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Q&A with Sports Illustrated Syracuse Orange Insider Mike McAllister

I recently chatted with Mike McAllister from Sports Illustrated on a wide range of topics pertaining to SU sports including NIL, recruiting, the transfer portal and more. Enjoy ‘Cuse fans!

ML: Is Name, Image and Likeness good for college sports?

MM: Yes and no. In one respect, players should have the ability to make money off of their name, image and likeness. The NCAA has been profiting off of that, essentially free labor, for decades. The players, which have turned collegiate athletics into a billion dollar business, deserve to be compensated for that. That said, any remaining notion that these are amatuer sports is gone. Because the NCAA failed to put any parameters in place when NIL went into effect, it has become the wild, wild west. Now NIL is being used as a “pay for play” in recruiting. This has the potential to further the gap between the haves and the have nots, making it much more difficult for programs to build and become consistently competitive. That is not good for college sports.

ML: Is the transfer portal good for college sports?

MM: I think so. Since coaches can leave at any time without notice, players should be afforded the same opportunity. I think there needs to be more parameters put in place surrounding the portal to help regulate it, however. One example would be closing the portal during the season. I do think, eventually, the volume of portal activity will calm down a bit. It is new right now, but players will see that often portal entrants do not find another home or end up in a comparable or worse situation.

ML: Realistic expectations for Syracuse football this season? What a schedule!

MM: No question the schedule is challenging, but that also makes it fun. I think
fans should expect this team to be a bowl caliber team. Can they get there with this schedule? That remains to be seen. But Syracuse has had as good of an offseason as its had in quite some time with the coaching staff changes, additions to the roster, and retention of key players on both sides of the ball. There are reasons for Orange fans to be excited about the 2022 season.

ML: Latest in recruiting for SU football?MM: Syracuse has added a transfer wide receiver to its 2022 roster in D’Marcus Adams from Florida Atlantic. Adams is a speedster that brings an element to the team they do not currently have. In addition, Syracuse recently hosted junior college offensive lineman Savion Herring for an official visit. He would also be for the 2022 season. So despite
the fact that signing day is more than three months in the rearview mirror, Syracuse continues to add to its roster for next season. Beyond that, Syracuse is off to a solid start in the 2023 recruiting cycle with three commitments, including quarterback LaNorris Sellers and in-state prospect Rashard Perry and David Clement. June should be a busy month with an on-campus camp and top targets taking official visits.

ML: Latest recruiting for SU basketball?

MM: Syracuse added Duquesne transfer Mounir Hima to its roster for the 2022 season. The 6-11 big is expected to be the backup to Jesse Edwards next season. He has a 7’8” wingspan per his high school head coach. Intriguing player for the Orange. Syracuse does not have a 2023 commit yet, but is prioritizing players such as Elmarko Jackson, JP Estrella, Reid Ducharme and others.

ML: Have the Dome renovations done anything at all for recruiting at Syracuse in any sport?

MM: That alone is not going to secure a commitment from a prospect. However, I have noticed when interviewing recruits that they mention seeing the Dome as a highlight of visits much more often.

ML: Thanks Mike! Keep up the terrific work.

MM: You as well my friend!

Mike Lindsley
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