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“PREFACE” This may be the most targeted and informative article you will ever see regarding America’s plight and the answer.  If you agree join in the last paragraph.  

There are other outlets aligned with Fox but Fox took the lead and developed their followers.  Traitorous is a strong word.  This word defines violating what should command one’s loyalty or allegiance.  America’s greatness emanates from one basic concept that gave birth to all of our rights.  And that is “All” of us are created equal.  Our Declaration of Independence defines the humbling reasons for our beginnings.  Our Constitution defines the beauty of the intent for what mankind should be.  The first ten amendments to the Constitution or the Bill of Rights defines our most vital freedoms.  The Gettysburg Address exemplifies the price we have paid to secure the course and the intent of these great documents.  This morally puny self-aggrandizing false news channel has failed our land more so than any traitorous act in history.

Distortions, lies and conspiracies have to be fed to the people in larger numbers repetitively in order to become mainstream.  Fox did and does this.  Knowing they are endangering the heart of democracy.  The very heart of America.   Julius and Ethel Rosenberg, Benedict Arnold, Aldrich Ames, Tokyo Rose all pale in comparison.  Fox provides and supports carefully designed propaganda (pure lies and distortion) designed to appeal to a large portion of the white population that believes others born differently do not have a right to not only equal pursuit, but a right to a fair vote in this land.    

The reason this morally bankrupt party has power is because our political system is in ruin.  Democrats as well, minus the hate.  It has failed.  It needs to be redone.  When you take away Trump and Fox you are left with a system operating with all the filth of a septic tank.  The Republican party, like the Democrats have no collective values.  Money is their God.  The major difference is that too much of the Republican constituency is made up of white nationalists.  To keep their support Republican leaders have taken the septic tank to unparalleled levels of degradation.  Democrats have no problem with greed and money and swim among the filth.  Thus, allowing the bribery and the leadership that propagates this very white nationalism, the very hate they fight against with false vehemency.  Meaning:  They have not made the connection between their love of money running government (which they deny but do not address with any measure of meaning) and their core value of equality for all.   

Today we are a mere remnant of our pursuit.  Picking a party in America is like having to choose which horrifying creature you want to bed down with.  Your choices are white nationalists or a Democratic party that claims equality yet pursues a course of greed which forces exclusion.  The pursuit of money and power among a very few is the goal of our system.  At any cost to the Country or our people.  2% owns half of our nation and this too is addressed with limited concern.  The lower 50% of our people have 1.9% of our bounty.  With half of our wealth in one place you take half of the benefit of a free land away from 320 million people.  Equality with justice for the people cannot effectively exist within this framework.  I am not looking for Socialism.  I am looking for intelligent balance.  Such as jobs.  Secure Social Security.  Health Care.  A fair wage. Just clear common-sense decisions made with decency.  With sound decent people running Government.  

Money must be removed or we are done.  When one of “American intent” becomes an American leader, they are forced to acquiesce to greed and favor or be destroyed.  This systemic horror is caused because of the low caliber of politician that money and bribery draws.  That is high intelligence very short on quality and care for others.  Government for the people is not in play.  We do not have leaders engaged in that pursuit.  Some have fooled themselves.  But Government for the people is not impossible in this systemic environment.  Our Country is down, emotionally, culturally and politically and Fox news is trying to beat the decency that is left to death.  They know better.  In the fifties their management would have faced a firing squad.  Today, bought and sold self-aggrandizing politicians for the sole purpose of re-election join Fox.  Believe me, not one of this element is buried in Flanders Field.  They do not get the concept of sacrificing a job yet alone your life for a great Country to stay on course.   

In this environment, with America flailing and barely treading water Fox News has made the decision to downgrade and defile our pursuit of equality and democracy itself.  They have chosen lies, deceit, racism, homophobia and more to appease a constituency of the lowest American human denominators that have found a home in the Republican party.  Republicans are no longer a party of policies.  They have become a party in pursuit of a new exclusionary America that serves only their exclusionary dispassionate constituency.  The wonderful people that care about the party and its policies are outnumbered.  The worst of us have found a home. Remember, Hannity, Ingraham, Carlson, Pirro and the rest are all paid millions to lie with emotional force and extremely convincing intensity.  These types are truly the sewer of humanity.  Their souls have been sold.  They are brilliant.  They know better.  They are traitors.  Their environment has tested them and evil won.  If any of these Fox commentators went broke and CNN offered them the same the deal they have now, each would become a convincing liberal overnight.  The death and harm they induce has massively seeded their paychecks solidifying their willingness to be sold.  Rupert Murdoch is the worst human being America has ever experienced.  His son Lachlan is the Fox CEO and is also the devils advocate.  Death, America and our greatness mean nothing.  Only greed.  Our politicians are the same.  For them it is money and the “white” (w) way or the highway and they will over time fail miserably.  The good will win. 

Interesting note:  Rupert Murdoch became a U.S. Citizen in 1985.  It looks like the internet has been scrubbed re his son Lachlan, Fox CEO.  He was born in Britain and lives in Australia.  Searches I have conducted do not reveal if he is an American Citizen.  It would be interesting to know if a foreigner is so greatly contributing to the destruction of the American experiment.  Is it even legal?     

Fox today is serving the same purpose as did the Volkischer Beobachter, a daily newspaper published by the Nazi Party from February 25, 1925 onwards.  In 1927 (paralleling the course of OAN coming to be) it was joined by Joseph Goebbels Der Angriff, another racist propaganda paper.   In 1933 Goebbels was appointed Minister of Propaganda by the Third Reich.  He served similarly to Hitler as Roger Ailes did to Rupert Murdoch, the owner of Fox.  The German propaganda machine led by one man (Goebbel’s) focused on the perpetual belittlement and persistent propaganda espousing white superiority and hate for others.  This course eventually won German support strong enough to look the other way, even during the holocaust.  Brainwashing at its finest.  

I want this read so I am going to leave you with the bottom line as I have done several hundred times (over nearly 40 years of writing this column) as the Proverbial tree falling alone in the forest.    If this could be done only the best that humans can be would prevail and America would return.  Believe me, without money satisfying cheating and greed the vile will self destruct.  

The following question I am posing to the House and Senate is the truth and the only answer.  When in Gods’ name are you guys going to leave peripheral and target the answer?  “GET BRIBERY AND MONEY OUT OF GOVERNMENT” Then go back to what you do now and win with the finest humans can be on board.

(If you agree:  Please get some friends together.  Develop a project.  A very cost effective easy to do project for people of good will working together.  Develop a mailing list of all Members of the House and Senate in Washington.  Do the same with Governors and State Legislatures.  Perhaps if you like the idea expand.  Include media outlets.  The editor and owner of this paper has agreed that you may use article.  Copy it.  Mail it to all of them – It is not likely you have ever seen anything like it.  Neither have they) 

Bill McClellan