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Prohibition & Covid: Adapting in the Craft Beer Industry

With Covid and the ever-changing regulations surrounding our craft breweries and beer bars, it has many of us wondering if our favorite

Summer Brews – Part Two

Last month we talked about traditional warm weather brews – Shandys, Lagers, Sours, etc. This month is a continuation of that theme,


Well folks, we’re in the thick of it, stuck at home or deemed an essential worker on the front-lines. Caring directly for

Beer as Medicine

the most appropriate time to discuss the health-properties that beer provides, especially with the virus actually having the name of a beer

The App Is Your Map!

Throughout many of my articles, I mention a phone app called Untappd and it has come to my attention, that readers of

Love is in the Eye of the Beer-Holder

Cupid, roses, chocolate … those three words can only mean one thing during the month of February: Valentine’s Day!

Oh Là Là! Bière!

When we think of Paris, France, we think of the Eiffel Tower, baguettes, berets, art, and of course, wine!

Winter is Coming…

Winter is Coming…

… Or perhaps it’s already here. (yay snow and 20-degree temps in mid-November …) Either way, as I

Spiked Seltzer vs. Beer

Last Friday I attended the SU football game against Pitt and had a super fun time hanging out with friends,

Prost to Autumn!

During this time last year, I spent my first days of Fall in Europe at the ultimate autumn brewfest —Oktoberfest— in Munich,