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Everybody’s History

Writers William Faulkner and James Baldwin both suggest the past is never past; we carry history in us. People’s stories show how

Trigger Warning

We all speak different languages. Punctuation on paper conveys emotion; we punctuate our spoken words with tone of voice and body language.

Looking All Ways Always

I recently found a faded, wrinkled, penciled list of hopes and dreams I’d written for what I believe was the first and

Who’s Your Champion?

By the time anyone reads this, a victor will have somehow prevailed in “Jeopardy’s” November 2022 Tournament of Champions.

We Now Know

It was in November 2011 while hiking in Clark Reservation that I suddenly remembered people and places I’d known when I was

Mapping the News Over Time

Itinerant messengers, speakers, and scribes have long carried stories and news from near and far throughout time.

Home Grown Ingredients

Many people believe that it’s bad manners to discuss politics over dinner. Merriam Webster defines politics as “the art or science of government.”

Our Living Constitutions

Independence Day on July 4 celebrates the thirteen colonies break from Britain in 1776. The Revolutionary War, and all the discussions and documents

Working Through Words

Some writers, Flannery O’Connor and Joan Didion for instance, have written that they don’t know what they think until they’ve written it down

Planting and Praying

Bulbs often provide the first color of Spring. Native wildflowers bloom later and provide food for butterflies and bees. Wildflowers are often considered