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Colleen Prossner: Multi-Instrumentalist, Vocalist

Colleen Prossner is a lifelong musician having started early on in school. Since those days her path in music has been a

Jeremy Kennedy: A New Chapter in Blues

Here comes Jeremy Kennedy – a 19 year-old blues slinger wielding his guitar with a high level of natural freedom that comes

Brian Francis

Brian Francis:Piecing Together Fragments of His Memory to Tell a Story

Mark Nanni Rolls Out Two

Mark Nanni plays out every day it seems. As a social media pal I see him posting shows all over the region.


Ask JACKIE POP to describe her music and she’ll say, Heartfelt

Cheers to The Rising Temperature of the Central NY Sound

Well, at least from my place in the whole scope of the area’s music culture: I feel like we’re not just back

Lisa Romano

A Voice of Passion, Power and Elegance

The Miracle of Mira Grimm

15 Year Old Prodigy on the Fast Track to Bigger Things

She’s 15 years old and you can find yourself astonished because

Gloria Roberts

Bon Voyage & Welcome Home with Gloria Roberts. Syracuse’s very own airport pianist wishes you safe adventures through music.

The Artist and the Astronaut

The Syracuse-Based Father and Son Team of  Todd & Brett Hobin Collaborate on the Score and Soundtrack of an Incredible Documentary Film