“REMINDER:  This forward is not part of this month’s column:  A few days ago, a man was found shot at Seward and Graves Streets in Syracuse, N.Y.  A few days ago, a woman was murdered at the Skyline Apartments.  

The Skyline has had 527 Police calls since September 1, 2020.  My young female friends face beaten black and then she was dragged in the Street by her hair.  Three weeks after open heart surgery.  Young teens, bodies abused daily for a fix.  Vicious drug dealers. The Skyline and all of this is within the border of the 15 Square blocks I outline in my series.  15 sq blocks of two and three story houses no different than the Skyline.  There are no homes in the area.  A home cannot exist where children live emotionally tortured lives and where young flesh and young minds are abused daily.  And ignored.  126 million dollars from the Government for local improvement in Central New York.  Please “Read” my plan.  December 2020, January and February 2021 “word on the street tablehopping.com” It will work and change this City forever.” D-DAY is June 6, 2021.”  Let’s Roll.  


Preface:  This column can also be read at “Word on the Street tablehopping.com”  There is a video on You-Tube that should go viral.  It is 13.12 minutes.  In that much time you can learn exactly what went wrong in America and how to restore America.  Coincidentally, I came across this right after writing this Article.  This is how to save humanity.  It felt almost eerie for it to parallel so closely what I had just written.  It is so good and so applicable I decided to offer it to you with my very highest recommendation.  It is by “Second Thought” – The title is “The State:  Is Government Bad?  Is the State your Enemy?”  They answer this and explain with clear insight.           

I have been writing this column for nearly 40 years.  My gift in life has been recognizing “bottom lines”.  In other words, “root causes” for what is happening.  The “root cause” of what is wrong with America has been a driving force for me in this column.  I have written about this hundreds of times.  Every wrong in our Country is rooted in one thing.  Then, follow just a few dominos and it all becomes clear as a bell.  The root cause is “Bribery”.  It became embedded simply because it is allowed.  (If any of you are so inclined send a copy of this to Katie Porter, U.S. Representative for California’s 45th Congressional District.  She is one Politician who is widely respected and may well be the Mustard Seed to save us.)    

To understand why bribery is so successful in America we must understand its origins.  Foremost, grave weaknesses in human nature allow “greed” “dispassion” and “prejudice”.  Each of these weaknesses birth cruelty and inequality.  And they tool and fertilize bribery.  Subjugation and self-interest became the way.   There is another part of human nature that has compassion and a sense of fairness and a belief that all are equal and equally deserving.  The clash in America is between the two.  The former, currently powering government, is fueled by money.  Bribery has won.  They have taken over.  The answer is to remove money/bribery (i.e., lobbies esp. which are simply instruments for bribery) from politics.  This is the only approach that can disentangle the systemic poison that has crept into political leadership.  It is the only path that will pave the way for the best that we can be to lead and guide our land.  

Learn about the word “systemic”.  It is a place that when corrupted right and fairness bow to the system, thus becoming more fuel for the corrupt system.  If you don’t bow you are removed.  We have established a governmental system of bribery attractive to and driven by those with great human quality weaknesses.  A system fueled by buying votes for self intertest.  A system that denies access to our finest.  As its very design allows only the corrupt to be retained.  Our best will not go down a path that harms our nation to acquire power, in a system that not only requires, but forces them to sacrifice their values, and humanity.  Our system is hard wired “against” really good people exercising values for the common good.  If good people enter the political world it is designed to force them to submit or the system shreds them.  The eventuality is saturation with those willing to submit, willing to give up principle to stay in power and reap the corrupted benefits of votes designed for wealth and power.  At any cost to the citizens of America.  Only upon submission will the system reward them with committee positions with bonuses and money and support for re-election.  Thus, strengthening and perpetuating the system.  The rich thrive and take, in this playground of bribery. 

Not your health, not even the health of the planet or the future of mankind matter. Only todays take — from the people.  

The strengths, the beauty and the best of human nature is present in our land, but the path to power has been ruined by the systemic demand for submissive acquiescence to the few – I will show how to fix that pathway.  Foremost:  The good must end their complicit silence.  You have the power.  You must use it.   

The absolute root is understanding the weaknesses in human nature as they apply to the common good.  And then applying wisdom to adjust to these weaknesses.  Powerful Greed rules our land.  Money and power and favor are the basic ingredients.  Remove “MONEY” (and reward) from politics and bribery and favor all but dies.  Only then will there be a path for justice.  When you comprehend this, then you know that greed, dispassion and prejudice are dominating forces in many intelligent people.  We are talking about a massive powerful segment of human nature.  These people will fight to the death, as they did in Germany or the Civil war for wrongs so glaring it is blinding.  Don’t kid yourself.  Today, we are no better.  These weaknesses riddle human nature throughout the world.   

You can offer them truth.  And when you do, you are startled by the incomprehensible lack of grasp for “right” and care for others.  Truth seldom bears fruit.  They are part of what we are.  Their rationales and their roadblocks against caring for all require a reach with far more depth than a writer can address.  I can tell you this.  They must be recognized.  We must work around them or we are done as a land with real equality and real freedom.

Foremost we “can” work around them.   Money and bribery are the cement that secure the weakness and discrepancy in human nature that have been the engine of our decline.  This engine is led by dispassion that leads to self-interest.  Prejudice is a place to blame.  Combined they allow greed to rule.  If you remove money, you remove the fuel for dispassion, prejudice and self-interest in systemic process. Greed will no longer rule.  Love for one another, love for human equality, and the interests of each citizen will remove the systemic killer “greed for money and power at any cost” from the equation.  Now how do we do this?

The beauty of all this is that fixing the system requires a simple procedure.  The ugliness is that the system has sucked up so much power that to implement this easy common-sense procedure is nearly impossible and may well secure our doom.  The answer is so simple.  Just as simple as letting your car run out of gas and then not replacing it.  The vehicle is done.  In the same fashion if you remove money from politics the systemic poison will die.  Systemic poison needs the basic ingredient that feeds it.  “Bribery” When you stop feeding systemic poison with money and reward, then the floodgates open for the finest in humanity to become our leaders. 

Evil has a way of seeking alternative to every rule.  When you remove money evil will immediately utilize: “increase reward and favor to compensate”.  That is why in all of this the key word is “Bribery”.  Realizing bribery’s greatest fuel is money, followed very closely with reward and favor.  Removing money is the single greatest need.  This must be followed by strict regulation of “favor and reward”.  This regulation must embrace everything from committee appointments to gifts and on and on.  We must remember that once money is removed that reward and favor contain enough paralleling evil for systemic corruption to be only changed rather than removed.  

Money is cement for favor and reward just as Citizens United was cement for policy already in place where wealth could do the same thing.  Wealth designed an incredibly smart futile roadblock for opposition. They realized one day Citizens United would be fought.  It will be defeated.  It would likely take years and then “everything would be the same’.   It was an added layer of protection.  Without this awareness when removing Money from Politics you will be marking time.

If this ever reaches anyone with power please email me at w173@aol.com.  If you approve of my thinking so far, I can give you idea for course that can penetrate the roadblocks that prevent change.  This thinking must find its way into the mainstream.  Please watch the video I mention.  Without this comprehension all our crimson sacrifice is for naught.  Every soldier will have died in vain.  We are really on the wrong road.     

Bill McClellan