My Columns of this past Nov, Jan and Feb (word on the street tablehopping.com) outlined a workable plan, so efficient and simple it makes one weep that it is not taken seriously, “to fix this City”.  

The ultimate tragedy is even in view of clear prevention of massive human suffering, in view of life saving justice, compassion and right, even clear economic feasibility, it is a certainty in my mind you will not do this.  I just need to bring this to your attention.  A City is a massive operation.  It should not be systemically designed and intellectually accepted, and worse, emotionally accepted for a City’s leaders to witness generational City decline and decline in one administration after another.  Please think about this.

I sent copies of Table Hopping outlining the plan to the Mayor (this would make the Mayor a national figure in  a very short period of time) and the Leaders of 53 different City Departments.  It is about teamwork, esprit-de-corps, efficiency, and workably addressing incredibly neglected human need and comfort.  What sets it apart is that it will work.  If the City took me seriously this City would come back.  Opportunity, attractiveness to business, and quality of life would become the way.  Crime would be down at least two thirds.  That includes murder.

I am aware how unlikely it is that this will happen.  The problem is, it is for all the wrong reasons.  The things that hold you back are the very matters that caused the problem.  Led by systemic gridlock.  Zoning, unable to agree on who and what is first, and a myriad of time-consuming bureaucracy.  I urge you to spend more time looking at the benefits of results.  Reward is everywhere.  Cities are lacking functional desire and esprit-de-corps that engender Patriotism.  These are the tools that make for the force for right and good.  We have evolved into a state of accepting great suffering that can be addressed.  Far too much in our systemic design does not embrace deserved equality which must return as the heart of who we are or we will continue this insane pursuit that needlessly ignores mass human pain. 

In the Army, as a Green Beret I was trained in villages.  At the time I marveled at how a team of soldiers could have such a powerful and positive impact on an entire village.  Quick decisive effective movement is an awesome memorable motivator.  So much so that the hearts and minds of the entire village felt the results.  I learned hopelessness was powerful but when sincerity and deed became clear and observable it changed not just to hope but hope with es-prit-corps.  This kind of hope inspired by deed motivated each that lived in the village to become part of the solution.  This sense of being part of something bigger than themselves caused repairs and cleaning of the village and participation in the village well-being.

Measures demanding conduct in keeping with village safety were immediately put in place.  A hot line was established and it was no longer wrong to report dangerous people.  The Soldiers (i.e. Police and Dept. Professionals in “The Plan”) became friends and treated villagers with respect.  It was no longer an acceptable practice for villagers to look the other way.  They knew if they participated the new ideas that worked their way thru the village would cause a better life.  They saw and felt hope being turned into reality.  In my plan I divide Syracuse into villages that should be fixed one a time.  Each success would cause great pride in the planners, and the doers, and the residents and provide the justification and enthusiasm to each single individual, to do the next village.

By doing it a village at a time each department is able to carefully review the results of each step.  You can fine-tune.  You will be able to identify the entire structure of crime in one village.  This allows you to put in place responding measures.  You will be able to address each tentacle (of all sizes) that perpetuate crime and excise it from the village.  A village size effort allows the Professionals in over 50 departments to view and study in detail every measure that takes place.  It enables remediation as inadequacies are easily identified and manageable.  You stay with the first village until each professional understands why this village is fixed and only then do you move on.  With an Army of workable solutions.       

A major factor in village improvement is showing Landlords and owners the value and benefit of becoming part of a great effort.  We show them it is designed to improve quality of life.  On day one this will become very clear to everyone.  Spirit will be born overnight.  “Read the Plan.”  (Dec 2020, Jan and Feb 2021 – three parts – at “word on the street tablehopping.com)  If you do, you will understand what a true response to hopeless hope can do.  You show landlords how this automatically raises property values.  They will join in on this effort as willing and enthusiastic participants.  Many will leave the realm of slumlord and become willing and happy contributor’s to a great village and City.  Any absentee must find a representative to address their property needs.  (The City will adjust regulation ie sidewalk costs etc. to accommodate the efforts unalterable cry being that “No failure is acceptable on any step”).

