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To Bleed or Not to Bleed

To Bleed Or Not To Bleed. It’s no wonder that you’re confused and your health suffers  accordingly. You keep getting conflicting advice

Sugar Substitute Skulduggery

There is an additive that was recently approved by the FDA that you should know about. Its industrial name is E951. The

Down On Deodorants

Well I seem to be going through a personal care phase … last month I commented on sunscreen and this month its


Well it’s finally getting warmer in Central New York and that means thousands of parents will be slathering their young wards with

The Cardio ION Nutritional Test

Finally something new and exciting to talk about. Well it’s not actually new but its new to New York State.

Some Thoughts About Protein

Protein shakes and paleo diets are all the rage right now but I’ve got to ring a cautionary note (if I may)

Your Money’s Worth … You’re not Getting it

Something is wrong and it’s not in Denmark. It’s in the American healthcare system.

Holiday Gift Suggestions

Instead of harping on your usual holiday behavior of stuffing your face with whatever you want and using the excuse … ”its

Butter Is Back Baby

I am not controversial by nature or training but I can’t run from a fight either. It pains me greatly when I


Failure … biggest loser … double failure if you want to be technically accurate. I don’t think I brag about my successes