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Mizu Japanese Steakhouse

We know that you work hard for your money and so when you go out you want to get the most bang for your buck. Why not get the most out of your night out and let dinner be the show? At Mizu Japanese Steakhouse you will have a delicious meal prepared right in front of you by talented and entertaining hibachi chefs and dinner is the show!    mizu-signMizu is conveniently located at 3 2841 Erie Blvd East in Syracuse. You can also check them out online at www.Mizujapanesesteakhouse.com. If you have never been to Mizu you should know that they specialize in using the highest quality ingredients to prepare a fantastic meal on the hibachi as you watch! You can look forward to flaming onion volcanoes and trying your best to catch zucchini in your mouth masterfully tossed by the chef! Mizu is a great place for a cozy date night or a meal that is fun for the whole family! Mizu also offers unbeatable prices including their Thursday through Sunday Pick 2 Hibachi Combo where you chose two main portions, side of vegetables, shrimp or mushroom appetizer, choice of white, brow, or fried rice or noodles, soup and salad all for just $17.99!

My friend Derry and I arrived at Mizu on a warm July evening and as soon as we walked in we were immediately greeted by both a friendly hostess and the smell of delicious food being prepared. We were promptly seated at our table. Our friendly waiter began by welcoming us to Mizu and asking if everyone had been here before so she could explain how hibachi at Mizu works and what to expect. The family that we were seated with had never been to a hibachi before and their excitement grew with the explanation and watching the chefs performance at other tables. We began our order with a sushi seaweed wrapped roll appetizer. We stared oumizu-hibachir meal with two of the house specialty sushi rolls. First we had the Out of Control Roll featuring tuna, yellowtail, salmon, avocado, and asparagus topped with seared tuna, yellowtail, salmon scallion, tobiko and chef’s special sauce. This gigantic roll had flavors that were truly out of control and would delight the palate of any sushi lover. Then we had the Insanity Roll. This roll was loaded with Spicy lobster and cucumber, topped with seared steak, sesame seeds, scallions in chili ponzu sauce. Believe me when I tell you that it was insanely delicious.

For our entrees we both ordered the hibachi shrimp and filet mignon with fried rice. Our waitress quickly brought our first course, a cup of warm and flavorful soup. Our next course was a house salad with freshly made ginger dressing which is just the perfect amount of sweet and tangy. While we were enjoying our first two courses our talented chef was busy making our fried rice look like a panda and then making it into a heart and used the spatula to make it beat. Our chef even cracked an egg by catching it on the side of his spatula. Our chef also began cooking our mizu-hibachi-chefshrimp flambé appetizer which is lso included in the hibachi dinner. While cooking the shrimp our very talented chef caught the tails in his hat, in his pocket and even in a bowl behind his back. Our chef then began cooking the super fresh vegetables. The best part of watching the vegetable cook is when the chef makes an onion volcano and then he lights it on fire! The chef then started cooking the various meats ordered by the people at the table. Everything is cooked to order right in front of you. The ingredients used are the freshest and best quality ingredients available and it really makes a difference in the taste. The meal is also served with a two dipping sauce that compliments all of the flavors of the meal. Everything on our heaping plates was extremely high quality, super flavorful and cooked to perfection. We enjoyed every bite of our meals at Mizu and we also enjoyed it again as lunch the following day thanks to the gigantic portions! Although we were full, we could not help but split an order of fried ice cream for dessert. The warm cake-like batter perfectly complements the cold vanilla ice cream center.

Because of the tasty food and the fantastic show put on by the talented chefs, Mizu is the ideal place to hold a birthday, anniversary or retirement party. They have two gorgeous private rooms that are sure to impress your guests. To book your upcoming event today call: (315) 445-5686.mizu-lobster

If you are not up for hibachi or just a little short on time Mizu also has a full sushi and kitchen menu as well as desserts and appetizers. They also host a phenomenal happy hour with great specials. If you have never been to Mizu, you definitely have to check it out. The entire ambience coupled with the show of the hibachi make Mizu the ideal place to enjoy a night out! They do get pretty busy so you definitely want to make reservations by calling (315) 445-5686.

Nadine Vandewalker