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Erich & Mickey’s Goodtime Saloon

While Mickey’s Goodtime Saloon has been around for a while, Mickey Vendetti reopened the original location on Galster Avenue. This year, Erich Schmidtmann the owner of Taylor Rental on Erie Blvd. partnered with Vendetti to reclaim the Saloon’s Goodtime reputation.

From left to right Mickey, Janice, Grace and Erich. Erich & Mickey’s Goodtime Saloon is a family business with family food and good prices.


“What we want to do here is give people a comfortable place to eat and hang out. We’ve always been known for good music and good food, but now we have some new attractions like steel darts, and pickled appetizers.” The other feature that makes Erich & Mickey’s successful is their 7-day-a-week operation. They’re open Monday through Saturday from 8:00 AM until 2:00 AM, and Sunday from 10:00 AM until 2:00 AM.

“When I decided to reopen, I wanted to go back to my origins. I’ve had lots of other places that were successful, but this place reminded me of where I came from. I learned to cook from my grandfather, which has always provided a living for me and my family.” With his grandfather, Antonio Pelosi, as his mentor, Vendetti knew he’d always be employed. His Son Josh cooks and bartends, his niece Brenda bartends and his son Mick Jr. Does all the maintenance to keep everything working right and running smoothly. They are joined by the Goodtime’s friendly bartenders and cooks that have worked here for years. “It’s a family business with family food and good prices. I try to keep the prices down so the whole family can enjoy a meal out without breaking the bank.” Unlike some of his other adventures, the Goodtime Saloon offers more than just a bar operation —you can enjoy lots of homemade meals such as meatloaf and gravy, haddock bites, calzones, juicy hamburgers and homemade soups.  If you want to find out what the special of the day is, simply go to their Facebook page and find it posted there. There’s something for every palette!

I asked Vendetti when he plans to retire, and he simply laughed and replied, “I tried that already a couple of times, but I got bored. It only took me a few days to finish my ‘honey do’ list, and I’m not the kind of guy to just sit around. It’s probably why I’ve tried so many other businesses.” Since 1977, he’s owned Hillside, Roundhouse Restaurant, Mother’s Cupboard diner, Mickey’s Goodtime Saloon and NYS Fair food stand, Moby Dick Deli, Harbor Lodge Restaurant, Vendetti’s Lakeview Restaurant, Barney Google’s Goodtime Bar, Gilligan’s “Goodtime” Pub and Goodtime Banquet Hall and catering services. In 2014, Vendetti opened Vendetti’s Soft Rock that had a strict music venue. “There was bar food and drink available at a good price, but the main attraction was the music. It had a nice little stage where local bands could recapture the music from the Beatles, Bee Gees, Eagles, Joplin, Garcia, Marley and more. The folks were up close and personal so it was an intimate venue for music lovers.”

At 73, Vendetti decided to pare down his operations to just the one location. However, Vendetti’s passion for music hasn’t changed, but he no longer has the space for live music. There’s always something playing to keep the crowd happy, and there are no DJ’s ever. “It just wouldn’t be my operation if there wasn’t music. My son Mick Jr. has played with me in the band for 30 years and my son Josh has been in the band for 13 years.  We still play for weddings, anniversaries, and such with Mickey’s Goodtime Band.” He was very proud to admit that it’s these two sons that give him encouragement and inspiration to keep him going in the live music scene . – “I love having my family around me whether it’s here at the saloon or if it’s playing in the band. I enjoy working around my family and I hope to pass onto them what I’ve learned.” What has Vendetti learned? He learned that the food industry is the place where you can start from nothing and find success. He found that it’s a skill you can take anywhere and find work!

“I am also very proud of my loving wife Janice who has always been there to encourage and support me with all my ideas and new ventures.”

Janet LaFrance