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Western Ranch Motor Inn

Western Ranch Motor Inn

The Western Ranch Motor Inn, nestled at 1255 State Fair Boulevard in Syracuse, is the culinary equivalent of a time machine.Stepping into the restaurant is like being whisked back into the mid-century era, where the air is filled with the sizzle of steaks, the clink of glassware, and a sense of genuine hospitality that never goes out of style. Adorned with knotty pine paneling and historic decor, the interior evokes a sense of nostalgia that is both kitschy and charming. The atmosphere is warm and comforting, a perfect setting for the unfailingly delicious food that graces every plate. Western Ranch isn’t just a restaurant, it’s an experience, a hidden gem that’s only a stone’s throw from the bustling downtown, Destiny, the fairgrounds and amphitheater. Open daily at 3 pm with the kitchen firing up at 4 pm, Western Ranch also caters to the late-night crowd with a tavern menu served until 10 pm. On Fridays, they start the party early at 12 pm, perfect for those who want to kick off the weekend in style. For more information be sure to check out their website at http://westernranchinn.com/ and to like and follow them on facebook. For reservations and to go orders give them a ring at 315-457-9236.

At Western Ranch, local ingredients are the star of the show, and the chefs are their worthy stewards. The ever changing menu is a testament to their commitment to freshness and quality, from the fresh hand-breaded chicken tenders, gloriously crunchy and delicious, to the super fresh Lake Ontario perch (served fried or nantucket style with butter and ritz crackers) that you’d be hard-pressed to find anywhere else! Be sure to try the wings (or again, the chicken tenders!) and pair them with any of their wing sauces (Mild, Med, Hot, XXX, Garlic Parm, Asian, Salt & Pepper, Bourbon Sauce, and Everything Bagel), and you’re in for a treat. All meals are served with fresh baked bread from Bella’s! Their fully stocked bar serves a selection of ice-cold beers, scrumptious cocktails, and wine that perfectly accentuate the savory flavors that the menu boasts. For dessert, indulge in offerings from Biscotti’s serving a sweet conclusion to your dining experience.

Their daily specials are a gastronomic journey through the days of the week. Start your week with a hearty bison or elk burger on Monday, and relish the fresh jumbo wings and chicken tenders on Tuesday. Mid-week calls for cans & clams, which are perfectly accompanied by jumbo shrimp cocktails. Indulge in a prime NY top sirloin steak dinner on Thursday, and transition into the weekend with fresh haddock or perch filets on Friday. Saturdays are for beef, reef, and BBQ – a trifecta of culinary delight. Pizza lovers will rejoice at their special offer: a large cheese pizza and an order of wings for $28. Handcrafted with fresh dough and an array of toppings to choose from, it’s a deal that’s hard to resist.

Kyle and I were thrilled to head out to the Western Ranch for a Friday evening dinner without the little ones! It was customer appreciation night and the whole place was abuzz with Christmas cheer and good tidings! We were sat near where Pinky would be setting up with his keyboard and sax and we just knew we were in for a fantastic evening. As a special thank you Wally and the staff began every customer’s evening with a delightful appetizer on the house! For this, I chose the tantalizing charcuterie board and Kyle went with the luscious jumbo shrimp cocktail, setting the stage for a fun, epicurean adventure. We couldn’t pass up an order of the hand-breaded chicken tenders, an appetizer of sublime proportions, that dazzled our taste buds with the perfect fusion of garlic, Parmesan, and a medium wing sauce that left us yearning for more! Next came the fresh baked Italian bread and garden salads providing a refreshing interlude, paving the way for the pièce de résistance – the Greenlandic snow crab with fries bathed in drawn clarified butter – an entrée that elevated seafood to an art form! Kyle decided on the seafood feast, featuring deep-fried haddock, jumbo shrimp, and sea scallops, showcasing a masterful blend of flavors and textures. The grand finale unfolded with a slice of the heavenly cannoli cake and a piece of the citrus-infused lemon chiffon cake, capping off an extraordinary meal that transcended expectations. Impeccable service was provided by our friendly server Andrea and a captivating ambiance crowned this dining experience! Maybe it was the holiday spirit or maybe it was just a full belly but after that meal I was so happy I could sing (and I sure did, thanks Pinky!)

Since we know you will love it, why not host your next event at the Western Ranch? With meeting rooms that can accommodate up to 40 people, Western Ranch is more than just a dining venue – it’s a hub for community gatherings, parties, and events, and a place where memories are made over shared meals and laughter. The Western Ranch Motor Inn is a testament to the enduring charm of the past and the simple pleasure of good food. It’s a place where every guest is treated like family, and every meal is a celebration. Pull up a chair, order a drink, and let the Western Ranch Motor Inn serve you a slice of the good old days

Jamie Wallace