There are certain rules that humanity must follow for justice to be.  In the United States Congress and Supreme Court, the most vital truth of them all has been absent and may well, when all is said and done, be the root cause of the end of civil society.  

In the midst of the finest words ever penned, “The Constitution of the United States of America” the absence of adhering guidance allowed chaos to rein.   Donald Trump has brought this glaring truth to the surface:

“All the Evil in Mankind needs to be the monster that it is, is to be told that it can.”

“Democracy:  A Government by the people.  Rule of the majority.  A government in which the supreme power is vested in the people and exercised by them directly or indirectly through a system of representation usually involving periodically held free elections.  

This is tough talk regarding our Country.  It hurts to write it.  But we have let the power of Patriotism keep us in the dark long enough.  America has failed as a Free and Democratic Land:  Voting is the heartbeat of a Democracy.  Before we discuss the extremely disturbing state of our Electoral system let me give you an example:  

You can liken our Voting System to a horse race with rules designed to appease you and still allow for every form of crookedness and deceit.  Say the horses are lined up, all ready to go, waiting for the gun.  Now let’s review the many months preceding the race.  (These things happen, even in the Triple Crown).   Behind the scenes.  A few of the owners met in advance and agreed upon who they thought should win.  A few others schemed on their own.   A few owners secretly utilized anabolic steroids and other drugs to make their horse run faster.  One made a deal to lose and gave his horse too much water, another used a laxative.  Another agreed to a slow start all but insuring a loss.  Often trainers and owners misused medications or presented a fast horse as slow to discourage betting as they bet big when odds rose.  Others gave money to competing jockeys and promises of great futures and reward if a particular horse won.  Everyone on the inside knows but no one talks about it.  The public is duped.  Now the question is:  Are you comfortable with the fairness of the outcome?  Certainly not as you can clearly see it was fixed.  

Tragically this kind of horse racing in America is fairer than our Electoral system.  Our Democracy is corrupt throughout.  Simply riddled with distortion, bribery, lies and cheating.  Did you ever wonder why so many inadequate politicians are around for decades?  They call it the advantage of incumbency.  That is all part of the con.  Process is designed for this to happen.  In America most elections that are won have the same effect as a coup d’etat due to electoral fraud, both legal and illegal. Gerrymandering is perhaps the most glaringly disgusting legal process in our system.  This is where parties design maps within areas that contain their own voters.  The goal of Gerrymandering is so the rich can decide which Republicans and which Democrats become and remain our leaders circumventing Electoral integrity.   How damn blatantly corrupt can you get.  This alone removes democracy and it is only the beginning.  

Thanks to a political and biased Supreme Court we have campaign finance law that allows Jeff Bezos of Amazon the richest man on earth or the Coke Brothers of FOX news fame, among the richest in the world, to funnel millions at a time for candidates that support their individual thinking.  The absurdity of the partisan Supreme Court, ruling that Corporations are People is beyond any measure of justice and defies their purpose for existence.  Apart from extreme wealth, every other American has lost the power of their influence.  The effect of a twenty-dollar donor and a million-dollar donor for influence is beyond extreme.  They are eons beyond comparable consideration.  Not to mention the million-dollar donor gets to decide on law.  Campaign Finance Law alone is so insidious it removes legitimacy from democracy.  It is the root cause sublimating the Constitution and has removed the pursuit of equality and greatness from mankind.  It is the essence of the purest form of bribery designed for the few at the expense of 320 million Americans.  Politicians literally kowtow to and reward wealthy donors and allow them to dictate their own regulation and law that favor them.  (Volumes of law is written by the donor/corporation and passed unread for money.)  Just with Gerrymandering and Campaign Finance you can easily see we are not even close to a legitimate democracy. We are an Oligarchy (Governed by the rich).  We are third world corrupt with Gerrymandering, bribery and election fraud and manipulation forced upon us against our will.  Much of our Government is autocracy (Mitch McConnell) with a veneer of useless false integrity, the U.S. Senate.  We have no efficiencies to protect ourselves from foreign interference.  Not even when an incumbent President solicits and accepts foreign election assistance.  And what I have explained is just part of our corrupt system.

In recent years hacking, presenting lies and distortion have entered the high-tech scene and have a very alterable effect on Electoral outcomes.  American (against ourselves), Russian and Chinese hackers are the most successful but others are everywhere.  Hacking is copiously prevalent.  Foreign influence likely swayed the last Presidential election rendering every vote moot.  Voting machines are easy to hack and are hacked (just research a little, the stories are legion).  Voting machines are not regulated.  Your local technician can fix the vote and many do.  Trump won Wisc. Mich. and Pa by a combined number of 77,744 votes.  Fixing one precinct in each state would easily provide this small win.  And mostly likely did.  The private companies that run our elections are above the law, (regulation serves more as permission for corruption than guidance) in a way that hides fraud and they are not required to divulge “Secrets”.  The CEO of Diebold, (one of the largest voting machine manufacturers) while dining with Bush II in Crawford Tx, promised him Ohio (a swing state) which he needed to win.  He won Ohio by a small margin.  For starters google “Hacking Democracy”.  Examples are endless.  Because fraud is pervasive and shocking and our system is a lie.

Another blatant crooked endeavor that is common is voting locations. Often the number of locations and actual location are designed to prevent voting.  This, within gerrymandered districts lays absurdity upon absurdity.  For example, in poor areas with poor transportation the distance needed to prevent participation is determined and voting locations are placed beyond this point.   Also, fewer locations are used to cause waits of many hours which discourages participation. Voter ID laws are designed to discourage participation and some states where it is required the process is designed to make it very difficult to acquire.  The threat of incarceration keeps many away from the polls.  Even parking ticket threats.     

There are six companies that own almost all Media.  They all shame the intent of a Free Press and our Founders with FOX news leading the way by far with Propaganda and lies.  The people you see are very high paid personalities doing the bidding of 6 different owners. They make millions each for doing this well.   

They change their thinking when they change networks.  You are fed the thinking of 6 unelected CEO’s with personal agendas.  FOX finds it necessary to acquiesce to nearly any lie, blatant or otherwise, that supports the Republican Party.  Others largely support the Democratic party and also gravely lack integrity.  Sacrificing right for ratings or agenda is a constant for all of them.  You are not a priority.  They design your vote with omission of truth, propaganda, distortion and personal view.  Long before Trump who is an abomination the media and our Electoral
system were an abomination.  

These are some common ways our system is twisted:  Electorate Manipulation, Manipulation of Demography, Disenfranchisement, Intimidation (showing up armed or excessive police presence etc. etc.) Legal threats, Violence or the threat of Violence, all kind of attacks on polling places, Coercion, Bribery and Vote Buying to name a few.  Everything you read throughout this article is applied rendering the United States of America, once the great hope for mankind, a disgraceful sham.  The good have given the evil of mankind free reign and he has accepted. 

Voting in its entirety has fraudulent outcome as with all the corruption that is in place it can be no other way.  What you have is the Rich and Powerful in a corrupt contest to sway your vote.  And either way you wind up with their candidate that will be complicit and perpetuate all that is wrong.  I weep for every young solider, and I hear the last scream as they died for greatness.  We have let greatness slip through our fingers and the replacement will be increased violence, disruption and hell.  We are living the first chapter of consequence   Our Founders knew that is values, not policies or economies, but values that allow all other good to flow.  They gave us a chance.  

Bill McClellan