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Why I Am a Photographer of Women

Why I Photograph Women.

Sometimes I have to sit back and remember why I do what I do because

sometimes I forget. Sometimes, when I’m not paying attention, my choice of career becomes all about the number of sessions I have booked in a month, the money that it will provide and what needs to be done with it. Sometimes it becomes more about the mechanics of what I do rather than the heart of what I do and it’s those moments when I need to sit back and write it all down again. So I did. It’s handwritten in my journal. Now it’s typed out for you to read what I wrote.

Why am I a “photographer of women”? Because I make sure to make it part of my career to know what makes women tick. I want to know what makes this woman sitting in front me feel sexy and confident vs. what makes the woman sitting in front of me tomorrow feel sexy and confident. Getting into women’s heads is a lot of work; getting into their hearts can be even harder, but it is one of the most fulfilling aspects of what I do.

It’s why I am a photographer of women.

For some reason it’s my life’s mission to help women see themselves differently. I want to help them figure out their own way to reckon with the buckets of unfair titles society has placed upon us. The Seductress desired by men, balanced with the Good Girl that doesn’t give in, coupled with the Uber Confident + Zero F*cks Given Goddess entwined with the Sacrificial Martyr Wife and Mother.

That’s a lot. That’s…a whole lot.

How many of those hats have you worn? For most of us each of those hats are worn several times a day all day long. We just swap out one for the other at any given moment and we do it so often we forget to pay attention to those spaces in between where the real “us” lives and dwells. All of a sudden we then have to add onto that pile that we have become what every person around us needs us to be, yet absolutely nothing about us what we need. It’s quite the conundrum.

It’s why I am a photographer of women.

These are very complex issues wound up and smooshed into a ball of confusion. Pulling apart those threads is not easy and I began to do what I do to help tease those apart and I’m proud of what I do.

I give women the courage to transparently view themselves in totality and embrace all of their mysteries and contradictions so that they can begin to actively participate in the living of their own best life. I mean…I can’t think of any better inspiration in your life than yourself.

I give women the courage to break open what society ridiculously deems as “flaws”, redefine and view them as strengths, individuality, realness, and that which makes us unique. Once the shroud of shame falls away, you are left with gratefulness and pride in what makes you your own offbeat, weirdo, glorious, extraordinary, crazy Self. Damn that’s so much more fun, don’t you think??

This. This is why I am a photographer of women and sweet baby SHEzus does that just make me bubble up with giddiness all over again.

Who’s ready to get giddy with me?

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