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PRELUDE:  This is an extremely frightening article.  Putin put Nukes on the table.  If the world gets through this, we need to unleash and direct the genius of mankind toward the elimination of the nuclear capacity to destroy our planet.  We must succeed.  Or they will be used.  No one has ever “AMPLY” & meaningfully tried to sustain this effort.  In the meantime, Nukes are in the hands of pure concentrated evil.     

HEROES:  I had planned on writing about Syracuse Cops, indeed the finest in the land, and how leadership fails to properly utilize this extremely elite force.  But tragically a greater need is in place.  I have known Syracuse Cops that faced gunfire, chased armed assailants through backyards two weeks before retirement, risking it all for us and one friend in particular fought gallantly as a “Combat Medic” in Iraq, mending while under fire.  I am an old man now.  Experiences accumulate and you look back in wonder at the great people that have passed through your life.  I did not fight but I was in extraordinary outfits during Viet Nam.  The two heroes that best represent my military experience are Green Berets, Captain Roger Donlon and Staff Sergeant Vernon L Beeson.  Google these guys if you want chills to run up your spine.

Never did I expect in my life time to run across an entire Country of Syracuse Cops, Captain Donlon’s and Sergeant Beeson’s.  That is the case in the Country of Ukraine.  I have never been so moved.  Women, young and old are in the battle with their men.  The Patriotism and bravery are stunning and humbling.  Too many have lost track of the price that was paid for our freedoms over lifetimes.  Ukraine tragically is a reminder of our past where such blood and carnage took place in World Wars and others, paving the path for today’s democracies and free lands.  We must remember.  Ukraine is a result of the wonder of America.  And now look at them, heroes of the finest kind.

They are inspired by freedom.  How awesome can you get in a world where freedom is not a right. but something earned with blood, keeping Putin’s in check.  When offered sanctuary the Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy gave his now infamous inspiring response: “The fight is here; I need ammunition, not a ride”.  This guy is another Churchill or Roosevelt.  I am deeply impressed.

Today a resisting female Ukrainian Citizen said on CNN: “I want Russia to know that in each building, in each apartment and in each dog house we will be resisting, we will have guerilla movement and we will resist”.  A land of heroes.  This young lady was a housewife.  These women shedding blood give moral authority like nothing else can.  They fight for their children, their families and their homes.  Heroes so fine. I am humbled to tears.       

Yes, I am proud of them beyond belief.  They are the finest there is.  And because the world is held hostage by a Madman with nuclear bombs, we let them die.  

We live in a world of governing systems that requires fools to exist, and fools are in place.  Fools that allow a capacity to flourish that will one day be our end.  To think we can have this power and never use it is to completely mis-understand our nature.     

At this writing, Europe already is neglecting to recall with full recognition, the death and rubble of World War.  So are we.  If we commit to developing our own massive energy resource, we can supply Europe.  If they stop using Russian energy it will be more meaningful than anything else to date.  It will not affect the Climate.  The world uses the same amount of energy regardless of origin.  Oh my, it might affect the stock market.  There might even be gas lines.  Tell that to those Mom’s and Babies that died when pure evil bombed their maternity ward.  Yes, how soon we forget.           

Our fragility is now clear.  We are hostage to a vicious maniac.  Not just you or me or the President of the United States.  But human existence as we know it.  The majority of the world is in danger of being killed with the rest left in a wasteland of horror.  Our lives have been threatened.  Putin has threatened going nuclear on several occasions.  He has made this unspeakable danger real.  It is now on the table.  I pray that the following has been recognized and is in process.  Humans have trouble comprehending and absorbing evil of unspeakable magnitude until they are part of it.  We are talking about a current likelihood of being wiped off the map within a few months.  This probably will not happen, yet we thought Putin would probably not level cities in Syria, or decimate Chechnya, or invade Georgia or Crimea and we thought he might not engage in this massive horror in Ukraine.

