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Pascale’s Liquors

Driving along 690 toward Liverpool, I caught sight of a billboard featuring a smiling young man with the message “Nick’s Picks,” advertising select choices for holiday drinks – from cocktails to perfectly paired wines.

Entering the sparkling shop, I could see that the billboard wasn’t just advertising – it was a promise. Pascale’s Liquors, a family business opened over 40 years ago by brothers Chuck and Neal Pascale and their mother, has been a go-to location for wine, spirits, and specialty liquors since the late 70’s. Nick Pascale is now the third generation in the business.

Liquor is a fascinating product, having a story to tell that is certainly older than written history, that crosses cultures, has been made from just about any food substance you can imagine, and has even been intimately tied to historic events and certainly to fashions and trends, from ancient Gods to alchemical experiments to rebellions, to the famous cocktails that originated (at least in written lore) as far back as the 1700s, and that enjoy “in fashion” periods at least once in each generation.

According to Nick Pascale, a “cocktails at home” style is trending right now. Possibly it was just due – young people seem to relish the fun of rediscovering old mixology and inventing new ways to combine spirits and other flavors – and possibly it was the flu-related preference for entertaining smaller groups at home – but either way, Pascale’s was ready to meet the challenge. Having embraced the digital age already, the business was invested in not just an informative, commerce enabled website, but an easy-to-use app (available from Google Play and Apple’s App Store) that make shopping easy, online, and available for delivery, curbside pickup, or shipping.

Possibly just as importantly, Pascale’s knows its products, and is eager to help customers find their “sweet spot” in wines and spirits. Wine aficionados understand how critical the right pairing can be for a meal – each type of food will be enhanced when enjoyed with a wine that brings out the subtle flavors of the food (and vice versa). If you’re not certain, ask one of the experts at the store or search online (by country, food type, wine types and more) to find a selection that will complement your meal. Less well understood by the uninitiated are the layers of flavors that can be obtained from a “sipping whiskey,” or from the many ways spirits can be combined with other flavors (and even textures) that can surprise, delight, relax and enhance a cocktail hour with friends and family. As I talked with Nick, customers stopped by the information counter, asking about bourbons (Nick has started a group just for bourbon lovers) and new selections in whiskey. The staff is trained, and regular customers will enjoy being served as friends whose tastes are recognized.

With the holiday season almost here, Pascale’s wants to make sure both your needs are met, and your shopping experience is as stress-free as possible. While I admit I enjoy browsing the aisles of the stores, as wine and liquor brands are nothing if not creative with their packaging, from colorful, beautiful or amusing labeling, to a grinning crystal skull or elegantly shaped wine bottle, Nick wants to assure you that though COVID regulations limit in-store capacity, there will be no need to wait in line to have your order ready quickly and as you like it. Use the app, or visit the website, and place your order for delivery, or convenient curbside pickup. And take advantage of $10 off your first order on the app – use code 10OFF50 – and enjoy a discount, on the house!

Pascale’s Liquors

7401 Oswego Road, Liverpool, NY 13090



Nancy Roberts