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Keeping Beauty Simple This Summer

Lately I can’t scroll through Instagram or walk to work without seeing girls with super harsh contours, highlights you can see from

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The eyeliner defines the eyes and creates a seductive look. It can enlarge the eyes or make them smaller with the different

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Shopping, for most women, is a relaxing and fun experience; something to look forward to greatly. However, shopping during the Christmas holiday

Best Affordable Makeup Products

1. Okay so this first one might sound weird, but trust me!

Every Woman’s Desire: Transforming And Empowering Through Style

A woman wants to feel beautiful, confident, at the beginning and end of every day. 

8 Must-Haves to Make Your Dorm Room Feel Homey

Changing the curtains may require a minimal effort but would have a significant impact. 

How to Wear a Romper

Presently onesies, jumpsuits, and rompers are almost everywhere, but it could be less intimidating for people who have never worn it before.