disappear into the sea.

The battle to save our world cannot be fought in a leadership environment bought by the polluters. The end of money in politics must be pursued with the greatest of all urgency and followed by a generation of fighters that own their souls. This battle must be fought with greatness on levels never before seen.

Those that really care have read this far. I urge anyone, someone, many of you, to copy this article and send it to the 535 in our Congress and every news outlet you think of or find. It would take a day. Just a few of us may save the world. Otherwise the mighty oak is falling alone deep in the woods and no one hears.

Bill McClellan