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The 3 Types of Golf Handicaps

There are 3 types of handicaps out there. They include: (1) honest handicaps; (2) sandbagger handicaps and (3) Hollywood handicaps.

How to Warm Up for Your Golf Game in 5 Minutes

It is well known that in every professional sport athletes perform a series of flexibility exercises and drills to prepare them to play

The Greatest Gift

Warning – this is going to be an unabashedly sentimental article. You see, it dawned on me the other day, when a friend

Scramble Golf Rules Can Be a Fun Addition to Your Game of Golf

For the most part, golfers play a regular stroke game of golf when on the golf course.

Synchronizing Your Arms & Body

Whatever your golf handicap is, you’ve probably experienced days when everything on the course seemed to fall into place.

Golf Basics Build Your Foundation

More and more people every year get bitten by the golf bug. Golf’s popularity continues to rise year after year. With more and

The Challenge of Golf at the Ashgrove Golf Course

Every club golfer usually loves their home course for several reasons. They know the nuances of the fairways and greens.

Golf the Fore Letter Word

Golf, it’s just a four-letter word right? There are other four-letter words that would also fit in the category with golf, but we

Who Else Wants Information About a Jamaica Golf Vacation?

Sand, sea, sun and…golf. Yes, golf. Playing golf in Jamaica is very popular among tourists and locals. Just imagine gorgeous scenery, along with

A Feel for Your Golf Game

Let’s get down and dirty about the word “feel” and how I apply it to golf the “Without Practice” way so you can