Except for a few small pockets of middle-class the City is populated by impoverished Americans.  Like most Cities hopelessness reigns.  City Leaders, for decades have not shown our most needy, which is by far most of the city, any deed that really matters and improves their individual lives in a way they can see.  They have lost faith.  This created a City drenched in despair, sadness, drugs, depression, poverty, crime, and hopelessness.   

There is a lot of money available in these trying times.  Much can be properly included in this plan.  Covid relief is for villages.  Highway construction affects much of the city.  This is all extra.  In addition, my plan outlines how to raise money to support the plan without these once in a generation funds.  I do not have the space to identify all the ways there are to raise money.  With one success State, Federal and private doors will open that are endless.  After your first success it would be wise to develop a fund-raising A-Team.  Future investment opportunities in a city revitalized by innovative leadership full of compassion and spirit are endless.  Just show a Corporation what this is about and show them a success.  They will watch your city return and noting sincerity and success many will quickly jump on board.  This is what every American of good heart wants.  None of us want to stay the course where our cities are turning into sewers for crime, drugs and ultimate human suffering and degradation on so many levels.  Yet we do.

You need an initial small team of a few multi-talented caring individuals to manage and oversee operations.  This should not be difficult.  The plan is sound.  The Team Leader will need the authority (as needed to move this project forward) to meet with every City government employee including Councilors, Department Heads, the DA and the Chief of Police.  They must be enabled to bypass or expedite Red Tape.  You may need special Council meetings to adjust impairments in current law and regulation.  

Another D-Day will be established (please refer to the plan) and all will move forward together.  You are seeking absolute “Awe of Massive Improvement ” taking place within a “day” (note the Police setting the stage which is vital in the plan) followed by glaring positive ongoing success in the following days.  (This causes immediate interest to determine sincerity which will quickly be clear.  Neighborhood esprit de corps will be exciting and will move everything toward success) This will be followed by a maintenance plan designed by each department.  The Team you choose also will need access to City and Police records that show the history of, and current realties within the villages.  There are many things that would be needed.  Especially neighborhood status, history and crime records and a mailing list of all landlords with contact information.  Councilors especially must be shown how and why we start with a single village and that each will become an equal beneficiary of this plan.

I have laid out much detail in “The Plan” Articles of December 2020, and January and February of 2021. “word on the street tablehopping.com”  (Correct preparate for D-Day is essential and explained in the plan.) You can make this happen.  By utilizing a Team Leader with special authorities, you are bypassing systemic roadblocks that would otherwise impede, delay and lower efficiency potentials.  Also fixing the Village would be their only responsibility.  This includes keeping The Mayor and City Counselors, City Leaders and every City Department fully informed.  All Counselor’s will be kept fully informed.  It is my hope that with quick successes they all will see the full value of what is happening and become enthusiastic and happy to advise and support.

After success in the first village a Standard “perpetually standing” Operating Procedure outlining process and how to “Maintain” success should be begun and added to as the City improves.  This will be updated after each village is complete adding new thoughts and innovations that add to efficiency.  The end result will be a blueprint for other Cities.  And a blueprint to “insure” that villages “never degrade” and that quality of life remains.  A program to review and maintain village success must become part of the City Charter.   

I urge you to drive thru the village I have designated in the plan (word on the street tablehopping.com).  This is a small manageable city.  Look at the crime records for each block.  You will see and find destitution and human abuse.  The status quo has maintained a course of degradation.  Only thinking and leadership of this nature can restore what we are supposed to be.  Our finest, the Police, Firemen, Emergency Personnel and Soldiers take great pride in leaving no individual behind.  Why is it that the citizens they fight for, risk their lives for, die for, save and protect, are left behind?  Why is the spirit of this land, our hopes, our dreams and our love for each other falling apart?  What is wrong with us?  Why won’t you do this?  When you answer that you know why to the other questions. 

PS:  I took a walk thru the village last month.  I walked by a store and heard a shot.  Someone was killed.  These are crime scene photos I took myself.  There is so much crime, I could just take a walk and run across murder in the first village.  Let’s fix this City.                     




Bill McClellan