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What to Wear this Valentine’s Day

It’s just that time of year again where you’re either dreading Valentine’s Day or looking forward to this holiday dedicated to love. Valentines Day doesn’t have to be a day you dread and neither does planning your outfit! Use these ideas to help plan your outfit for whatever you choose to do this Valentines Day!

If you’re sticking with the classic dinner date this Valentine’s Day don’t worry, you have more options then you may think. Depending on where you’re going to dinner might play a huge role in your outfit but I say on Valentine’s Day it’s completely okay to dress up no matter where you go! Slip dresses have been a trend we’ve been seeing for a while now and I’m not mad about it. They are super chic and can be dressed down or up depending on how you accessorize. Slip dresses can be found everywhere from H&M, Revolve or ASOS. Seriously, these aren’t difficult to find! Since it is winter time you might want to add a jacket to your slip dress, but the good news is they can be paired with long shrug coats or if you want to give the more edgy vibe a leather jacket will do just the trick. Another good thing about a slip dress is whatever shoe you chose (heel or bootie) is bound to look good, you can’t go wrong! One last thing about a good slip dress is they tend to be a looser fit so you won’t have to worry about that awkward food baby after dinner!

If you chose a more active date this Valentines Day you want to be comfortable yet still rock the outfit. Something I’m big on currently is jeans! In my opinion a good style of jeans can make any outfit killer. Some of my favorite style of jeans currently would have to be the mom jean and they have been one of the biggest trends for jeans this past year. If you find a pair that fits right they can really do wonders for your shape. Some of my favorite places to find the mom jean style are ASOS, Boohoo and Revolve and these are all online stores. You can also never go wrong with a good pair of Levis! If you’re not feeling the whole mom jean trend another style of jean I find very flattering is a wide leg boot cut. They tend to elongate the leg and lets be honest, who doesn’t want that!

I would suggest wearing them with  some kind of heel or heeled boot since they do tend to be longer fitting pants. So, you have your jeans down and honestly a simple shirt with a cute jacket over it and you’re in business. Don’t be afraid to let your jeans be the center of your outfit! Plus wearing jeans on a more active date will be more comfortable.

Don’t have a date this Valentine’s Day? No big deal! Call up some of your girlfriends and hit the town. Now if these are your plans you can really style your outfit anyway you want. I would honestly say go again with a good strong statement jean but maybe throw a bodysuit on top. The good thing about bodysuits is you can find them pretty much anywhere and in all different styles! Long Sleeve, short sleeve, tank top, backless, seriously there is a bodysuit out there for you! They are also nice because you don’t have to worry about it riding up or adjusting it through the night. Bodysuits can also be fairly dressy or very simple depending on what style you decided to buy.

Whatever you chose to wear this Valentine’s Day I’m sure you’ll look fabulous! Just remember you’ll look best in what you’re comfortable in and hopefully some of my tips have sparked some ideas. Hope your Valentine’s Day is filled with love!



Audra Adams