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The Price of Not Voting

Prelude:  I believe the majority of us see things better than most.  But too many do not vote.  This writing would not exist if we did.  Vote.  Please vote and pass the word.  

The Price of Not Voting

You can hate Trump but you can’t hate those that like him.  We are not divided because one sides likes Trump and one side doesn’t.  We are divided because of the un-American intolerance on both sides that is fomenting a society so injured that even family flare ups at the dinner have become common.  If loving and respecting all of your fellow Americans does not return and Trump stirs the susceptible, chaos in the streets may not be far away.   Trump has infected our land with massive unamerican divisiveness and immorality.  I have no use for this awful President.  Yet I respect and retain the friendship and high regard for those that disagree.  Our land was so far gone before his era, it is no stretch at all to understand and share the rebellious feelings of those that support him.  I strongly do not agree that he is in any way an answer.  Nor do I believe an answer exists in our system until bribery is removed and equality returns to Governing.  There is nothing special about any of Trump’s achievements.  What is felt on the right as success, would have happened under any Republican.  His presence offends our constitution, our American values and our patriotism.  He is damaging the quality of our children’s thinking.  He is damaging the American heart and all of its’ inclusive and equal beauty.  He alone is putting out our already very dim beacon.  He is a tragic result of the real difficulty:  For all the decades of our decline the answer has been the elimination of the systemic bribery that has decimated the quality of life for our people.  A bribery that sent us spiraling to the third world and a bribery that was a spear through the heart of the American way and our destiny.   

What I find enormously tragic is that this President is clearly not inclusive.  He has no use for any individual that disagrees and he has no use for the over half of the country that disagrees.  Like it or not the facts are clear, other than white, is not equal in his deeds and thinking.  And only whites that agree with him are equal.  Just nothing, virtually nothing American lives in this man’s heart.  It is all about him and he will destroy anyone that disagrees.  He is not aware that our origin and our greatness came from accepting disagreement, and with respect, finding a way. 

My main opposition to him is based on something completely different, which is, he is temperamentally unfit to be president.  He is erratic, cruel, and unprincipled.  He supports racists.  He is unstable, and he has severe personality disorders.   He is obsessive and narcissistic far beyond the normal mind.   He is absent the wisdom, temperament and judgment which should be requisite demands of one with authority over the welfare of 320 million people and one with the authority that can cause the annihilation of humanity with the push of button.   

His disordered personality, his disturbing patterns of thinking, functioning, and behaving are defining characteristics of his presidency.   His instability manifests itself in many ways: extreme narcissism; his addiction to lying about things large and small, including his finances and bullying and silencing those who could expose them; his detachment from reality, including denying things he said even when there is video evidence to the contrary; his affinity for conspiracy theories; his demand for total loyalty from others while showing none to others.  I became sick to my stomach after watching the cabinet meeting where he demanded obsequious comment favoring him.  It looked like Pyongyang.  I could feel the grumbling disturbance of the souls of our hallowed dead.   

Disturbing people breed disturbing people.  Trump has not only awakened and given credence to the very worst among us, he has placed the very worst kind of humanity (smart and marred with the same character flaws as himself) throughout government.  You don’t just have Trump.  You have a near complete overhaul of Government that has no regard for inclusivity, fairness, compassion, justice or the Constitution.  And they fawn and fail to see their own disgust.

You now have a Government of those that have gained popularity with Trump by joining him in exploiting prejudice and ignorance and the most basic and primal passions of our people and turning the susceptible against their own.  Trump is a demagogue.  He has riddled the government with like-minded thinkers.  They are a cadre of intellectually polluted, selfish and dispassionate human beings who care not about any of us, but only of themselves and the disgusting approval of their leader.  They are those that never would have had power without one of their own achieving high office.  (Vote) They completely acquiesce to obsequious subservience and bow to Trumps every word.

This country is at war with its’ system which has departed from inclusivity.  We may not have time to win this war before our planet is unable to sustain our societal structures.  Time is simply running out.  We live in an environment and atmosphere that are decaying.  Arable land is depleting, melting continents are raising sea levels, fires are as big as some states, hurricanes are more severe than ever, temperatures are breaking historical records every year, reckless pollution is encompassing, population is near maximum sustainability and resources are depleting.  Right when the world was joining forces to combat all this Trump enters the arena.  He reverses all progress and here we are.  One side knows what lies ahead.  The other is in denial and won’t believe it until decimation is in their face and of course then it is too late.  

There is more than one elephant in the room.  We have had 80 years to find common ground and to negotiate an end to this mad pursuit of nuclear power that may very well make all other problems moot.  All leaders have failed.  Trump is aloof to earth saving issues and also cannot negotiate anything that does not require cold hard dispassion.  He succeeded with a cold heart, ruining others, and bankruptcies and all sorts of tax and systemic abuses where dispassion breeds success.  He is not a negotiator and has brought us closer to doomsday than ever before.  Fat Man and Little Boy leveled Hiroshima and Nagasaki, and killed 256,000 people.  Today’s nuclear weapons are more than three thousand (3000) times more powerful.  One would take out Manhattan or Washington and suburbs.  We are a reckless species full of grave disagreement.  We are a species that allows climate, nuclear and population problems to grow to the point of no return.  It is time to wake up.  America wake up.  Lead, My God, Lead.  End bribery.  Seek the best that humans can be and save us.  We are close to a camera flash and turning to dust.  Drop dead serious.  Lead, Lead, Lead.             



Bill McClellan