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Absolute Commercial Kitchen Cleaning

Most of us haven’t been in a professional kitchen – but if you have, you’ll know it’s an incredibly busy place. Chaotic, by some standards, but the orderly chaos of people who know what they’re doing and manage to do it operating at about a thousand miles per hour.

It’s also true that a commercial kitchen will accumulate a lot of grease and residue in the hoods over its stoves and fryers. And someone has to clean it. So when the chef hangs up his apron, and the regular cleaning crew have done their work, that’s when David Koegel and his team of trained professionals from Absolute Commercial Kitchen Cleaning go to work on the hardest-to-clean surfaces.

Like many of us, Koegel didn’t set out to enter the business, but a quick conversation with him made it clear that this is an entrepreneur who doesn’t do anything half way. He began working for another company, learned the trade, and in 2012 branched out into his own operation, taking on the local Burger King stores as his first major corporate client.

“It’s essential that the kitchens be power cleaned periodically,” Koegel explained. “Some weekly, some quarterly – it depends on how many meals they serve and what they’re offering.” Grease will inevitably build up on the fire hood, and grease is a fuel for fire. Most restaurant owners take pride in the cleanliness of their kitchens, and want a clean and safe environment for their employees. Add to that the EPA requirements for periodic cleanings, and local fire and health codes, and keeping commercial kitchens clean is essential.

Industrial cleaning

“We also work in hospitals, nursing homes, schools, even in the airport,” Koegel said. “Any place where there’s a commercial kitchen.”

The process is a great deal more complicated than scrubbing down your stove hood at home, and Koegel’s professionalism is obvious as he describes what’s involved.

“Our truck is equipped with over a football field’s worth of hose,” he said. “And we run a 250 degree wet steam heater, at 4000 PSI. That’s a lot of cleaning power.”

His typical crew is 2 people, but he’ll size the team for the demands of the kitchen.

“If scraping is needed, we do that first. Then we pull the filters, drape plastic over the hood and create a funnel to collect all the debris, and treat the surfaces with a degreaser. Then we rinse it all away with our pressure washer. When we’re done, the kitchen will be fully compliant. That’s a relief especially to our corporate clients, so they don’t have to worry about safety or liability.”

“I’m a firm believer in safety and long-term relationships,” Koegel continues. “All of my employees are covered with worker’s comp, so my employees are happy, and they’re trained to do nothing but the best work, so my clients are happy.”

Koegel says his company will also clean building exteriors, driveways, truck fleets, tractor trailers, heavy equipment, dumpster pads, even dog kennels – anyplace where professional pressure washing will be a benefit to the building owner, business, its customers, and employees.

The company will typically do one or two kitchens per night, but are prepared with trained staff to take on more business for a one time, or regularly scheduled cleaning, as well as any job where nothing but a professional power washing will do.

It’s almost spring. Time to come clean!

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