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Keeping Beauty Simple This Summer

Lately I can’t scroll through Instagram or walk to work without seeing girls with super harsh contours, highlights you can see from Mars, and matte liquid lipsticks that look as dry as the Sahara. The makeup-obsessed have officially gone Kardashian crazy and while there is never a look I won’t try once or even a dozen times, I am not feeling the cakey trend this summer.

As the sun starts beating down on me, my main concern is having a good SPF and makeup that is not going to melt as soon as I leave the comfort of my own AC. As a beauty girl I do tend to wear quite a bit of makeup, but I’ve decided to replace a few of my key products with summer-friendly alternatives that won’t leave me wishing there was still three feet of snow on the ground.

If you’re in need of some tips to simplify your look this summer, I’ve got you covered:


Replace your foundation with a tinted moisturizer or opt for no coverage at all. Foundation can feel so uncomfortable when it’s just sitting on top of your skin and by the end of a hot and humid day you can start to look like your face has melted off. If you’re not ready to ditch the coverage all together, a tinted moisturizer can be your best choice for a successful heat-proof look. Just swipe a thin layer over your face and it’ll sink into your skin and feel totally weightless. Make sure you’re still wearing SPF to protect your skin from those harmful rays!


Do away with the contouring and give yourself a flushed blush. Heavy Powders feel awful when you’re out in the sun and there’s no need to look perfectly sculpted at all times. Give yourself a break and pick up a creamy blush that matches the color you skin has when you naturally blush. Something soft and simple is perfect. Pat it into your skin and you’re left with a natural look that gives you a healthy glow.


Ditch the liner and go for an all-over shimmer. I’m a huge fan of the smokey shadow and black cat-eye liner but when I’m sweating all the time I just don’t want to worry about if my shadow is creasing or if my liquid liner is flaking off in the heat. Instead just grab a fluffy shadow brush and a shimmery shadow that matches your skin tone and apply it all over your lid. It’s quick and easy while still looking put-together enough for any occasion.


Forget the liquid lippies and opt for something moisturizing.  As a self-proclaimed lipstick addict I find myself constantly reaching for the most pigmented products but when the weather is getting into the 80s I just want to swipe something hydrating on and go. Try a lip oil or a sheer lipstick with vitamin E for extra moisture without sacrificing color. Lipstick is the finishing touch to any look but you also want something low-maintenance and comfortable in the summer.

Erin Reimel