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New Memory Program on the Block

Pretty much everyone agrees that heart disease and cancer are the top two killers of Americans. There is some dispute about the

What’s The To Do About Methylene Blue?

Rather than remonstrate and castigate you about your New Year’s resolution or lack thereof I am writing about something completely different to

Don’t Shop ‘Till You Drop!

Okay, it’s holiday time and I, of course, have some suggestions for you. Not the usual eat better and get more exercise

Mission Not Impossible

I am on a mission. A mission to drag you and your medical provider into the 22 Century. There are simple, inexpensive

Is Salt Another White Death?

I wrote about sodium several months ago but because I continue to see a low salt diet mentioned in every consult note

Heart Rate Variability To Beat or Not to Beat

There are a lot of ways to measure your health. Your blood pressure, your heart rate, your blood sugar etc. are all

It’s All About the Magnesium

Dr. Mercola did an article about sodium in the diet months ago but most of you don’t have access to his website so


Magnesium is the stuff of life. I guess you can say that about all the elements really because without them it would be


Recently, because several different patients have been urging me to investigate it, I have gotten into energy medicine. Unfortunately, there is little information


Dementia may have worked its way up to the third leading cause of death behind heart disease and cancer.