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The Importance of Destigmatizing Mental Illness

About one in four people struggles with a mental illness. Twice as many people have symptoms of anxiety and depression, like sadness

Social Media Challenges

Viral social media trends started innocently enough.

In the early 2010s there was planking, the “Harlem Shake” dance and lip syncing

Don’t Fall Prey to Victim Mentality

Attitude is everything. Mental attitude, no matter what the end goal is, either helps you get there or impedes your progress and

Starting Your Career in 2023

The problem with this day and age is people are afraid to be seen as fools. I don’t mean deliberately obnoxious fools

Seeing with New Eyes

On the morning of April 18, just before I sat down to work on the second draft of this column, a column

Everybody’s History

Writers William Faulkner and James Baldwin both suggest the past is never past; we carry history in us. People’s stories show how

Trigger Warning

We all speak different languages. Punctuation on paper conveys emotion; we punctuate our spoken words with tone of voice and body language.

Looking All Ways Always

I recently found a faded, wrinkled, penciled list of hopes and dreams I’d written for what I believe was the first and

Who’s Your Champion?

By the time anyone reads this, a victor will have somehow prevailed in “Jeopardy’s” November 2022 Tournament of Champions.

We Now Know

It was in November 2011 while hiking in Clark Reservation that I suddenly remembered people and places I’d known when I was