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5 Simple Steps to Your Dream Bouquet

After what seems like a lifetime of dreaming and fantasizing about the idea of getting married, the scene that you picture in your head is something perfect;

 a dream come true. Now that the big day is upon you, everything MUST be perfect! Since playing dress-up as a child to actually picking out your wedding dress, your brainchild is coming to life. From the colors you see, to the way a table cloth feels, every detail matters; here we’re going to lend a hand in one of the most detrimental and beautiful parts of the wedding, (besides the dress) that being the flowers

We are skipping directly over the large scale components to look at these special blossoms! More specifically the ones in the brides hands, and after determining them, the accompanying ones sitting as a centerpieces to all the tables, and the ones laced about as an astonishing garnish to the entirety of the wedding will be a breeze! With the flowers being a beautiful expression piece, wide-reaching traditional garment and possibly a symbolic part of your wedding day, the time used to decide which ones you select is not in vain. These decorative blooms mean a great deal to the ceremony and tell a story in the brides hands so in the following we have a supplemental guide to help you along the way in 5 simple steps!

     Starting with the bouquet: a creative arrangement of flowers used to communicate a strong and powerful love for one another, traditionally held by the bride. They are a great way to use flora to compliment the wedding theme and dress! The original purposes of the bouquet have ultimately changed with the times as the association between the flowers and the event adapt to  the new generations; from the common herbs used for warding off bad luck and spirits, Queens romanticizing the petals, to expressing personal styles, taste, and favoritism. Where modern ways have moved in upon native traditions comes a cultural metamorphosis, and these changes affect the flower game altogether. The bouquet is the icing on the cake, meant to be decided on after the dress and setting have already been chosen, harmonizing the weddings mood and motifs, along with pleasing the bride. In 5 simple steps we have compiled a easy to follow guide to help any bride or wedding planner to find the perfect flowers for their bouquet!

The following should be done when creating an ideal bouquet:

1. Think beyond the type of flowers and colors at first! Determine the SHAPE (e.g. domed, cascade, natural, trimmed, etc), SIZE ( petite, large, mix, etc), and ACCENTS (e.g. ribbons, stems, decorations, wraps, etc) to get you started, the rest will follow suit.

2. Browse existing bouquets! Get the creative juices flowing and get inspired by what others have done, look through magazines and websites to discover what exactly appeals to you! Are you going to match the flowers to your personal favorites, your dress, the venue, or something else? 

3. Establish a theme or mood! What’s the tone of the ceremony? Do you have a classical preference, where roses and baby’s breath can debut, or are you adventurous in letting bold colors like orange tulips and magenta bellis take the lead? 

4. Take samples! Have fun with colors and dabble in scents. Use your wedding itself as your richest source of inspiration. Find ways to incorporate your favorite colors, the location, and the season.

5. Choose a florist! This may be the last step in the bouquet process but in reality this should be contracted well in advance; six months is recommended. Go to recent brides or ask reception sites for prefered vendors. If you choose to be your own florist just be aware that it requires extensive time and patience (maybe a lot of how-to videos too) but no matter what, the results are guaranteed to be beautiful!

Now that we have gone through the 5 simple steps to creating the perfect bouquet for your wedding, let us reflect on the 2018 flower bouquet trends, and what is to come with 2019 wedding season! When looking back at the colorful schemes for flowers in 2018 we see a variety of soft vanilla-like colors mixed with complimentary splashes of color like champagne with bordeaux, dusty slate blue with beige and greenery, black, white and gold, navy and more. Along with the colors for the 2018 wedding season, the flowers that were popular were the ranunculus, peonies, roses, hydrangeas, calla lilies, daisies, and babies breath. The bouquet trends were assorted in a variety of  floral hoops, wreaths, and moss detailed creations!

What to look out for in 2019 is an evolution of the 2018 season with a more rustic yet elegant take on both the colors and flowers! The flowers assuming the new year are the ranunculus, peonies, dahlias, garden roses, and orchids, with the color scheme of  nudes, regal, and earthy tones: Emerald green, navy blue, true blue, blush, violet with marigold, sunflower yellow with ruby red, pale pink, and taupe with shades of red. 2019 is also bringing back the traditional builds of the handheld bouquets with adding touches of the rustic factors and decorative wilds in harmony with the lead blooms of the bunch. To welcome the wedding planning for the up and coming 2019 wedding season we hope to have helped and inspired the bouquet portion of your wedding investigation. Here’s to the new year!

by Cassandra Gates

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