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3 Comfortable Yet Stylish Shoe Trends to Try in 2021

While comfort will continue to reign supreme for clothing and accessories in 2021, various fun fashion trends make a statement when it comes to footwear. The good news is that there’s no need to overhaul your entire closet. And it’s easier than ever to incorporate on-trend pieces into a comfortable and casual outfit.

According to Alyson Stanley, buyer for national retailer Rack Room Shoes, simple clothing choices paired with shoes featuring leopard print detailing, pops of pastel, or silver accents make getting dressed easy and fun. Whether walking around the neighborhood, enjoying a socially distanced event, or leading a Zoom meeting, here are some tips on how to stay cozy and on-trend this year.

Animal Prints

In the past, mixing patterns was taboo, but according to Stanley, it’s now encouraged. Sneakers, clogs, and casual shoes with animal print accents serve as a neutral accessory that can be mixed and paired with any item in the closet. Nike’s Court Vision Low Sneaker puts a fun twist on cheetah print accents, while the Adidas’ Puremotion Adapt is a stylish slip-on sneaker with a crisscross leopard print pattern.

Metallic Accents

Athletic shoes featuring a hint of shine or iridescent details provide a versatile option for those getting their steps in or committing to fitness goals. Because metallics such as rose gold, silver, and gold can mesh with a broad range of color palettes, and design styles, they are “the new neutral.” For those on the go, athletic shoes such as the Nike Swift 2 and the Nike Court Vision are selections that offer a touch of silver, gold, or platinum detailing.

Joyful Pastels and Playful Patterns

This season’s footwear features a palette of cotton candy-inspired shades (think lavender, mint green, and bubble gum pink.) The possibilities to incorporate these colors into this season’s outfits are limitless. While you may know Crocs’ classic clogs are surprisingly comfortable and functional, you may not be aware that they now come in many pastel-colored options such as mint, lilac, and a pattern featuring baby blue shade swirled with cloud forms.

“Though many of us are still spending the majority of the day working, exercising, and taking classes online from home, clothing, and accessories still allow us to express our unique style,” says Stanley. “The patterns and color trends for shoes in 2021 can bring joy to everyday outfits for the entire family.”

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