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What to Wear Out on Valentine’s Day

Just when you thought just deciding where to eat on Valentine’s Day was hard enough, now you have to match your outfit perfectly to the night and the occasion. Being a Valentine’s cliché, the colors red, pink, white, and black are the stars of the night and should either be a 1.main attraction in your outfit, or 2.a classy accent to pull the outfit together! With consideration to the winter cold snaps and being as cold as February is, the less exposed skin the better! This season screams cute, cozy layers and up-dressing simple sweaters.

Some warm ideas could be:

-Simple jeans, fur lined booties, polo collar peeking under a cable knit sweater, and a matching beanie

-Oversized sweater over a solid, more fitted dress or skirt, paired with either thigh high or over the knee boots with a sheer stocking

-Large jacket over a solid colored jump suit and casual shoe (flats, booties, or heel.)

If you’re brave enough to take on a dress, make sure to add in a long jacket or tall boots where the added lengths can cover more of the exposed skin to keep you from freezing your tail off!

Pants can be paired with any kind of top along with shoes; the trick with pants is to pick a neutral so that the shirt and shoes are the real stars, or chose a bold pant and let the shoes and top be a stylish compliment!

-High waisted patterned pants, accent color top, casual heel and a solid color blazer

-Black leather leggings, white top with a black blazer or bold overcoat

-White jeans, neutral top, bold scarf and matching hat, over the knee boots

Skirts are making a comeback and so are bib dresses, so pair thigh high boots and a sweater underneath to make an extra cute and cozy outfit ready for any venue. If you are looking for more of a classy getup, go for silks,velvets, any texture, or form fitting pieces and make the night abide by you. Lastly if you want more of a “showy” or “scandalous” look for your Valentine’s Day, then a top showing an accent of lace, or finding pieces incorporating lace into them are a beautiful statement, adding elegance to risk, and enough to allow wandering eyes to wonder.

Your night can go in any direction and take you anywhere, but most importantly now you’re dressed for any occasion!

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