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Eastwood Wine Cellar

If you’ve driving through the village of Eastwood lately, you’ll see a huge change.  Building by building, the area has been restored and is beginning to look the way it did when I was a child. While Charney’s and the S&H Green stamp store is no longer there, I did notice an influx of new business. One of these businesses is the Eastwood Wine Cellar.  

BI-2When owners Eileen and Sam Scaravillo moved into Eastwood, a friend made mention that there was no wine store. Sam didn’t want to do the same things and carry the same stock that the big liquor stores did so he had to find a new concept. They looked around the neighborhood and decided on a place in the Eastwood place. Located at 3515 James Street, the couple are within walking distance to the store.

Sam has worked in the hospitality and wholesale business for over 30 years with dreams of owning his own business. Now is the time, so he opened Eastwood Wine Cellar on October 15th, 2015.

Inside the 700 square foot store, you’ll be greeted by an eclectic and welcoming design. The hardwood floors are decorated with fine oriental runners with wine racks lining the walls. If you need more space to review your selections, there are tables that give you ample space to set the contenders side by side to review your potential purchase. Then again, you can always get them all!

Also having been a bartender, Sam knows how to please his customers. “It’s all about the customer. I want them to have a great experience while finding a wine they like.” I asked Sam what he felt made a good wine, and he replied, “Taste! I’m no wine connoisseur, but I know what I like. There’s really no science to buying wine, and I really try to take the mystery out of selecting a wine.”  “And what kind of wine do you like, Sam?” I could actually hear him grinning when he replied, “It depends on what I’m in the mood for. There are so many good wines out there and we’re very fortunate to have some many choices right here in Central New York.”

I tried to call and interview Sam yesterday. However, he was in the Finger Lakes doing a wine tasting. “I try to stock wines that are not found everywhere else. I also like to keep the price reasonable. All my wine ranges between $6.00 and $23.00 so there’s something for everyone.” Since he cannot buy the quantity of the big liquor stores, finding wineries that do not have in-house distribution. This way, Sam can help promote small business and feature wines that may otherwise go unfound.

Eastwood Wine Cellar is certainly not without a global influence. Here you will find wines from Portugal, France, Italy, and South Africa. What an incredible selection! The store may be small, but the variety is quite large. But the selection doesn’t stop there, Sam also features wines from California and New York. Yesterday, he went tasting at the Billsboro Vineyards in the Finger Lakes region.

BI-4If you’re not certain what to buy or what you like, no problem. The Eastwood Wine Cellar hosts wine tasting once a month. When I asked when these tastings were normally held, he said, “Whenever SU isn’t playing!” He’s found that trying to compete for attention when something is happening on the hill isn’t the best option. Attendance at the wine tasting is definitely lower. Even when there isn’t an official wine tasting going on, Sam pops a cork every Saturday. He and Eileen take great pride in their customer service so they will work hard to make sure you find the right wine for any meal or occasion. “I’m not going to encourage someone to buy something they don’t like just because it’s what you’re supposed to pair with certain foods. I’m a firm believer in helping people find their personal preference.” I was really glad to hear this because I don’t drink, but I often buy wine as a gift. I’m not adept at what goes with what, but I do know what my friends prefer such as, dry vs. sweet, red vs. white, etc. However, if I don’t know, I can always rely on Sam or Eileen’s expertise. With an average price of $15, the Eastwood Wine Cellar is the perfect place to find the perfect gift. Shop small business and support local business, and get the excellent customer service you deserve so stop at the Eastwood Wine Cellar!

Janet LaFrance