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Reasons For and Against the New York Yankees Winning it All

It’s been fun so far. 100-win season and winning the first AL East flag since 2012.

But anything short of a World Series win will be a disappointment for the 2019 NY Yankees. That is how it goes in the Bronx, but especially this year because the team has been in first for most of the year and dominant despite all the injuries.

Can they do it? Can the Yankees reach the top of the baseball mountain for the first time since 2009?

New York Yankees at Baltimore Orioles. ALDS Game 1. October 7, 2012.

Here are the Top 5 reasons the Yankees will win it all and the Top 5 reasons why they won’t.

Top 5 reasons for winning it all:

1. Adversity. This team has used so many players because of injuries it’s ridiculous. Is anything feared at this point? The savages in the box fear nothing. Next Man Up is real and has been all year. From Ford to Gio to Tauchman to Maybin to everyone else, the Yanks have used so many players you easily leave people out! The confidence in this team is sky high.

2. They’re due. 2009 ring a bell? Last title in the Bronx.

3. Aaron Judge. He loves the big moment. He drools over October. He can be the big hitter that makes the biggest difference. We have seen it before.

4. Bullpen. Best in baseball. Can it live up to the hype? At the beginning of the season, many baseball pundits said this group is the best bullpen in baseball history. Well, in order to be in the running for that label, you must dominate October and win it all.

5. Home field advantage. As of 9-16-19, the Yanks are 53-22 at home and 45-31 on the road. The only better home teams in baseball? Dodgers and Astros at 56-20 as of the same date. And we know how 2017 ended-up in the ALCS. Astros beat the Yanks in 7. Every game won at home, ending in Houston. You get the picture.

Top 5 reasons against winning it all:

1. Starting pitching lacking. The Yanks lack starting pitching, still, even though it has gotten better over the last month or so. If they are to reach the Fall Classic or even win it, James Paxton and Masahiro Tanaka have to be GREAT and someone else has to be really good. CC Sabathia is out of gas. J.A. Happ is an unknown. Who knows if using a starter will work? What is Luis Severino going to be able to bring to the table even if healthy? Good luck.

2. Running out of players. While Next Man Up has been amazing to watch, the Yanks also have no idea how the outfield is going to look thanks to the Mike Tauchman injury and the brutal defense of Clint Frazier. Add to that the Gary Sanchez and Edwin Encarnacion injuries. Maybe the Yanks don’t have enough guys, finally, and are at the end of the line.

3. Giancarlo Stanton returning. Most people want him back. And #2 here may validate that. But he is an average defender who swings for the fences. The Yanks will also be forced to play him because of his contract. The hope here is that he is a DH at best and the Yanks win despite him. If he plays amazingly well and helps the Yanks to a title, this author will gladly take it and eat plenty of crow. … Serve it up!

4. Houston Astros. They are so tough, dominant and stacked. The lineup has no holes. They hit for power and average and are deep from both sides. The starting rotation is the best in the game led by Justin Verlander who should win the AL CY Young, AGAIN. Good away from home and elite at home. Houston is the favorite to win it all.

5. Pressure. While these players know what uniform they wear and what is at stake, this group hasn’t done it yet. Part of the Yanks dynasty of the 1990’s was winning the first one in 1996, knowing what it takes, picking each other up, and doing it again and again and again. Aaron Judge and Gleyber Torres and the rest haven’t done IT yet. IT is winning a pennant or winning a ring. We shall see if these guys can carry the load.

Mike Lindsley
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