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Your Fall Essentials

Now that we’re past Halloween it feels like everyone has already jumped straight into the holiday season. Ornaments and candy canes are in every store and pretty soon you’ll start hearing “Jingle Bells” on the radio. But hold up —it’s not winter yet. bf-3We’ve still got weeks of fall weather to enjoy before throwing on our parkas. Here are the pieces I can’t live without while I can still show off my style before I start bundling up.


I’m not ready for scarves yet, but I have short hair so my neck is always bare to the whipping wind. That’s where my trusty turtlenecks come in. They keep me warm while still looking super cute and without covering up my outfit. Plus, I love how chic they look layered under jackets and vests.

Mid-Length Jackets

It’s chilly enough to need a jacket, but not cold enough to be all zipped up. I love a stylish coat that I can leave open that just adds another layer of trendiness to the rest of my outfit. My current favorite has leather panels on the arms and looks cute over any outfit I’m wearing.

Penny Loafers

I used to wear penny loafers with my high school uniform and after that I swore I’d never buy another pair. To me they were dorky, but now I’m totally into them. They’re like an elevated version of a ballet flat because they have more structure. I love to pair them with jeans and a sweater or a cute skirt and blouse for work.


Whenever an outfit is looking a little plain or unoriginal, I love to throw a vest over it. I usually go for something that comes down to my knees to either add a bit of color or some new details to my look. Lately I’ve been rocking an army green vest with big cargo pockets and a more tailored burgundy vest that’s a great alternative to a blazer.


I know, it’s an obvious one but I am a total dress and skirt kind of girl so I love to throw some tights on to keep my legs warm. For nights out I might choose something sheer but for days at the office, opaque black is the way too go. It feels like I’m wearing leggings but I look like I put some real effort into my ensemble.bf-5

Erin Reimel