We were wrong on all counts.  He did these things and slaughtered and slaughtered.  He was a Butcher before Ukraine.  But we did not get it.  Now we think he might or might not use chemical weapons or tactical Nuclear Weapons.

(Battlefield nukes) And we “think” he may or may nor deploy Strategic Nuclear Weapons that would be the end of earth as we know it and as I write this foreboding danger is on the table.

The doomsday clock has been moved closer to midnight:    The clock is “an assessment of “the threat to human existence”.  A statement from the president and CEO, Rachel Bronson of the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists.  “The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists” condemns the Russian invasion of Ukraine.  In January, the Bulletin set the Doomsday Clock at 100 seconds to midnight, the closest to midnight it has ever been. We referenced the precarious situation in Ukraine. We have also repeatedly reported on the dangers of unintended escalations as military postures and investment, along with political statements, increase the likelihood that nuclear weapons might be used. This is exactly what 100 seconds to midnight conveys. It is dangerous, fluid, and unstable.”  (This, before the full-scale invasion) 

The clock is set each January.  You can bet it has moved closer in the last month 

Putin has demonstrated a complete heartless disregard for human life.  Woman, children, infants.  It does not matter; he is killing them.  I am having an awful time comprehending why any leader with this earth-shattering power, that threatens human existence via nuclear annihilation, and demonstrates by literal deed the evil necessary to do this, and clearly lives in an unstable paranoid parallel obsolete word, is allowed to exist.  

Let’s talk about solutional preparation and readiness.  We must be ready with plans and logistics in place on the highest alert prepared for immediate execution.  The moment there is any movement in the Nuclear arena, Putin must be discharged in seconds.  He will begin with Chemical and/or Biological weapons.  Our current play is tit for tat, waiting for his next move.  Tit for tat requires a winner or for one side to capitulate.  He is a narcissist of the highest order and this personality does not accept defeat.  If he lives or dies is moot.  His power must be removed literally by any means necessary.  If it can be done politically in time that would be fine.  A coup would be an earth saving wonder.   He must stop this war and danger or we must stop this war and danger.  Like, as soon as possible as each current moment the world could end.  

There are dozens of ways to take him out.  We are talking about the end of human existence.  Spare no location or weapon technology, no resource and no capability.   Be ready with IMMEDIATE massive communications follow up advising Russia that no further action of any kind is in play.  They are not in danger from us.   We have amazing precision targeting and location technologies and capabilities.  Once we measure that his removal is safer than his existence it must be done.  We must not err.  Here are a few of many methods: “DUGWAY PROVING GROUND, Utah — The killer drone whooshed out of its launch tube, spreading its carbon wings and shooting into the sky.  Flying too fast for the naked eye to track, the battery-powered robot circled the Utah desert, hunting for the target it had been programmed to strike. Moments later, it sailed through the driver’s side window of an empty pickup truck and exploded in a fireball.  They begin at 5 ½ pounds and strike with incredible precision.”  Another method is for an old- fashioned CIA assassin to be in place if he gets reckless and exposes himself.  I would design several plans as failure is not an option

Removing a leader that has enormous public support can and has triggered World War.  WWI was triggered by the assassination of Austrian archduke Franz Ferdinand.  It is the Nuclear threat changes the entire panorama.  In our considerations we must consider that the Oligarchs and much of the Politburo are seeing Putin as a detriment.  And they, not the Russian people, just like here with our political mess, the politicians make the calls.  If they deem his removal is more acceptable than not.  They may well do it.  We cannot count on this as he has placed close long time KGB cronies around him.  

While he is in power, we are walking on nuclear eggshells.  We must choose between current danger and the dangers that will result from his removal.  Timing can make the difference.  It does not look like defeat is in his playbook.  And he has told us he will use the BOMB.  I urge immediate full-scale preparation for his removal.  And split-second execution if there is any Russion movement toward deployment in the Nuclear arena.

Bill McClellan