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PROST!! & ALL Things Oktoberfest

Just this past September, I was able to jet-set off to Europe for a couple of weeks to indulge in all things

Fall Beers to Fall For

As the ‘-ber’ months settle into Central New York, a hot bowl of soup or mulled cider go hand in hand with

Beer Goggles? Nope, Beer Glasses!

We talk so much about the different types of beer, but what about HOW we’re drinking it? Cans, bottles, red Solo cups

Root, Root, Root for the Home Team!

Nothing says Summer-lovin’ in CNY quite like watching a Syracuse Chiefs baseball game and drinking a cold one while eating a Hofmann’s

Red, White, Brew and BBQ!

Summer’s officially here y’all! & After the winter-that-would-never-end, we’re all spending as much time as possible outside with friends & family

Pucker Up!

Love ‘em or hate ‘em, there’s not many people who are in-between when it comes to sour beers. Sours are definitely in

Day Trip: Brewery Tours

Spring is here and it’s time to shake off those many months of hibernation and venture out into the world once again.

Faceoff: Stouts vs. Porters

Stouts and Porters. They look the same, have many similar characteristics, including aromas, flavors, and notes. In many circles, the two are

¡La Cerveza en Gran Canaria!

What better time to travel than wintertime in CNY! (Just ask all our snowbird friends who spend half their year in Florida!)

Too Cold Outside? Let’s Warm Things Up!

It’s been a fairly cold winter so far and we’re all trying to keep our heating bills down and our body temperatures