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Colors of The Season

Injecting color into my wardrobe isn’t something I usually do. You can pretty much count on me showing up anywhere in black, white, or gray. Blue jeans are really as far as I’ll go.bf-2
But for some reason this fall has got me craving all kinds of color. Maybe I’m feeling inspired by the changing leaves and the sun setting much earlier than it does in the summer, but I’m ready to start incorporating some new shades into my look. Check out the colors I’m loving.

bf-4Burnt Orange

It’s the color of pumpkin spice lattes, crunchy leaves, my hair, and some of my favorite ensembles. This season, orange is my favorite shade (it was bound to happen after years of living in Central New York with all of my fellow ‘Cuse fans). A touch of rust makes it chic for fall. I’ve been rocking it on my nails and I picked up an ankle-length dress in the color that looks awesome paired with some booties and a leather jacket.

Dusty Mauve

I recently wore this color on my nails and got so many compliments I knew it was a keeper. Mauve is the perfect mix of gray and purple, so it’s an awesome transitional color from the warm weather into winter. It looks amazing on the eyes as an eyeshadow or as a lacy dress paired with some black tights and boots.

Mustard Yellow

I never thought I’d say it, but yellow has been calling my name this season. I’m so pale that I’ve always believed I could never wear any variation of the shade. And to some extent that’s true. It makes me look totally washed out. But the darker tones of mustard yellow warm everything up. For just a touch, I love it for a manicure or a mod mini skirt with a black turtleneck.

bf-1Mossy Green

A dark green is the perfect fall neutral. Not only does it pair well with burnt orange, army style jackets look edgy and cool thrown over almost any outfit no matter how fancy or casual. I’m also obsessed with dark green mascara for the fall because it’s subtle enough to be hardly noticeable until you walk into the sun and your lashes look totally jewel-toned.

Erin Reimel