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Pat Hogan A Rare Breed – A Good Man

Back in my younger days we had a slogan “De Opresso Liber” (To Liberate the Oppressed). I became involved in Pat Hogan’s Mayoral Campaign in early 2013.

Pat also had a slogan that he was proud of and lived by. “Ourselves Alone” (“We are all One here”). Both were adopted by elite organizations to exemplify our very best in pursuit of Compassion, Fairness and Justice. In those three words we find the heart of what good men and women fight and die for. We find the meaning of our great land. We find the hope of human pursuit. We find the humbling bravery of our finest. We find Pat Hogan.

I remember a conversation I had with Pat one Memorial Day. Pat said, every year on Memorial Day he visits the Vets Cemetery where his parents are buried. His Dad served in the U.S. Army Air Corp. Then he said something that struck me and tells the tale of Pat Hogan. He said “I usually pay my respects at Billings Park (Salina and Warren Streets) where the Rock of the Marne (WWI) and Spanish American Monuments are. They are forgotten by some. But not by me.” Voters, this is the Man we need.

Working on Pat’s Mayoral Campaign for one of the finest individuals I have ever known was one of my finer moments. Pat Hogan is one of the very talented few. Pat has political talent and savvy that sets him far apart from others in this leary business. This is achieved through compassion, respect, courtesy, firmness with integrity, and a character that humbles and sets the standard. With these qualities Pat is able to sift through political flaw, achieve respect from disagreeing view, and find and implement solutions that really improve our lives. Pat is highly respected by all. He is able to show others the best way and, impressively, he is able to show them why.

It is one thing to have decades of political experience. It is quite another to have the character and temperament to absorb and disseminate and shape this experience in the finest traditions of what it is to be an American. To arrive at this juncture, not tainted, but armed with knowledge, depth and insight enabling just compromise, allowing the people to prevail, is Pat Hogan.

Pat is running for the 2nd District seat (Tipperary Hill and the Near West Side) on the Syracuse Common Council currently held by Chad Ryan. Chad, who is also among our absolute finest, decided not to run for the seat. Chad has represented the 2nd district since 2013. Chad and his family have a rich Political history in our area. Chad works as Funeral Director at the family-owned Edward J. Ryan and Son Funeral Home. I met and assisted Chad in 2013 when he first ran for this seat. I came to know Chad and his sister Jill and they are among the finest people you will ever meet. Pat is friends with Chad and his family and is running with Chad and his families full support.

Pat has an awesome résumé and reputation in the City of Syracuse. He was the Deputy Commissioner for the City Parks Department where he worked for 34 years. He also previously held the 2nd District seat for 8 years before running for Mayor. Pat is also a former teaching assistant in the City School District. Standing alone this is an impressive résumé. But when complimented by the unique qualities of Pat Hogan it is clear a highly experienced and rare individual is on the scene and the 2nd District be far better for it as will the City of Syracuse.

Pat has already been discussing major issues with Mayor Walsh. In Pat’s words: “The community grid has a lot of logistical and operational problems and I brought all of those up to the new Mayor. And I think there’s an awareness that we’re on a cusp, that we can either continue on this slow downward decline or we can actually start going up. I detect that we’re going up, I really do. I think there’s an energy in this town and people are looking for leadership – and there is leadership here. It’s young and maybe an old hand like me can offer some guidance, but we’ll see.

I’m going to demand that we become aggressive and bold. And I think we’ve got an opportunity because we have a new Mayor (Ben Walsh) who is open to a lot of new ideas. We have a new County Executive (Ryan McMahon) and they’re working together. I love that!” With Pat in this young brilliant enthusiastic environment, Syracuse is on the move.

I had a neat little office at campaign headquarters during the Mayoral run. It afforded a front seat view to Campaign activity. The office buzzed with Department Heads, (each seeking a restoration of decision making that respected the hallowed nature of running our city). They visited often. Councilors and current and past City Leaders arrived every day. Rank and File and High-Level Policemen visited almost daily. Lance Denno a retired Fireman and a Counselor at time played a major role as did his peers from the Fire Department, men and women among the finest folks I have ever known. Several Firefighters were volunteers and reminded me of my youth when I served with such people. There were many battle-hardened Veterans. The guys that did the job on the battle field. Those with the strength you could feel and the clear compassion that made for individual greatness. And then the ladies from Tip Hill that worked so hard for Pat and all the countless volunteers from all over the city that worked very hard every day with loyalty and respect. These are the folks that Pat Hogan not only draws but inspires. If you don’t know Pat, when you get to him you will join this humble group and understand why our city will be a far better place with Pat Hogan, especially now that city is finally really on the move.

Pat Hogan is a Syracuse Legend. Our city will reap the benefit of not only an experienced brilliant man and high achiever, but also a good man that walks tall and believes in fairness and right. Pat is not a man of rhetoric; he is man of deed. He has the wisdom and the insight to respect and protect achievement while at the same time respecting and protecting the plight of the less fortunate. In this current environment there are finally really good people from different parties in office. With Pat’s expertise contributing to this era of inspired youth our city could not be in a better place to enter the future.

I will leave you with words I wrote shortly after the Mayoral Campaign: We all just finished working hard for one of the finest individuals ever to seek Public Office in our great city. We had a candidate that really would have changed things on our behalf. A man with experience that understands the deeds that really translate into a better city. And a man with the kind of compassion and heart that make a difference when righting the ship of a great city. Working with Pat Hogan and the kind of people he attracts has been an extraordinary honor in my life.

On Pat’s campaign, I have seen firsthand the kind of people that our Founders inspire. They showed the standard for the kind of bravery that exists in the American heart. Americans that believe with deep honor in the integrity of our Founder’s intent. I hear the Battle Hymn each time I think of our hallowed heroes and those who selflessly and fiercely love this great land. In this campaign I saw this founding integrity in each volunteer. You honored our heroes by protecting what they gave their all for. Without your heart, perceiving wrong where others fail, our finest cannot rest. You walked American tall and I am proud to know each one of you.

“Ourselves Alone – We are all one here.” -The best Pat.

Bill McClellan