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Nerves, Church, and Set Theory

Everything exists along continuums, axes and in sets within sets. Weather is the immediate day to day results of overall climate.

Snowflakes in the Sun

The Oxford English Dictionary recently announced its selection of toxic as THE word of 2018.

Oft Told Tales

BIG SPOILER ALERT; spoilers abound throughout.

Living, Learning, and Timelines

If you’re reading this, by the time you’ve read this, more will be known about whether Judge Brett Kavanaugh will hold the

The Anatomy of Mental Health

We feel things with our bodies. The body connects to the brain. Our conscious minds develop out of our body-brain connections.

Fully Integrated Circuitry

A four- minute video available on the Facebook site, “Your Amazing Body” seeks to answer the question, “what happens to your brain

Speaking of Boundaries

Jared Diamond, in his book, Guns, Germs, and Steel – The Fates of Human Societies, recounts a 1972 conversation with a New

Getting There from Here

Last year, I got to see sights from a car making its way on I90 across Lake Washington and on into Seattle

Thinking Naturally

Like animals in the wild, we’re instinctual. The serotonin that resides in our guts and our brains is the same neurotransmitter that,

Our Screened Dreams

TV and movie awards shows provide many opportunities for artists and celebrities to promote style and ideas along with their work.