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Don’t Shoot the Messenger

You’re going to have to blame this article on my sister Brenda because, I’ve been warned previously, to avoid vaccine discussions as no

Health Gift Giving

Well, it’s been a long and strange year and we can only hope that next year will restore some normality but I am

Next Gen

Once again I learn more from my patients than I have from the medical literature. Most of the medical stuff I read in

Your Doctor Says You Can’t Prevent or Treat Dementia Are They Wrong on Both Counts?

I have been reviewing Dr. Chris Knobe’s excellent work on the dangers of the seed oils, the omega 6 oils as inflammatory and

Change Your Health Destiny

I have two interesting things for you this month…both can be very helpful regarding your health and both are widely available and both

Poor Posture Can Affect Health

One thing I notice as people are out and about more, but honestly I see everyday in my office, is that people slouch.

The Energy Paradox

I will get to Magnesium in my next article but I just read Dr. Gundry’s, The Energy Paradox and wanted to bring it

Et Tu Ama

Covid 19 might be calming down finally but the world is still going crazy. I was going to write an article about Magnesium

Vitamin C is Not Just About Treating Your Cold

I just finished reading Dr. Thomas Levy’s book entitled “Stop America’s #1 Killer” which is about vitamin C deficiency.

To Jab or Not to Jab That is the Question

Well, the vaccines have arrived, and with it the push to vaccinate everyone. Never had covid? Better get vaccinated. Had a bad covid