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Pixie Cut with Bangs

About Wearing a Pixie Cut with Bangs: Two Trends Rolled Into One

The boom on rocking various looks of a pixie cut seems to grow with every year, as more and more modern women are stepping out of their comfort zones to embrace the beauty of stylish practicality. But have you ever wondered why this haircut has been on everyone’s lips for so many years in this ever-changing fashion world? Of course, apart from a bold, contemporary, and sophisticated look, this cut has some more aces in the hole.

Despite being one of the shortest haircuts for women, a pixie cut allows for different experiments. You can customize your pixie with various textures, play around with colors, finish the look with shaved sides, and add more character with your favorite bangs. Well, bangs are actually the secret ingredient of the never-ending popularity of pixies! According to hair experts from LoveHairStyles.com, bangs are the most common element to add to the cut, which literally takes it up a notch. That’s why you shouldn’t miss this duo this year: it’s going to be really huge.

Here’s all you need to know to pull it off, from choosing the perfect look to recreating it daily!

What Are The Hottest Pixie Cut Ideas?

The very first thing you need to figure out is the base of your pixie look, which is, obviously, the pixie cut itself. Whether you’re a proud pixie rocker who’s looking for ways to amp up your look with a fresh idea or you’re planning to chop those locks off, here’s a list of the most spotted pixies of today.

  • Tapered Pixie with Layered Front. It’s no secret that pixies go well with many different haircuts, but an undercut seems to be the most requested option. The best thing is, you’re the one to regulate the sharpness and cleanliness of the sides, so you can go with a moderate undercut. A soft taper on the sides will nicely accentuate the top, especially if you get it a bit layered.
  • Shaggy Pixie. Nothing adds more life, movement, and freedom to the cut than the good old shaggy texture does. And that’s why you won’t go wrong with some messy shaggy layers throughout anything from a classic to a longer pixie.
  • Choppy Pixie. Some choppy texture is enough to add more individuality to your minimalist pixie, as well as provide your look with tons of visual volume.
  • Layered Long Pixie with Side Part. As the classic option that will never become outdated, a long side-parted pixie with layers is something that will nicely fit any outfit and mood while also giving you a great frame.
  • Short Crop Pixie. Edgy, short, and thick: that’s how women prefer to wear a pixie crop today! If you’re one of those who think outside the box, then don’t miss your chance to slay with this cut this year.
  • Glossy Side-Parted Pixie. Just like pressed Hollywood waves, the glossy sleek pixie is another classic that works for everyone, giving a fantastic elegant and feminine feel to the look.
  • Slicked-Back Pixie. It can be a relaxed faux hawk, super tight and shiny sleek look, or a super textured and dramatic finish on top – this year welcomes all brushed-back experiments!

Pixie Cut with Bangs: How to Find The Perfect Duo for Your Face Shape

Even though some girls still think that pixies are meant for specific face shapes, they’re the most versatile haircuts that have an approach to everyone. In fact, the same goes for bangs. The point is to find an option that perfectly complements your best features and plays up something you’d like to work on. With these essential tips in mind, you will never fail while choosing your pixie with bangs.

  • If you’d like to conceal a broad forehead of a diamond face shape, you can try classic bangs with soft texturizing to blend with your pixie.
  • In case you don’t want to overlap your brows while wearing straight bangs, you can try baby bangs – one of the latest trends that goes awesomely with shaggy and choppy pixies.
  • For a heart-shaped face, a side-swept fringe is a win-win choice, as its silhouette will give a nice balancing angular twist.
  • Long faces should stay away from too short baby bangs and try a curtain fringe instead so as not to elongate the look visually.
  • Oval and round face shapes look great with thick side bangs. By the way, this type of bangs can finish any pixie. Plus, it looks cool in many versions, including thin, choppy, and textured.
  • For square faces, nothing works better than piecey and curtain bangs that slightly fall on the forehead but without hiding the face.

How to Style a Pixie Cut with Bangs?

While there’s nothing easier than styling a pixie, knowing a couple of styling tricks will not only save you some time but also help you master your favorite looks and styles.

Best products to use:
  • texturizing spay for unkempt beachy styles
  • soft-matte pomade for casual side-swept looks
  • thick gel for backswept hairstyles
  • texturizing serum for wet, defined looks
  • smoothing foam for straight curvy styles
  • round brush for long voluminous bangs
Styling tips:
  • If you wear a classic short pixie but want to add some textured feel to the look, make sure to add some serum to your damp hair, give it a blow with a blowdryer, and then run your fingers through the top to tousle things up.
  • To create a basic side-swept pixie cut, wash and dry your hair as you usually do it. Then, apply a pea-sized amount of pomade and distribute it throughout the top, finishing the look with a comb.
  • For sleek looks, prep your hair with some oil-based smoothing product when it’s damp, blow-dry it till it’s almost dry, and apply some gel.
  • If you’re into classic long bangs on an asymmetrical pixie or pixie bob, you will need to smoothen the hair when it’s damp, then blow-dry it with a round brush.
  • For the classy beachy look, simply apply some spray to your clean hair and give it some movement with your fingers.

There’s no wonder why pixie cuts are so popular with women of all ages. And now that you know how variously you can spice it up with bangs, things are getting even more interesting! Today, you’ve learned all the tips you need to rock a perfect duo of a pixie with bangs, so if you’ve been waiting for a reason to experiment, that’s it!


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