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The opportunity to repair Democracy Itself, Voting Rights, Civil Rights, Gay Rights, the right to Choose, Favor for Favor, Infrastructure, American integrity and much more are all on the line.  

This is why:  To begin, Mitch McConnell and this Republican mess will give you nothing.  To get around them the Filibuster must go.  And it is 100% the right thing to do.  The filibuster has a disgusting racist history.  Today, the filibuster serves as the single blockage to repairing long deteriorating Democracy.  And time is short and fleeting.

The first filibuster occurred in 1837 for the purpose of having an avenue to sidestep the Founders.  (Changing a 50 – 50 vote to a 60 – 40 vote when deemed convenient.)  It quickly became a major tool in the Jim Crown era, used by Southern Senators who sought to block Civil Rights legislation including successfully blocking anti-lynching laws.  It wasn’t until 1964 that the Senate finally overcame a filibuster to pass a major civil rights bill.  The filibuster was created by mistake and has rarely been used for good.  Its only mission is to circumvent democratic process.  It really needs to go.  

Arguments against this are “garbage” supported by those whose campaigns benefit from laws such as voting rights that will be protected if fairness prevailed.  I don’t expect you to simply take this for granted.  Please refer to: 
A short history of the filibuster: Rarely a tool for good

https://www.salon.com › … › Matthew Rozsa’s Articles

You will find that the filibuster was the first anti-American step away from our Constitution and it prevailed because of racism and the very limited integrity of the Senate.  It needs to go.  Restore honest Democracy.  Then govern well.  If you lose the next election, go to the people for support.  Let them decide.

If Democrats use their heads which remarkably few do, and research the mostly likely path of legislation without a filibuster, they will find out they will be far ahead in any scenario.  Just look at history.  It has all the proof.  Yet lies worthless if decision makers don’t care enough to learn and research and want the American way.

This is an example of the acceptance of McConnell’s level of disdain for any measure in his way.  It clearly shows the Democratic weakness that allowed McCain/Feingold to die as a lead catalyst to remove money from Politics.  This is a brief example of why evil is winning in America.  Mitch McConnell threatened a scorched earth Republican Senate if Democrats ended the filibuster.  In his words “Republicans would use every rule and option at their disposal to halt the chamber, making the Senate like a 100-car pileup, nothing moving.  Of course, he neglected to say that what he means is the Senate would be exactly what it is already.  He is a 100% scorched earth leader.  Now, four words Dems need to learn from are:  “And-He-Does-It”.  If Chuck Schumer used McConnell’s playbook McConnell’s threats would be useless.      

One year before the end of Obama’s term Justice Scalia passed away.  Mitch McConnel said: “this vacancy should not be filled by this lame duck President – The American people should have a voice in this process” (in the election a year down the road)  A year later we got Justice Gorsuch.  McConnell won.   Fast forward two years:  Justice Ginsburg passes away and Trump selects Justice Barrett to be appointed to the bench.  Just a few months before the election.  McConnell refused to wait Less than two months to the election.  Just “hours” after Justice Ginsburg passed away McConnell (with cruel timing so typical of his element) said “President Trumps nominee to replace her will receive a vote on the floor of the United States Senate” This blatant lie and contradiction makes the Senates lack of integrity glare.  This simply reflects with great clarity that McConnell is a scorched earth leader at all times.  The double standard was blinding.  And even further re-enforced the Supreme Court for him.  The American people whose voice was removed from who serves on the Court and due process be dammed.    

There was a crucial time that took place and was wasted under Obama.  It exists again, now, again, for Democrats.  It is a brief window when power is yours before the midterms likely will take it away.   If you don’t exercise it, this advantage may not be yours again for a long time.  The peoples voice, the Supreme Court, trillions to the country’s wealthiest, no infrastructure, cruel immigration policy, failing Democracy and nothing but token appeasement for the people will become only starters for a Republican party willing to violate any rule to serve their corrupt self-serving  agenda.   Mitch McConnell is a hypocrite of the highest order and a grave tragic opponent of American design.  That being a noble design that lost sight of its founding.    

To listen to this man and refrain from the filibuster and passing all legislation quickly, exercising the nuclear option and virtually every option may again be the great folly.  You do not give evil comfort as it tortures your soul.  You must be braver and bolder than evil to beat it.  If they win and are smart, they will remove the filibuster while they are in power.  Then they can freely finish the job of destroying voting fairness and what is left of America.      

We lost the entire Supreme Court due to this folly.  We will lose everything, including the will of our Founders if we do not correct our course.  The best of us did not perpetuate the filibuster.  Lowness, immorality, and racists did.  The founders did not design a 60/40 Senate, racists did.   

Bill McClellan