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JUNE 6, 2021 – D-Day: Let’s Roll – Lets Save our City

To keep faith with those that died.  Grant me, not only the ability to see right as best as humans can, but to do right as best as humans can be.   

We are not talking about light drugs that some can use for decades before the price is paid.  We talking about heavy drugs that quickly destroy entire lives.  Families live in great anguish, helpless over the plight of their loved one.  We are talking about the permeation of our city of strong deadly drugs.  Heroin and its variants are powerfully addictive and encompassing and our city is infected.  Those responsible have no fear.  The suffering is incomprehensible.  We live in our little bubbles.  We must feel outside of them.  Real empathy.  We must “Want” to end impoverished lives and suffering. 

Please refer to my series at “word on the street tablehopping.com” December 2020, and January and February 2021.  You will learn how to fix this City and to save many lives in the process.  If you read it, comprehending each thought, you will think “this guy is on to something”.  All we need is unity, esprit de corps, and leadership.  (The designated 15 square block area will henceforth be referred to as “The Village”) This plan will work.  You are currently very elite people yet your goal itself is the crisis.  You use your talents to maintain neighborhood status quo rather than ending crime, abuse and suffering.  You have bought in to “drugs are too complicated”.  Those four words are one of the greatest failures in thought in American History.  It is not complicated.   You need a plan that works. 

This is it.  You will find a process that will succeed if you just firmly decide you “want” this suffering and wrong to end.

The first Village will be a Laboratory.  Imagine, if there were an instruction on how to workably fix the ills of a city.  Key word “workably”.  An instruction where success is carefully designed within.  Where would that come from?  Follow me through this paragraph.  D-Day June 6th, 2021.  Everything you have learned in your research phase is implemented.  In 24 hours, dramatic change takes place within the Village.  The drug trade is halted.  Street, sidewalk and other infrastructure and beautification are underway.  Unique comprehensively designed social work is underway.  We have significant current recovery resources.  We need to streamline policies, especially accessibility compatible with initial real time addict needs.  Residents are informed.  Overnight hope is made real.  Citizens are in awe.  Overnight the 15 square block village becomes a place free of evil and fear.  A place where families can call home.  You now have a template.  More importantly you have Laboratory.  Just the right size to learn everything you need to know.  You are developing the instruction on how to fix your city.  You are fine tuning a template that can be replicated and shared.  

Every move you have designed and implemented in the village will be studied in detail.  Your goal with each single step is to learn the best methods for not only securing, but “Maintaining” your success.  You learn how to keep an area completely drug free.  That has never been done.  Use your initial Village laboratory to study in detail every move that is made in the drug trade.  Counter it with 0 tolerance.  No dealers.  No compromise.  Drugs are done in this area.  Study every move dealers and users make to outwit you.  Users will have to go somewhere else.  Until the city is free one village at a time.  You will learn how drugs are sold and where they come from.  You will learn the deceit and the tricks.  After expunging this crud, you will learn how hard-core sellers will still try to poison your 15 sq block.  You will learn of their alternatives elsewhere to compensate.  You will track the origin of local drugs and understand and block the pathways.  Your deeds, 15 blocks at a time will also serve to discourage the trade in keeping with your progress.  As you evolved into evil you will evolve out of evil.  You will study how clinics and hospitals will take over the handling of addicts.  Each department will profile the Village the same way applying this thinking to your areas of responsibility.  And Flanders field will rise and Salute you for restoring faith with those that died.

