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Syracuse Men’s Basketball 2021-2022 Preview

I recently had a chance to catch up with Mike McAllister from Sports Illustrated to preview the upcoming Orange hoops season with a Q and A. Here it is!

ML: Greatest strength, greatest weakness for the Orange this year?

MM: Syracuse should be one of the better shooting teams in the country this season. With Buddy Boeheim, another year of development for Joe Girard, the addition of Cole Swider and even Jimmy Boeheim, Syracuse should be able to space the floor with multiple shooters. The greatest weakness appears to be on the defensive end of the floor. Syracuse was not a great defensive team last year, and looks to have some vulnerabilities this year in similar areas. If Jesse Edwards can emerge as a consistent rim protector, that would be a big boost on that end.

ML: Boeheim, Boeheim, Boeheim. Where does this special time land for you covering the team?

MM: I still think it’s pretty cool having the legendary head coach with his two sons on the team. Especially because both are Division One players and are worthy of roster inclusion. It’s just not something you see very often and I’m kind of a sucker for stuff like that.

ML: Jim Boeheim recently commented on how good this team can be from a shooting perspective. Buddy Boeheim and Joe Girard and transfer Cole Swider. Your reaction?

MM: I think he is right. Syracuse can really put pressure on opposing teams with the ability to shoot the ball from multiple spots. It should allow the lane to have a lot of open space for players to attack the basket. Jimmy Boeheim, Benny Williams and Symir Torrence should benefit from that shooting and floor spacing.

ML: I love this out-of-conference schedule. You?

MM: I do as well. Completely agree with you. Villanova, Georgetown, Indiana, the Battle 4 Atlantis, some quality mid-majors. This is a very well-rounded non-conference schedule. Syracuse will certainly be tested.

ML: Benny Williams. How special is he?

MM: He has the potential to be very, very special. He is extremely athletically gifted, can jump out of the gym, is a natural scorer and has tremendous length. If he can develop a consistent jumper, he will be very difficult to defend.

ML: Most underrated player on this roster?

MM: I think it’s Symir Torrence. He is being dismissed as an afterthought in terms of the backcourt rotation. But I think he could be an integral part and is probably the best at getting into the lane to make a play. He will have a very nice season.

ML: Fans back at the Dome. How much of the real, old atmosphere will return?

MM: If football is any indication, the atmosphere will be great. The students have been fantastic for the football games so far, and we know the fans are usually more abundant for basketball. They will be there and they will be loud. It should be fun. ML: Is this an NCAA Tournament team?

MM: Yes. I think this team will be an NCAA Tournament team. How close to the bubble will be dictated by how good the defense is.

ML: Thanks Mike, keep doing your thing. You do great work.

MM: I appreciate that!

Mike Lindsley
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