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The Heckled Hen

Are you looking for a truly unique shopping experience? A place where you can find a mix of the best stuff from the past and the coolest stuff from today? If this sounds like you then you just have to stop by The Heckled Hen located at 107 Fairgrounds Drive in Manlius and they are open Tuesday- Friday 10:30 – 5:30, Saturday 10:30 – 5:00.

march2015-boi-signI can only describe The Heckled Hen as a funky and eclectic shop where you can find things that range from awesome to archaic to avant garde! It’s not just an antique shop, it is an experience! The Heckled Hen is proud to announce that they will be celebrating their 15 anniversary in Manlius. To celebrate they will be hosting a series of tent sales and open houses throughout the spring summer and fall. To kick off the party they will have their official “Birthday Party” sale on the weekend of March 28 where they will be raffling of a $100 gift certificate to the store and customers will win a prize with every purchase. It wouldn’t be a party without refreshments and they will have samples of their selection of gourmet giftable foods that are all made in the USA! The Birthday Party is just the beginning of their awesome Themed Tent Sales that you will find most weekends from spring to fall. Some themes to look forward to are “Chairs, Chairs, Chairs”, “Christmas in July”, “Vintage Jewelry”, “Camp Sale” “Man Cave Sale.” march2015-boi-beadsAs always The Heckled Hen is taking special requests for products that you want featured! Be sure to check out their website at theheckledhen.com, on Facebook and on Instagram for information on their Tent Sales and Pop up sales with stuff you’ve never seen before and you’ll never see again so you have to get it while it’s hot! The Themed Tent Sales will run most weekends on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.

JoAnne and Samantha, the awesome mother-daughter team and owners of The Heckled Hen would like to thank their loyal customers for their continued support and encouragement; this 15 year celebration would not be possible without you. They would also like to thank the Village of Manlius for assisting in a smooth transition into their larger (2,600 sq. ft) shop. Now is a very good time to be in business in the Village of Manlius thanks to the Mayor and the Town Clerk! The Heckled Hen is constantly evolving with trends, economy, trends, and demographic so you never know exactly what you will find at the shop! You can always count on finding a wonderful selection of vintage kitchenware including corning ware and Pyrex. They boast a large selection of jewelry and carry a huge variety of vintage jewelry, both costume and collector quality silver. They have a really cool line of Fair Trade canvas bags made in Cambodia from recycled bags of cement, rice or even fish food. They offer a variety of locally made products including buttons and button jewelry, Oneida silverplate flat ware for rings bracelets, pendant, (spoon ring craze is back) made by an 80 year old lifelong Bridgeport resident. These pieces are exclusive to The Heckled Hen. They also have a great selection of snap jewelry including Disney, watches, compass, rings, pendants, and bracelets. If you are looking for something they don’t have, put your name in their wish book and they will let you know when they find it!


They have a huge selection of items made in the USA. The Heckled Hen is on a mission to be a positive influence at the local, national, and global levels. They love Upcycling and every year working with more and more students from art schools and design students who make projects using all found object or using old stuff to make new stuff. They are always works with students to give extra special deals. The Heckled Hen has a huge social media presence and they are dedicated to keeping their customers updated with the ever changing inventory and special deals! Be sure to like them on Facebook to see updates and specials daily. They are also on Instagram at theheckled_hen and they have a great new website at theheckledhen.com. Be sure to follow them on Instagram, Facebook, and the website to see items featured in tent sale, pop up sales, sneak peeks and awesome deals! They also offer special discounts when you share your own awesome Heckled Hen finds on social media!The Heckled Hen also occasionally purchases entire estates and these are sometimes not in the showroom but they are featured on social media, so check them out often to see inventory not advertised anywhere else!

The Heckled Hen know that their customers are traveling from near and far to check them out because of their amazing selections and great deals. The Heckled Hen is able to offer these great deals because they are the biggest single owner antique shop in Central New York. They own the entire inventory, nothing is ever on consignment and the owners and employees will offer all customers the same discounts! For those that can’t travel they are happy to announce they are starting Esty store called theheckledhen so customers and fans can shop online from anywhere!march2015-boi-face

On a personal note, I have been writing for Table Hopping for years and The Heckled Hen was one of my favorite articles to write because they always have something new and amazing going on! The Heckled Hen is constantly evolving and growing making them not only one of the coolest antique shops around but also one of the best businesses in Central New York! With their concepts of recycling, repurposing, upcycling, and having a positive effect on the planet at a local, national, and global level The Heckled Hen truly stands apart from the rest. Make your first trip to The Heckled Hen today and I promise it won’t be your last!


Kerilyn Micale
Kerilyn E. Micale is a Cicero native.

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    Trying to reach Joanne we miss her being at Johnny Appleseeds.if you can reach out to her tell her we would like to-chat with her.Thank you very much,Duane and Jan Schiebler 315-727-7076

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