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Step Into Spring With Pops of Color

Spring is finally in the air! Of course, we’ve been dealing with some pretty chilly weather for the last few months, so we’ve been bundled in up in warm neutral clothes, rather than strutting our stuff in out favorite outfits.country-1139363As the warm weather approaches, it’s time to start dressing like ourselves again and to celebrate the sunny season by mixing some pops of color back into your look. You don’t have to wear color all over to fit in this spring, just touches here and there are enough to bring you out of your winter blues. It’s not so hard once you know how to do it. So try sneaking in some springy details with these five easy tips.
1. Add a Statement Bag
Accessories are a great way to add color into your outfit without going overboard. Try carrying a cobalt blue tote or a neon pink clutch. Colorful bags are great for days when you want to keep the rest of your outfit neutral but still want to make a statement.
2. Swipe On Some Bright Lipstick maxresdefault-2_1
I’m a huge lipstick lover, so this one is a must for me. During springtime I love to keep a bright coral or a fun berry shade in my purse to just swipe on and go. Try a few colors and switch them up every day so you don’t get stuck in a makeup rut. The more you experiment, the more fun you’ll have.
3. Slip On Some Cute Flats
Forget the snow boots, it’s time to start wearing cute shoes again. A bright orange pair of sandals or some fun yellow flats look great with any outfit. They’re perfect for work or running errands, plus they’re comfy so you’ll want to wear them all the time.
4. Wear Color All Overspring_nails_by_nailartfashion-d6p6opr
It’s finally warm enough to wear a dress, so pick something bright and colorful, then pair it with matching shoes or a jacket. Wear a lipstick in a similar shade and you’ve got an adorable monochromatic look. You’ll get tons of compliments on your style because everyone else is probably still wearing all black.
5. Paint Your Nails
Nail polish comes in hundreds of awesome colors, so chose your favorites. Pastels and neons work for spring because they’re eye catching without looking too intense. Paint all ten nails the same color, or try some nail art if you’re really feeling creative.

Erin Reimel