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Nuclear Destruction

This article should not be read by those that cannot handle danger.

We will likely be ok. But Likely is a weak word when you are discussing the end of mankind.

Joe Biden may well turn out to be the most important president in history. We are on a nuclear precipice. Putin’s war in Ukraine has put the world on the edge of unspeakable nuclear disaster. There is a possibility of looking out your window one day and seeing a mushroom cloud. We are a target. We have nuclear plants, B-52’s loaded with nuclear bombs and several vital strategic military facilities all within 70 minutes driving time. I have been watching this war unfold very carefully. Biden is a compassionate good man. He is surrounded by the best. He listens to and respects his close advisors. The best decisions possible for mankind are being made in this brief window where ultimate earthly (literal) dangers lurk. Putin is mentally unstable.

The chances are fair that we will get through this without any nuclear use. Russia will be changed forever. NATO will be greatly strengthened and increase its status as an awesome powerhouse. Post Putin and post Ukraine, Russia most likely will become a much better place. There will be a marshal plan for Ukraine. With lessons learned and China, especially with Taiwan always in the wings, NATO will not only be strengthened by expansion but by a massive increase in military development and capabilities.

Putin, like Trump has a severe mental disorder. Narcissism, in its most grotesque and hideous form. He has a sense of entitlement and self-centered belief devoid of empathy, that remains incorrigible even in view of sound refuting evidence and glaringly clear realities. He cannot face what is happening. He has failed. When one such as this rises to the top in a nuclear weapons state, the danger of nuclear disaster is increased many-fold. Until Putin is dealt with this danger of destroying the planet is very real. The cruel bravado we have been witnessing the last few decades in Georgia, Chechnya, and Syria was that born of this disorder, unspeakable cruelty not for the good of country but to satisfy his interpretation of superiority and world design. And now he has failed.

He has a fixation on restoring the old and now very obsolete Soviet Union. His mindset remained in 1991 all thru the years. In the ensuing 31 years, Ukraine experienced real freedom. They lived and tasted a land without fear of government. A land of free press and vast opportunity. The Soviet Union became something you learned about in a history class and anyone under 45 had little or no memory of life under Moscow’s rigid controls. All they knew was “FREEDOM.” That is why they fight with the chills of love of country and protecting their families. With fierce chills of patriotism feeding their hearts these heroes fight amongst the bodies of their loved ones. They will go down in history as among the finest in humanity. Their efforts and sacrifice may well give birth to thinking that can save humankind from itself.

The possibility of Ukraine joining NATO with their 1,426-mile border with Russia is one of Putin’s excuses for invading this peaceful non-threatening land that has come to love Freedom. NATO does not present any danger to Russia. It would however impede his ability to invade. His effort has backfired and Ukraine will be rebuilt and certainly will become a part of NATO. NATO is a defensive organization designed to protect the right of all nations to exist. Post World War II, Russia remained aggressive and dangerous necessitating the formation of NATO. This is a massively historical time that may change the Russian view. The future may well go well. However, much danger remains and much sacrifice and commitment remain.

Every success in every way that Putin has hoped for has completely backfired. He did not want NATO expansion further bordering Russia. Because of him Finland and Sweden are now scrambling to join NATO and NATO is properly welcoming them. Finland has an 810-mile border with Russia. Putin’s military which he believed to be invincible is disorganized, unprofessional, and saturated with poor corrupt leadership and poorly trained forced conscripts. His logistical failures, the most critical component of war, boggle the mind. His military strategies are so weak that they are doomed in practice. He will lose the war and he knows it. His utter failure to restore his insane impossible dream of restoring the Soviet Union was and is a hopeless failure. Sanctions are causing decline in a wide variety of ways, all of which are taking their toll on the war effort and the Russian people. His lock on the media is also weakening and many Russians are finding this murderous war was to satisfy Putin’s obsolete pipedream of restoring the Soviet Union. His reckless effort has senselessly slaughtered his own army and countless thousands of Ukrainian military, and 10’s of thousands of Ukrainian civilians, including friends and relatives of Russians in Ukraine when no threat of any kind was real.

He is a mentally impaired injured animal looking for a way out and there is none.

His illness is incorrigible narcissism and he has a nuclear arsenal that can obliterate life on earth. The direction of the War is such that NATO will increase Ukraine’s abilities (rightfully) until Russia sees there is no hope of gaining any success in Ukraine. As sanctions eat at his country and his abilities and as he loses generals, troops, equipment and support he is comparably diminished and emotionally tortured. The danger of this evil sick man in power during this brief era in human history must not be underrated. We are on the brink.

I have come to believe that as long as he is in power, every day we are just lucky we are here. No one thought he would go in to Ukraine. This unpredictability combined with the reasoning I have offered has caused me to believe a replacement would be far less likely to end life on earth.

It is so serious we need in place weaponry targeting his entire warring nuclear structure including the ability to wipe out submarines. I hope that is already in place. If there is a move toward a nuclear strike on NATO we must launch as preemptively as is reasonable. “Reason” and “decisiveness” are critical. Our very best should be monitoring the war rooms at the Pentagon and the White House. If he moves our only hope is massive immediate preemptive striking of everything we can and all we can pray for is a world with places where humanity might survive. It only takes 100 nukes to render earth uninhabitable. Russia has 6,257. We have 5,550.

We live in an era of realities so grotesque that as a species we have a very hard time digesting the magnitude of horror that is at our doorstep. I was going to write this without Trump but then I realized he may well run again and this danger is in play as long as one with this narcissism disease has their finger on the nuclear trigger. Trump is Putin’s buddy. Trump, given the chance will perpetuate the same dangers expressed here. Trump and Republicans were siding with Putin before Ukraine. Many still do. They simply present a front to win in the mid-terms. They will follow Trump, not us. They cannot be trusted. It is urgent that Republicans fail to regain power in the midterms. History predicts otherwise. Democrats must win or the road to hell is likely paved.

If the Ukraine War ends without a nuclear event, aside from the unspeakable death, pain and suffering inflicted by Satan’s crony in Russia, the world will become a wiser and very different place with many possibilities. But until we elevate nuclear sanity to “THE ABSOLUTE” earthly priority it is, we are in danger. The nuclear order has a disgustingly weak record of serious non-proliferation and efforts toward nuclear sanity. Without doing this, climate efforts will be futile. We simply will not make it that far. We have and we will use again every weapon we have at our disposal. To believe otherwise is folly and excuses a course toward doom. Remember we are creatures that do not fully comprehend eminent danger until it is on our doorstep. It is most likely we will get through this, most likely “this time.” “Likely,” again, a very weak word when discussing the end of mankind. The doomsday clock is now set at 100 seconds to midnight. If there is to be posterity, we must address the nuclear issue. Start by voting for Democrats. Just the simple truth.


Bill McClellan