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The Pier

I sat across from three excited, paint-splattered, slightly tired, but cheerful and enthusiastic team members on lovely Chiavari chairs and listened as they told me about the soon-to-open venue on the water, The Pier.

A rendering of the front of the venue

The location has a CNY history – back in the 30s it was Smith’s Pier, and as a 1935 article in the Syracuse Herald shares, the restaurant was a “popular rendezvous at Brewerton,” presenting “artists well known to radio listeners,” with “public dancing and favorite beverages.” In 1956, it burned, and over the years has been the site of many varied enterprises. In its new incarnation, the location will become a venue unlike any other: a completely renovated, flexible, top of the line facility for parties, weddings, and events of all kinds – right on the water.

The Pier is owned by Chuck and Robin Orlando, of Limp Lizard Barbecue fame. “But,” Robin explained, “this location is completely different.”

Not that it won’t serve barbecue if that’s what the guests want – but The Pier isn’t a retail restaurant space. It’s a venue for events – everything from a corporate affair to an organization gathering and most especially, weddings.

With its location literally next to the water, brides (and grooms!) will “be able to have their dream wedding,” said Nick Ford, a manager and planning consultant.

The Pier will cater to everything from a corporate affair to an organization gathering and most especially, weddings

“If they want rustic, with burlap and a casual feel,” added partner and manager Brenda Hazemyer, “they can have it. But if they want sequins and crystal, they can have that. We want it to be perfect.”

Open space, atrium doors leading to a large deck, high ceilings and dark wood flooring all make it easy to picture the space being transformed into just about anything a party could wish. The venue will accommodate up to 250 guests, with ample parking and a beautiful view.

Nick also explained that the team has been working together for several years, and have developed a rhythm for getting it right. “We’ve all worked together for about ten years,” he said. “We each bring our strengths to the team, and best of all we work well together.” That’s important, as anyone who has planned an event —particularly a wedding — will know. Having a calm, collected, professional catering team helping you plan is a definite plus for any bride —or mother of the bride— eager to have the perfect nuptial.

“We’re known as premier caterers for weddings,” Robin said. “We wanted this to be our venue so that in addition to offering great food and great service, we could provide the ideal space.”

While finding a venue for weddings was the initial driver for the Orlando’s purchase of The Pier, ultimately, the plan expanded and, in addition to booking parties and events, The Pier will also host its own themed parties, open to the public.

The Pier will open in May with a grand opening party on May 26th, when guests can mingle, view the space, and learn more about its many offerings. And while they have already booked a number of weddings, school functions, corporate and organization events, if you or your group would like a tour, just call.

Beyond its airy, adaptable space, and waterside ambiance, The Pier aims to offer a quality selection of foods. As noted, if the guests are looking for the Limp Lizard’s legendary barbecue, that will be available. But if they want filet mignon and gourmet delicacies, The Pier will be prepared to serve that to perfection as well.

Because, as Robin told me, “It’s all about what you want.”


The waterside location makes The Pier the perfect venue for gatherings of all types!

Nancy Roberts