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What is the face of the 21st century?

A few years back, at a family gathering, someone brought out a phone


Perhaps 10 years ago, the RFID concept seemed, at least to this writer, like an answer to many problems.

The Best Part, The Worst Part

There’s no doubt that the technological changes of the last decade or so have been overwhelming.

Wither News, Books, Stardom?

It seems like such a short time ago I was touting the value of the “podcast” to a company I worked for

National Video Game Museum The Game is Afoot!

Oh what a trip!

In and of itself, to play an assortment of silly, fun, wonderful, historic games, in their “native”

Four Stranger Things

Like many of you, I’ve loved all things tech and computer – especially Internet – for most of my life.

Social Media Positioning

Who’s on first?

The old skit could take on new meaning if you applied the joke to which social media platform

Alan Turing

I have always been fascinated with mathematical/engineering minds.

Perhaps that’s because I don’t have one, and I’m ever curious how it

A.I. Rules

A.I. is certainly one of the leading topics of discussion these days. Any mention of it is sure to get a groan,

Homework Time Again

I’m sure I’ve told you before about the time, way back in computer time, when I was rhapsodizing about Google and what