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Are You A Gym Rat?

The “Gym Rat” often otherwise known as the Gym Bunny, Gym Unicorn, or the Musclehead is referred to as one who spends entirely too much time partaking in muscle building, strength training, cardiovascular, or aerobic activity. Specifically, this refers to someone who does so at a health club or gym. Nicholas-CalkinsOften used derogatorily by people who do not partake in or understand this lifestyle, some self-proclaimed gym rats use the term as a status symbol or for positive reinforcement. Gym rats are the people you see at the gym ALL the time. It’s like whenever you step into the gym, they’re there. When you leave, they’re there. Whether it’s five am in the morning or ten pm at night (when the gym is almost completely empty), they are there.

The gym rat is arguably the GREATEST rat of all. He or she is goal-oriented, strong, fast as a bullet, and knows the best order and time of day for working a room full of complicated machinery. Pumping iron, burning calories, sweating it out and looking quite impressive while doing it all is just another day at the office for the Gym Rat.

Have you ever caught yourself saying, “Oh Gym, you’re all I need, Gym I can’t wait to see you, I love Gym, or I must go, my Gym needs me!” Do you find yourself missing the burn, the wobbly feeling after hitting leg day, the gym zone (where the headphones go in and everyone and everything else disappears), and the euphoric feeling you get after a five mile run? If you dream of chalk, dumbbells, kettlebells, wife beaters, the treadmill, and balls of all shapes, sizes and colors; you’ve got it bad.
Your gym partners said it, your friends have said it and even your significant other has said it. You’re addicted to the gym. Don’t worry though, it’s not something to be ashamed of, rather it’s something to be proud of! You are the member of an exclusive club, a subgroup of people, feared by the rest of mankind for your freakish strength and aversion to ice cream.

Below is the official list of signs and symptoms. If over half of them pertain to you, well then, it’s fair to suggest that you are part gym rodent and a full on workout wonder. In other words, you’re a Gym Rat.

You know the ENTIRE gym staff’s work schedule. They know your full name (middle included), job and birth date.
You know you should take a day off, but can’t stay away. (I’ll just go in and stretch, ride the bike or just sit outside and drink my coffee)Jessica-DeSiato

You have more workout clothes than regular clothes.
You take more showers at the gym than at home.
You have a “designated” parking spot.
If you haven’t been to the gym in 24 hours you get cranky.
You post weekly selfies of you and your protein shakes.
You have a favorite set of dumbbells, a designated place to stretch, and your own bicycle (your
bike) in Spin Class. You’ve tried to give new members a tour of the gym.
Everything you post on Facebook or Instagram is fitness related #Ilovetoworkout #gains #gymlife #fitnessmotivation #gymrat.
You regularly shun or reschedule social activities to work around your scheduled gym time.
People call the gym to speak with you.
You’ve offered to open or close the gym (on more than one occasion) when they are short staffed.
Members think you work there (they’ve started asking you for advice),
and you love it.
You’re late for work because you were working out. Sorry, not sorry.
You could never date someone that doesn’t workout. Nope.maxresdefault_1
You wonder what exactly people do with their lives when they say things like, “I don’t workout at all.” No seriously, what do they do?
When people ask you to name things you can’t live without, your gym membership is in the top 5.
You get upset if someone is using the squat rack during YOUR time (don’t they know today is my leg day!?)
You won’t stay in a hotel that doesn’t have a gym.
You’ve architected a plan for streamlining the gym’s efficiency in your mind and find yourself discussing it with your spouse, family and friends.
You have waxed or shaved your legs, arms and chest.
You have gone to the gym when under the weather.
You wake up every morning “chomping at the bit” eagerly anticipating your arrival to the gym.
You bore people with stories of the gym and your health and fitness related facts.
Your countertop, end table, bookshelf and magazine rack are overflowing with health and fitness magazines.Rat
In times of desperation you have tried curling household items.
You’re currently mid-way through a home workout right now.
Are You a Natural Born Gym Rat?
We all think exercise comes down to time, habits and motivation, but what about your genes? Research is telling us that at least some of our drive to work out comes from genetics. Scientists have calculated that genetics contribute to about sixty percent of our exercise behavior. Further studies have supported their findings, and many researchers are currently investigating the genetics of active people to learn about what can be done to help those who are less predisposed to get moving.
In Conclusion:
Chances are if you’re still reading this article, it’s because the realization has dawned on you and suddenly you see yourself in a whole new light. Don’t distress my friend, welcome to the club! Now run along to the gym my little Gym Rat; we both know you want to go. That’s where you will find me.

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