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Dry Winter Skin: How to Deal With It

Your skin in winter can become very dry – even to the point of being painful. I myself began feeling the effects

How A HydraFacial Treatment Benefits Your Skin

A HydraFacial is a type of skin treatment that claims to be the best skin treatment for skin health. We explore this

What Is Considered Fashion Jewelry?

Are you looking for a fun way to spruce up your outfit for an event or a night out with your friends?

Shield Against Environmental Damage

UV rays, blue light, and air pollution can cause fine lines and wrinkles, sagging, and dark spots. Help safeguard your skin with

Understanding Hair Porosity

What Is Hair Porosity?

Porosity pertains to the hair’s ability to absorb and retain moisture.

Is It Safe to Use Lemon Juice to Lighten Your Hair?

When the weather warms up, you may have the desire to try a lighter hair color. A salon can be expensive, as

What is Tattoo Removal?

As its name implies, tattoo removal is a procedure to remove tattoo ink from the skin. Tattoos used to be considered permanent,

Street Style Trends to Try for Spring 2023

Spring street styles are already starting to surface around the globe – giving a solid preview of what styles to expect when

Keep That Natural Beauty Look Forver

Sophia Loren is a great example of an aging star who still would be considered as one the most beautiful women in

Natural vs. Commercial Methods: The Battle for Making People Beautiful Rages On

Beauty is what catches the attention first. A lot of people spend quite a big part of the day (and their earnings)