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Vitamin C is Not Just About Treating Your Cold

I just finished reading Dr. Thomas Levy’s book entitled “Stop America’s #1 Killer” which is about vitamin C deficiency.

To Jab or Not to Jab That is the Question

Well, the vaccines have arrived, and with it the push to vaccinate everyone. Never had covid? Better get vaccinated. Had a bad covid

Going To Pot… Potassium I Mean…

I have written previously to sing the praises of magnesium, and now I carry the torch for potassium.Potassium should be the third most

Detox Cocktail… Make Mine a Double

This is going to be a longish article and there is too much to cover in one issue but it’s another very

Great Barrington Declaration

Sounds like a somber and weighty peace treaty but the Great Barrington Declaration is nothing of the sort. Rather, the Declaration is an

Tis the Season

Well, the coronavirus continues its wrecking ball ways with our lives both personally and professionally and it’s certainly had a big effect

To Supplement or Not to Supplement That is the Question

Let’s talk collagen. It’s the major structural protein in numerous tissues of the body including your tendons or ligaments, the blood vessels,

Danger Will Robinson Danger

I write today to once again save your life or at least try to. You can’t see or feel or taste the

The Poison in Your Kitchen

Until recently I thought the biggest risk to your health as insulin resistance. Now I know better. I can fix your insulin resistance

The Phase Angle

I am always on the lookout for new and better ways to assess the health of patients. Your doctor is measuring your