The benefits of this plan grow like leaves on a tree.  You will be removing the reasons for the large majority of the violence that takes place.  Robbery, burglary, muggings, and all sorts of crime will diminish in keeping with your progress through the city as users are forced to turn to Clinics and Hospitals.  You will be answering the abuse of woman and “children” that easily parallels the abuse of human trafficking.  You will be providing rehabilitation and hope.  You will remove the feelings of desertion from citizens and users.  The Village will become a place with “Homes” that cannot exist among the current degraded infrastructure, neighborhood dilapidation, fear, violence and drug trade that permeates the area.  Neighborhoods will be free of fear and full of welcome.  Murder will become rare.  All crime will go way down.  Domestic violence will ease.  Human suffering will be greatly reduced.  Residents will see what you are doing and will want to be part of it.  Streets will be clean and safe.  Small business will rejoice and flourish.  You will become beacons for extremely wise leadership and heroes in the eyes of our citizens.  And there is a personal reward for the kind of people that will do this well.  Preventing and Easing great suffering. That reward is the incentive of our finest.  All this is just one branch of the tree. 

After success in the first 15 square blocks, notify appropriate Corporations and business and they immediately will watch your progress.  Syracuse is a highly desirable area.  We are a strategic location and we have resources.  Fill the final need.  A wholesome city.  After success in a few villages, they will start thinking of opening stores and businesses.  The potential for big business to locate here is strong with such an effort succeeding and underway.  CEO’s are vastly good people.  They need to see the deeds that show good people are in charge.  They will love and want to be part of this kind of sincere effort.  They will want to locate in a wholesome area with wise leadership and a clear successful plan to maintain a wholesome City.   

I mentioned in a previous article that not one administration has left the city a better place for over 50 years.  Each has left it worse off.  It appears we have been encased in systemic evil.  We can barely move.  We know things are not right.  We are stymied.  Yet we know if we break free justice and beauty will flourish and evil and fear will die.  Yet we can’t seem to find the courage, the strength and the logic that will free us to be the heroes that gives value to White Crosses.  Systemic evil has had us trapped and riddled with complacency.  Stagnation is safe and has been our way for so long we fear to try.  It is time for true American heroes to rise.  

I am seeking Patriots.  D-day is June 6th.  I hope you have embedded personnel in the Skyline and all of the 15 square blocks.   And all departments have fine-tuned plans. And your teams are ready to move.  And on D-Day plus 1, 15 square blocks in Syracuse, New York is recognizing that rescue is underway.  And American value to our crimson past is underway in our city.   

This is truly a once in lifetime opportunity.  The Sky has opened.  The Gods have made Two Hundred and six (206) million dollars available to Onondaga County.  At the same time an enormous highway project is underway.  Eight Hundred million (800) has been allocated.  Just for the first phase.  All kinds of jobs.  All kinds of Corporations paying attention.  The stars aligned.  There likely will never be such an opportunity to do so much for our people.  All this money and my economic recommendations in my series are additional and still available.  This is your opportunity for a Shining City we all will all be so very proud of.  A place where every citizen is proud to call “Home”.  Highland street must not be the same after all that money is spent.  It is not hotels and lakefronts until neighborhoods are freed and safe and citizens have quality of life. 

Take up the quarrel with the foe.  To you from failing hands we throw. The Torch; be yours to hold it high.  If ye break faith with us who die, we shall not sleep, though poppies grow in Flanders Field.           

I mailed a letter to every City Department.  And again, the series is located at “word on the street” tablehopping.com”.  January is the 2nd in the series on how to remove the scourge of heavy drugs and fix and beautify the Village.  January is the heart of much of the plan.  Articles I and III (Dec and Feb issues) in the series are also located at “word on the street tablehopping.com” and are also “Vital” to the plan’s success.  

The city is currently a place that gives birth to innocence and turns that innocence into human fodder for drug lords and dealers and jails.  The suffering of these kids born into a culture saturated with heroin and other heavy drugs and immorality is unspeakable.   Born without a chance.  Their minds are tailored by fear and the dangers of the streets.  Under the veneer seen by most of suburbia this city’s reality is full of severe poverty, pain, child abuse of the highest order on every level, degradation, sexual exploitation, and addiction.   D-Day, June 6th, 2021. “De Oppresso Liber”,  “Let’s Roll”. 

Bill McClellan