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Clinton Street Pub

Clinton Street Pub

Are you looking for someplace new in the Armory area?  The Clinton Street Pub is a place for you!  Situated on the corner of Clinton and Fayette Streets, the completely renovated pub offers a wide variety of food and activities. BI-3No matter what sport you follow or what kind of activities you like to do with your friends, there is something for everyone.

The new facility opened in January 2016 and features 22 TVs that makes sure that every fan can see whatever sport interests them.  The large mirror behind the bar reflects the beautiful woodwork of the bar and table tops. The two toned walls create a warm ambience for patrons to congregate. The Pub offers a variety of food and drinks with large areas to reserve for your party, group or event.

 Clinton Street Pub goes beyond local programs for the sports enthusiast, they offer pay-per-view events as well. They also offer exclusive Network Subscription games for all your favorites: NCAA, NBA, NFL, NHL, MLB, EUFA and more!  If you’re a sports addict and have a passion for sharing the fun with your friends, you’ll find everything you need at the Pub.

There’s not only games on television, you can play darts, video games or partake in fantasy games as well.  If you’re a dead eye, then try your hand at darts, where they offer tournaments and leagues.  Or try video games such as Call of Duty or NBA2K – everyone is a pro on their own team and you don’t hav e to wait for the next season to play.  Build a team or play a game of one-on-one.  If you didn’t bring a friend, there are plenty of people who enjoy the same sports who will be happy to play a pick-up game, tournament or contest.

BI-2Now if you want great food at a good price, the Clinton Street Pub if the place to go!  They now boast for having the best wings in the area.  But the choices for appetizers doesn’t stop there.  You can choose from a variety of pub favorites such as; fried, hot pretzels and queso.  But there are more unique offerings like fried cheese curd, fried green beans or frips.  I don’t know about you, but I’ve never heard of a FRIP.  Frips are crispy deep fried potato slices served with your choice of dip served by the basket full.  And who can resist the sauces when you have a choice of Sal’s Sassy • BBQ • Teriyaki • Ranch • Sal’s Bleu Cheese • Spicy Mustard.  And to go with Sal’s Sassy sauce, you can feast on Sal’s Birdland style wings – why not order enough for your whole team!

Is your appetite beyond the appetizer menu, then get a loaded basket of BBQ pulled pork, Sal’s Sassy Chicken or Chili and Queso – perfectly seasoned beef with queso sauce and sour cream.  And if that doesn’t fill you up, there’s more!  Maybe you’re in the mood for a Spiedie featuring
Lupo’s Spiedie sauce.  The Clinton Street Pub feature six different types capping off with the Spiedissimo, a taste treat of beef or chicken smothered in provolone cheese, grilled peppers and onions, on a fresh sub roll.  Top your plate off with homemade sides like Macaroni Salad • Sal’s Potato Wedges • Baked Beans • Cole Slaw • Frips • French Fries.  There’s no end to the combination of delectable menu items to fill satisfy your taste buds.

BI-4Now you’re ready to watch the game, but you can’t do that without something to quench your thirst.  Clinton Street Pub offers a wide variety of beer both bottled or on tap.  While I’m not a beer aficionado, I have heard of most of the brands offered.  So if you’re looking for something on the unique side, why not try Sierra Nevada Beer Camp Tropical IPA, Great South Bay Blood Orange Pale Ale, Coney Island Mermaid Pilsner, or Leinenkugel Summer Shandy.  They must be good because even the names sound playful.

Whether you play, watch or are a virtual sports maniac, the Clinton Street Pub is the place to be so get there soon and take your friends!

Jess LaCelle