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Holiday Gift Suggestions

Instead of harping on your usual holiday behavior of stuffing your face with whatever you want and using the excuse … ”its

Butter Is Back Baby

I am not controversial by nature or training but I can’t run from a fight either. It pains me greatly when I


Failure … biggest loser … double failure if you want to be technically accurate. I don’t think I brag about my successes

Fiber Fiber Everywhere

On my radio show recently I had to admit I made a mistake.

To Be Or Not To Be Telomeres Are The Question

My friend Stan wanted me to write more about collagen but I need to get back to even more basic science. 

Guard Yourself Against the Gardasil Vaccine

I focus my practice on diet, exercise, sleep and stress but as an doctor I have given out my share and then

Joint Juice Anyone?

For once I am writing about something non controversial … or at least less controversial than arguing about statin drugs, proton pump

A Shot Across The Bow

This all started with my suspension. I have had privileges at one of the local hospitals for 30 years but was suspended

Death By Calcium

Is your doctor or health care provider still recommending calcium supplements to prevent osteoporosis? If so let me offer you a different

Stay Grounded

This month we are talking about a very very interesting topic that I think is highly unlikely you have heard of before