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Publishing, 2024

I’ve been curious about a couple of things to do with book publishing lately: do editors still exist, and what is the

Highlanders: Unlocking Identity Through History by James MacKillop

In Chapter 2 of MacKillop’s richly researched story of the Highlanders, he explores the origin of the Scottish name “Campbell.” Likely, he

The Killing Series by Bill O’Reilly and Martin Dugard

This month’s book review has been guest-written by John Sposato, who has a deep interest in history and current events, and reads

Bay Dreaming by Donald Moriarty O’Leary

How on earth did someone not that far in age from me manage to pack this much into one lifetime?

Hamnet by Maggie O’Farrell

These days, it’s often the case a book will be written in first person and/or present tense. I’ve noted before I find

The River We Remember: A Novel

It’s been a while since I was fortunate enough to read a book that I simply looked forward to spending time on.

Our Point Short Stories

Our Point Short Stories by Linus Ward Walton, Sr. 

Reading History

On the occasion of Columbus Day, now also Indigenous People’s Day, I got into a brief conversation with a new acquaintance on

Of a Boy and His Valley by Arnold W. Cook

Life in Rural Western New York during the Great Depression 1929-1936 (Published 1991)

Story Songs

On the occasion of the 50th anniversary of Bill Knowlton’s Bluegrass Ramble Picnic* Sunday, August 6th, I was in the large, relaxed