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MAYOR WALSH (It is life or Death)

Losing the girl I describe was the last blow for me.  I am ready.  100%.  In the last two paragraphs you will see much of my qualifications.  I will do this for you.

I am writing from a nightmare as sad as can be.  I have taken on this issue because it is not a rhetorical matter of life and death, it is an actual and ongoing matter of preventable death.  I hope that you are aware of (The Plan) I outlined in my Dec, Jan and Feb issues of Table Hopping.  It was written to prevent such nightmares.  I was initially motivated by a young female friend being hideously beaten by drug dealers, her face and body blackened and dragged in the street by her hair scraping her body raw, three weeks after a heart valve replacement and a punctured lung.  She lived.  

Her best friend, who came to me for help 6 months ago overdosed two weeks ago.  Much of their drug activity and my friends beating took place in what I describe in my plan as (The Village).  There is a map of the village in the January issue.  I will a be broken for a while.  Other people need me and I must move forward.  But for there to be any value to my 75 years of watching all this evolve, birth must be given to real workable deed.  To prevent these deaths.  Or all is wasted.

Nobody thought there was a way.  Especially one that provides such accompanying massive benefit.  The answer is so simple, and right before us.   Perhaps that is why no one picked up on it.  It is “The Plan”.  Table Hopping Articles for Dec 2021, Jan and Feb 2022.  Articles for March, April, May and June re-enforce “The Plan”.     

Mayor Walsh, I was amply motivated during your watch.  I hope this turns out to be the right time.  I have great respect for you and your family and I am hoping you will be one of the new age politicians that does not fear the deeds, that are no longer in place, that will put this City back together.  The accompanying lives saved is a sacred part of this.  And Mayor Walsh, imagine.  You have the opportunity to begin the process to show the Country our cites can be fixed.  If a politician reads “The Plan” carefully, I believe those that have compassion and love for this City and above all “its’ people” that is real, will feel excitement and want to be part of this.  Everyone in office today stands to benefit greatly.   

The following is urgent advice for those close to a user:  These are the things you will regret you failed to do when your user senselessly dies.  


Never walk away and leave a user to “Rest” when they nod out.  Nodding out is the path to death.  These are two super urgent, easy decisive measures, that need to be in the forefront of your mind to save the life of a user.  Your user ‘WILL’ need you one day.  I have learned without {“DEED”} words fade into the wind.  So please read carefully and go to you drug store.  Then find your addict and explain.  The first is simple.  Have a supply of NARCAN (Naloxone) handy.  If your life places you in the presence of a user frequently, or from to time, be sure “all” that are close to you and the addict are prepared as well.  All users have people they use in front of.  Often it is family that they will not put in the street.  This is not a casual period.  It is a critical live threatening time.  NARCAN works.  

The second item that literally will save their life is:  If you suspect they are using heavily or have lost control over usage it is vital to have someone check on them every few minutes.  Do not leave them when they nod out.  When you come back, they easily could be dead.  Slow breathing is dangerous.  An unresponsive loss of consciousness is closing in on their heart stopping.  If you can’t wake them, use the Narcan and call 911 and stay with them.  Learn CPR.  It is easy.  Watch their breathing.  If it stops administer CPR immediately and continue until 911 arrives or until they start breathing.  Oxygen is vital.  Medical personnel often can restart the heart.  Oxygen keeps the brain healthy until they can breathe.  Stay with them.  Love them.  Never give up until the make it or die.    

There is no such thing as building a tolerance where you can safely use more.  It may take more to get you high but it is the same amount always that kills.  Overdose might happen accidentally for a variety of reasons such as taking a stronger dose than the body is accustomed to, or combining substances such as Xanax.  Xanax is a murderous drug among heroin users as its effects numb the wake-up chemicals in the brain.   “Overdose is a medical emergency”.  Prompt medical attention can help prevent lasting health consequences or death.   

An overdose can occur anywhere from 20 minutes to two full hours after use of substances. 

Mayor Walsh, I have provided you and the City of Syracuse with a plan to cause our City to be a beacon for others in ending the vast majority of this hideous killing scourge.  I have considered this very carefully.  It is a very unique effort and requires unique leadership.  I have put myself in your place.  Someone that wears many hats well is needed to lead this effort.  A position needs to be created.  “I can do this”.  I never intended to offer.  I am not job hunting.  I realize the unique talents that need to be in place in order for this move forward.  I am made for this kind of thing.  I would like you to call me in.  We will discuss the unique and often unconventional processes necessary to move forward.

I will briefly explain why this would be a good thing to do.  From the Special Forces to The Western Union Telegraph Company to The Matador Tavern in Armory Square to Century Transportation at Hancock Airport.  Also, often in the Political World.   I offer this humbly and truthfully, and in this column as it is important for readers to also know.  Especially if you decide to move forward.   Herewith:  When I returned from the 173d Airborne Brigade on Okinawa I walked into the Orderly Room of Headquarters and Headquarters Company of the 7th Special Forces.  (Green Berets) I explained the position I wanted which was not on my orders.  They immediately asked me why they should do this?  My reply at 19 years old was, “Because I am the best there is”.  They told me to report to work in the position I requested, the following morning.  For the next year I did some of the most important work in the Special Forces.  Everywhere I have gone, I am the guy that the big guys call when they needed something done (which included a few Generals) with integrity and efficiency.  And they all called on me more than once.  I have several references that you know very well.  I can do this Mayor. 

If you agree with the plan and would like to discuss it with me please call me in.

Of course, no commitment.  Just to get a feel for the design and workability and management of the processes necessary to succeed in the first Village outlined in the January, 2021 issue of table hopping.  Located at “Word on the Street” Table Hopping.com.  The rest will all fall in place in due time.  

Thank you Mayor.

Bill McClellan, w173@aol.com 


Bill McClellan