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Reviewing the Reviews

I wrote, and, after the verdict came in in the Derek Chauvin trial, rewrote this paragraph on April 20.

The Forest and the Trees

I started reading books about memory and brain function following a diagnosis for celiac disease. Eliminating gluten, and the sugar that surrounded that

For Women’s History Month 2021

The theme for Women’s History Month 2020 was “Valiant Women of the Vote.” 2021 builds on 2020’s theme: “Valiant Women of the Vote:

Who’s Your Hero?

I intended to write about two golfers, one who is not a golf hero and the other, Tiger Woods, who is considered

The Long Haul

On December 20th, comedian D.L. Hughley posted, on Facebook, a November 20 Wall Street Journal article titled “Doctors Begin to Crack Covid’s Mysterious

Reflecting Back

I have a pamphlet hanging on my refrigerator. The pamphlet, published by Vera House, lists some features of verbal and emotional abuse.

Auras of Authority

By the time anyone reads this, the Senate will have voted for or against confirming Judge Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme

Bodies and Knowledge

During the week I wrote this column, I finished the 600 plus page book “The Alphabet Versus The Goddess – The Conflict

Getting Grief

I was driving to meet friends for dinner in early August. My route took me along Highland Avenue where, at the stop sign

Sticks and Stones Through Time

In, “Hell and Other Destinations,” the former and first female secretary of state, Madeleine Albright, suggests we need to know that many