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Mr. Noodle and Ms. Dumpling

Mr. Noodle and Ms. Dumpling is an absolute gem nestled in Syracuse, NY, and after my recent dining experience there, I cannot contain my excitement to share the fantastic culinary journey I had at this restaurant! They are located at 2841 Erie Blvd. E. Syracuse, NY 13224 and open seven days a week for lunch or dinner with hours Monday through Thursday from 11 am to 9:30 pm, Friday and Saturday from 11 am to 10:30 pm and Sunday from noon to 9 pm. Be sure to check out their socials, Facebook and Instagram, to peek at the amazing dishes and to check out upcoming events and specials. To see the menu and to order online visit their website https://mrnoodlemsdumpling.com/ or give them a call to place an order or make a reservation at 315-883-0088.

From the moment you step inside, you are greeted with an ambiance that strikes the perfect balance between trendy and cozy. The décor, featuring beautiful pink cherry blossoms and lanterns, sets the stage for a memorable dining experience. Whether you’re there for lunch or dinner, the welcoming atmosphere invites you to sit back, relax, and indulge in a culinary adventure. Let’s talk about the food – oh my goodness, where do I even begin? The menu at Mr. Noodle and Ms. Dumpling is a delightful fusion of traditional Asian flavors with innovative twists. Every dish is a masterpiece crafted by their expert chefs, showcasing a commitment to authenticity and using fresh, high-quality ingredients.

During my visit with Kyle on a Monday date night, we were assisted by the friendly and knowledgeable Sharma, who guided us through the menu with enthusiasm. We started with the Shanghai Wonton in Chili Oil, a tantalizing appetizer that perfectly balanced delicate wontons with flavorful meat and a kick of spicy chili oil. It was a harmonious symphony of textures and flavors that left us craving for more. Next up were the steamed pork soup dumplings with crab – a true culinary delight! Each dumpling burst with savory goodness, and the addition of crab elevated the dish to another level of deliciousness. The use of the word “burst” was not an accident – if you order these dumplings be warned that liquid will get all over if you just recklessly bite into them, as Kyle found out. That being said, we certainly got a good laugh out of that “burst!” For our main courses, Kyle opted for the Spicy Tonkotsu Ramen, which was a bowl of pure comfort with its rich and creamy pork broth, tender roast pork, and perfectly cooked ramen noodles. He also ordered some add-ons including more pork, Wood Ear Mushroom, and bean sprouts. Sharma told us that this is his favorite dish and boy was he right when he told us how great it is! My choice, the spicy Shrimp in garlic sauce, was a revelation with its succulent shrimp and vibrant medley of veggies soaking up the heavenly garlic sauce. At the conclusion of our meal, we left Mr. Noodle and Ms. Dumpling full and happy, with some leftovers for lunch!

What impressed us the most was the attention to detail in every dish. From the presentation to the complex flavors, it was evident that the chefs at Mr. Noodle and Ms. Dumpling pour their passion into every creation. And let’s not forget about the add-ons and sides – each element complemented the main dishes flawlessly, enhancing the overall dining experience. The restaurant also offers a fully stocked bar, adding another dimension to your dining pleasure. Whether you’re in the mood for a refreshing cocktail or a perfectly paired wine, they’ve got you covered. I must also mention their convenient online ordering system, which makes it a breeze to schedule pick-ups or deliveries for those times when you want to enjoy their incredible food in the comfort of your own home.

In conclusion, Mr. Noodle and Ms. Dumpling is a culinary paradise that excites the palate and leaves you wanting more. With its inviting atmosphere, exceptional service, and mind-blowing dishes, this restaurant has earned its place as a must-visit dining destination in Syracuse. I cannot wait to return and explore more of their tantalizing menu offerings – Salted egg yolk sliced fish, Scallion Ginger Lobster, and marinated jellyfish are definitely on my list for next time! Trust me, if you’re a food enthusiast looking for an unforgettable dining experience; look no further than Mr. Noodle and Ms. Dumpling.

Kerilyn Micale
Kerilyn E. Micale is a Cicero native.