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What the F? No…IGF

I’m an advocate of trying to use blood work to find out as much as possible about a person. You cannot judge

Purity of Essence Mandrake!

Perhaps you’ve become aware of the plot by certain elected officials to purchase from China a toxic chemical which is a toxic

Spinach Smoothies Surprise

I have written before on the dangers of seed oils. These machined, ultra processed inflammatory oils like corn oil, canola oil, grape

A Real Pain in the Neck

I ask patients about their hospital experiences all the time and usually the stories are not very encouraging. 

The Case for the Kinases

My patients say that their cardiologists say there is no way to effectively reverse heart disease…just take your meds which may slow

Seeing is Believing

I have been working a lot on the cholesterol and statin issue and my Nurse Practitioners have asked where I get all

New Memory Program on the Block

Pretty much everyone agrees that heart disease and cancer are the top two killers of Americans. There is some dispute about the

What’s The To Do About Methylene Blue?

Rather than remonstrate and castigate you about your New Year’s resolution or lack thereof I am writing about something completely different to

Don’t Shop ‘Till You Drop!

Okay, it’s holiday time and I, of course, have some suggestions for you. Not the usual eat better and get more exercise

Mission Not Impossible

I am on a mission. A mission to drag you and your medical provider into the 22 Century. There are simple, inexpensive