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Supreme Court

America’s last hope. “The nine people that failed humanity.”

The Supreme Court has evolved into an institution riddled with inherent indecency


Over the 40 years I have been writing this column I have learned some very important lessons. When you have free press,

Democracy in America A Decimated System

Let’s be clear. America is not a Democracy. With or without Trump. Trump and his insane ideas on autocracy do not mean

The Democratic Party Apparatus Forfeiting America

So few follow events carefully. Democrats, especially really need to understand this.  Trump will destroy what is left of democracy. And if

Israel October 7th 2023

Wars are nothing new. Yet the Ukrainian and Israeli wars have hit home very hard. It is like Americans are feeling the

Tens of Millions Dead for Democracy And it Ends Under our Nose

As we move forward, we need to see that our elections have lacked these integrities mentioned, to different degrees for generations.

Money in Politics Laying Waste to America

This article depicts the present and the future if we do not take money and bribery out of our system of leadership.

Systemic Greed America’s Poison

In recent decades an ease in which greed can succeed unimpeded slowly evolved into American Systems embedding deeply in Government and Business.

Slavery – A Jobs Program The Celebration of Evil

PREFACE:  I am requesting that the Florida State Board of Education adopt this article as part of their curriculum. I suggest this

Wake Up Humanity Climate and Nuclear Threat are Real

The greatest problem with human beings is our sheer inability to get along. This is a barbaric evolutionary trait we have not