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The FDA Is Off The Rails

Like everyone else I would love to believe that the government is in place to protect citizens and provide services but unfortunately

CoQ10 and You

It’s time to focus once again on a supplement. When I first heard about CoQ10 I thought it was a scam. After

Love It Or Leave It

Well, it’s February so love should be in the air. Valentine’s Day is coming up so what medical advice do I have

One Day at a Time

It’s the beginning of the year and there must be untold columns, blogs, and podcasts preaching some type of resolution. Not me.


Well, it’s that time of the year to dispense with strict medical advice and lean into the holiday.

Ivermectin Wins Again

Covid is still with us because it’s a corona virus and these viruses have been around longer than we have. Just look

A Different Take On The Flu Vaccine

I really wasn’t interested in writing about the flu vaccine. But so many patients have asked me why I oppose the vaccine

What the F? No…IGF

I’m an advocate of trying to use blood work to find out as much as possible about a person. You cannot judge

Purity of Essence Mandrake!

Perhaps you’ve become aware of the plot by certain elected officials to purchase from China a toxic chemical which is a toxic

Spinach Smoothies Surprise

I have written before on the dangers of seed oils. These machined, ultra processed inflammatory oils like corn oil, canola oil, grape