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The Inn Between

There are some phrases in life that just really mean a lot. You know, things like “I love you,” “I miss you,” and, obviously, “Let’s go to The Inn Between!” There is just something so special about driving up to the prestigious manor house turned restaurant. This picturesque building is only enhanced by its location on a beautiful plot of sprawling farm land complete with a pond and the food that is served is nothing short of magical.  The Inn Between Restaurant is located just a short and scenic drive from Syracuse at 2290 West Genesee Turnpike in Camillus. They are open Wednesday through Saturday with dining service with reservations  beginning at 5 pm. Please remember that dining at The Inn Between is an experience and should be treated as such! Keep in mind  that each meal is hand crafted to order and seating is limited so you will want to make reservations ahead of time by calling 315-672-3166. They ask that you call to make reservations because they strive to treat everyone with individual service. 

The Inn Between would not be what it is today without the dedication of Chef Chris Cesta and his team of talented sous chefs. Chef Cesta is a Certified Executive Chef certified by the American Culinary Federation, who has won many awards over his acclaimed career.

Chef Cesta realized that in order to get the freshest ingredients to make the freshest and finest dishes, he would need to source them locally. Although local markets would do for many restaurateurs, this chef wanted something even more local so he planted a garden on site. The harvest from the garden is used in many of the dishes served each and every night. The chef also keeps an apiary on the property not only to source the honey, but also to help with the honeybee population. This truly adds a level of specialness to their honey butter that is served with their selection of fresh baked (delicious) breads. The super fresh ingredients certainly explain why every dish at The Inn Between is so fantastic! Combine that with the very skilled kitchen staff making sure every dish that leaves the kitchen is nothing short of perfection! Be sure to check out their extensive wine and bar menu that pairs with any taste and every dish!

The family and I went to The Inn Between on a lovely summer Wednesday evening in July. Upon entering the warm and cozy restaurant we were immediately greeted by the friendly hostess and brought to our spacious table near the window, overlooking the wrap around porch (Also available for seating). Shortly thereafter we met our friendly and knowledgeable server Theresa. It is notable that despite being busy, Theresa made us feel like we were her only table! One of my favorite things about The Inn Between is that dinner begins with a super creative amuse-bouche, a single bite hors d’oeuvre hand crafted by the chef. That evening’s creation was a scrumptious slice of perfectly wipe watermelon, topped with a slice of fresh feta and served on a bed of arugula, all drizzled with fresh olive oil. I have to admit I have been trying to replicate this in larger portions since we got home because I love this so much. After hearing the scrumptious specials (which included a sea bass that sounded amazing), we decided to start our meal with an order of the appetizer special for the evening, the fried calamari served with an aïoli dipping sauce. This was no ordinary calamari; the slices were meaty and tender, and lightly fried to perfection. I would highly recommend this dish to anyone!

We also ordered the shrimp cocktail; served with four jumbo shrimp and a honey Siracha cocktail sauce. This dish tastes like something you would eat while staring at the sea. It was delicious. Next, we were then served our beautiful salads with homemade rolls and their famous date nut bread. Kyle and I both decided on the specialty salad which was a beautiful salad topped with toasted almonds, raspberry vinaigrette with Gorgonzola cheese and a garlic tulie. For an entrée I decided on the pasta special, which was homemade pasta with a pesto, cream sauce, and topped with seared scallops. The flavors paired together perfectly, and made each and every bite! Kyle, after pondering the menu with glee, decided on the Tenderloin Steak Neptune, a positively stunning dish with grilled tenderloin steaks,  lobster, crab, asparagus, béarnaise and beef demi-glaze and served with whipped baked potatoes and fresh vegetables. This dish is equal parts beautiful and scrumptious. We absolutely could not pass up a dish from the beautiful dessert tray. We actually had a hard time making our selections because everything was absolutely mouthwatering! Kyle was absolutely blown away by the lemon cheesecake and I would highly recommend the strawberry almond puff pastry filled with Bavarian cream and the kids absolutely devoured their homemade vanilla ice topped with chocolate and whipped cream!

The Inn Between Restaurant is a fantastic place for a romantic date night, a delicious meal with the whole family, and even a great place to impress your guests for your upcoming event. The Inn Between Restaurant is the perfect venue for your upcoming bridal or baby shower, it’s perfect to celebrate a birth or anniversary or any other small gathering. They are also happy to host your intimate wedding reception as they can host parties of up to 75. Trust them with your small gathering and they will certainly turn it into a memorable occasion! Treat yourself (along with your guests) to an unforgettable dining experience with an event at The Inn Between Restaurant!

At the Inn Between they have a saying that “You haven’t dined at your favorite restaurant until you’ve dined at The Inn Between” and I submit to you that this saying is absolutely true! Visit their website at www.inn-between.com or check them out on Facebook to stay up to date with their amazing specials, or just to look at the scrumptious dishes! Whether The Inn Between is already your favorite restaurant or it is your soon to be favorite restaurant after your first visit you need to treat yourself to a fantastic meal at The Inn Between as soon as possible! Stop in today and treat yourself to an amazing meal and an all-around fantastic dining experience.

Kerilyn Micale
Kerilyn E. Micale is a Cicero native.